Chapter 2: There will be bread

Newborn dragons didn’t have a very good appetite. Having only eaten two pieces of egg shell, Yi Longlong already felt quite full. Collecting the rest of the shattered egg shell, she placed them into the egg shell half that was still standing on the ground.

Should she be unable to find other sustenance, this would be her rations for the time. It should not be wasted at a whim.

After pushing the rations with a struggle behind a rather big piece of cobblestone, Yi Longlong began to assess her surroundings. Although she already gained an understanding of the surroundings from her initial survey, she still needed to carefully examine the surrounding to be safe.

Right now, all she had was this dragon-like body, well for now let’s call it a dragon. Things like transporting to another world or reincarnation, there’s no need to care about those for now. The important thing to do right now is to continue moving forward.

Firstly, the problem of safety.

This was the wilderness, however for some unknown reason, the lake and surroundings were unnaturally clean, the lake crystal clear, while the stones surrounding the lake had nary a speck of dust. From the moment Yi Longlong woke up, all she saw was nature. There were no other animals appearing besides herself, fish did not swim in the lake, the surrounding forest was silent, with no sound of birds chirping nor insects creaking. The surroundings were silent, bordering on loneliness.

Fortunately, in her past life Yi Longlong had long been accustomed to being by herself inside her hospital ward. The peaceful silence around her had instead made it easy to acclimate to it like a fish in water, not to mention that with her current infantile state, the appearance of other animals could instead bring danger to her.

Lush greenery surrounded the lake. The plentiful leaves sparkled like gems, with each tree giving off its own abnormal splendor. Long slivers of grass with light blue centers grew beneath the trees, giving off strips of silvery light.

Whether it was because of her small stature or the excessive vitality of the plants, just the silvery grass alone reached half her height. The huge leaves from the vines that dropped down from those trees were almost big enough to completely cover up her body.

Nothing much happened when she was still inside the egg next to the lakeside. This meant that the danger levels nearby were rather low. Then, it was best not to run amok for now, just in case of bumping into some scary creature.

While pondering, Yi Longlong all of a sudden felt as if something was wrong. The body seemed to lack something… clothes.

The small, white, delicate body that just climbed out from the egg shell would naturally not be wearing any clothes. Yi Longlong glanced down and found her body naked, and immediately felt her cheeks heating up. She didn’t know whether dragons could blush, but if she didn’t put anything on, it was something hard to get used to as a human soul.

Of the basic necessities, the first and foremost was clothing.

This problem wasn’t too difficult to resolve. Yi Longlong’s brain spun, her eyes narrowed on the jade-green vines wrapping the brown branches and scanned up then down along the trees, all the way to the tree roots.

Well, the distance, seems a bit far.

Looking at her own small body, then looking back at the long arduous route, Yi Longlong almost disheartened and wanted to immediately take a good nap on the warm cobblestone and figure out the rest of the problems afterwards.

However, she did not have the habit of napping. Struggling for a while, Yi Longlong gave a great huff then slowly headed towards the nearest tree.

Patter patter. In the midst of the slow journey, Yi Longlong tripped multiple times over the cobblestones before reaching the roots of the nearest tree. Although this body had a soft appearance, it was fortunate that it was perfectly resilient. It didn’t hurt much when it bumped on the stones. After falling down, Yi Longlong would lie on the warm rocks and rest for a bit, then get up and continue on her journey.

Her “feet” climbed up the roots. Yi Longlong reached out two short, snow white claws, then tugged at the stalk of a broad leaf with all her might. It was impossible to tear it off. Yi Longlong finally resigned to using her nails to repeatedly file away at the stalk, chiseling the circumference before strongly tugging it again.

After filing some leaf stalks, Yi Longlong turned around to file away some newly grown vines. When she tore away a stalk, the thin vine she was grabbing onto with her claws snapped. Yi Longlong didn’t react in time, her body suddenly fell backwards, both dragon and leaves tumbled down, rolling all the way to the side of the lake and arrived perfectly at the side of her prepared rations.

Not caring about the dizziness, Yi Longlong gripped the side of a leaf and wrapped it once around her body. The leaf cylindrically wrapped around her torso, and then she wrapped thin vines around it twice to tie it together. It wasn’t tailored at all, but at least she reached the goal of covering her body.

She finally settled down after gaining clothes. She rested for a while and recovered some of her energy. Yi Longlong then once again headed towards the forest, this time the goal being the silvery-edged, light blue grass growing along the side. When she was procuring the clothes before, she found that those grasses were soft, with non-prickly fur along the edges. It even gave off a slight fragrance of jasmine. If she procured some of it, it could be made into a very comfortable bed.

The small baby dragon went to and fro along the lake and the woods. As time flowed by, her movements gradually became more and more agile, her limbs growing stronger. At the beginning, she fell over once every few steps, then later on she could dexterously hop from cobblestone to cobblestone. The sunlight gradually dimmed to the west. When the golden sunset was completely hidden by the woods, the rays of light were swallowed by the darkness of night. Yi Longlong also put a thick cover over her food rations.

The soft, silvery blue grass intertwined exuded a fragrance of jasmine. This fragrance weaved together with the sweet smell from the egg shells, forming a very pleasant aroma. While the silvery edges of the grass were not eye catching during the day, at night the grass radiated tiny specks of starry lights. Looking from afar, it was as if tiny stars had gathered together on their beds.

Although it wasn’t much of a bed for now, it was very fun to sleep under the star-studded night sky.

Yi Longlong was open and optimistic.

The lake was like the serene eyes of the woods. The bright sea of stars was reflected from the depths of its pupil. Even though it was a dark night, it was not the least bit scary. Silvery lights floated from the silver-edged grass all around, as if the stars from the night sky had sunk down to the depths of the forest.

Yi Longlong sprung from her feet, her body falling into the soft straws of grass. The light jasmine fragrance wrapped all around her, and the soft grass soothed her tired body.

Although not many things were accomplished today, having only procured a set of clothing and laying out a place to sleep, when tomorrow comes she will continue working hard. She will find even more food, and an even safer and comfortable home.

It didn’t matter whether it was human or dragon, both still needed to live and take care of themselves. Being able to continue living was already the biggest fortune. She needed to enjoy her human life to the fullest… Uh, her dragon life to the fullest.

There will be bread. There will also be Sanlu1.

With a hint of a smile, Yi Longlong fell into a deep slumber.

A short while after falling asleep, the vines around her body untied, loosening the leaves wrapped around her. The vines pressed against her body. Yi Longlong couldn’t sleep comfortably. Hazily rolling around a few times, the clothing made of leaves fell off, then with another flip of the body, the small figure sunk into the pile of grass.

Dawn light penetrated through the gaps of the trees, clearly illuminating the serene surface of the lake.

On the white cobblestones decorating the lake, spread a garish-looking pile of leaves.

Under the comfort of the broad leaves was a snow white dragon. Her body was curled up, sweetly sleeping with two claws hugging a tail. Crystal dewdrops gathered on the tips of leaves, barely dripping.


Don’t make a sound.

Don’t wake up the slumbering… snow white dragon girl.

1. 面包,会有的,三鹿,也会有的。According to Google, Sanlu seems to be a brand of milk powder. Maybe kids love to drink it in China? IDK.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 2: There will be bread

  1. Have to admit, I love the fact that Yi Longlong thought of wearing clothing. It’s usually very embarrassing to be nude out in the open air for a human being. It’s a good insight as to her current mindset. She may have the body of a dragon but she still has thinks like a human.


    1. It certainly does add more depth to her character and allow room for further potential character development, as much as the thought of a dragon wearing clothes may irk most people.


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