Currently fan-translating Dragon Dragon Dragon, written by 天衣有风.

I claim no ownership over the characters and content in the story, and hold no rights over anything in regards to the original story. The original content belongs to the respective author and publishers.

Please do not re-post or copy the translations to anywhere else, and instead link and refer to this blog.

If this blog poses any legal issues, I will comply and remove the blog.


About the Translator

Hey everyone, Dusty here. This is just another hobby translation blog, and I hope you find this place enjoyable. I translate directly from Chinese raws, and sometimes turn to google-sensei to help with research and certain terms.

As you can probably already tell from the headers, I am quite obsessed with tea and food. In fact, at the time of writing this I’m craving for some good old McDonald’s. Mmm cheeseburgers give me the best motivation.

I love fantasy slice-of-life novels as much as the next person. It’s a way of de-stressing from this hectic everyday life. Well at least for me reading each chapter is like putting on a cucumber slice on each eye lid and it’s probably equally effective in anti-wrinkle treatment.


If you see any typos or errors in there, feel free to let me know~

Translation process:

I do it the good old fashioned way. Word doc on the right and the raws to the left. It’s probably not the most efficient, and I’ve never used a translator helper program or whatnot. Sometimes I Google words that I don’t know or iffy about.

Disclaimer: Translations are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. There may be some slight errors  in the process  and minor western colloquial adaptation to maintain flow (though I try to keep the meaning as close as possible). Looking at you, idioms.

Occasionally I’ll be going back and forth between previous chapters to fix grammar and editing.

Again, if you spot any inconsistencies or something doesn’t sound quite right, do point them out for me. Cheers!





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          But im really interested in having this over… 🙂 too bad your not ready…
          Wish i could persuade you someway tho…
          Let me know if you change your mind….


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