Dragon Dragon Dragon


Hey all,

Unfortunately, I will have to announce that Dragon Dragon Dragon will be put on indefinite hiatus. I’ve been finding it difficult to being myself to translate this novel due to a decline in personal interest and motivation, on top of final years of college. It’s a hectic time, and there’s only one of me here on this blog.

It’s a good story, and believe it or not, there is action in future chapters and Lin Qi does eventually get to show what he is exactly capable of. More fun and peculiar characters are introduced to the team as they travel around, unraveling the mysteries surrounding Yi Longlong, Lin Qi and the mysterious mastermind behind it all.

If anyone would like to pick it up from here, please do so!

I may occasionally post here for short stories or teasers.

Once again, thank you for reading here. You’ve all been wonderful people.

Thank you all,







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