Chapter 3: Goal, no tooth decay

When the sun was all the way up, Yi Longlong finally woke up from her sweet dreams.

Opening her sleepy eyes, Yi Longlong was momentarily dazed by the size of the sun, which was double the one at Earth. She then realized her body was completely naked, so she resorted to wrapping the broad leaf around her again. After wrapping up her body, she proceeded to open a hole at the left and right side of her waist, then using a simple rope made of three long strands of silver-edged grass, she threaded from one hole to another, then pulled it towards the back.

She originally wanted to tie a knot behind her back, but sadly her claws were too short and couldn’t reach all the way back, so she could only slowly tug the grass rope through the holes of the leaf, wrapping them around the body once, then tied it into a butterfly knot at the front.

The leaf was secured like so on her body.

During her stay at the hospital in her previous life, Yi Longlong often passed the time by making colorful crafts from plastic tubes. Her skill wasn’t bad. Should her claws be a bit more agile, she could actually use the grass and weave out a garment. It was important to develop a pair of clever claws.

Done with the body, she took a break and stuffed two egg shell pieces into her mouth. When the sweet liquid once again dissolved in her mouth, Yi Longlong’s face suddenly changed. She remembered something particularly important. She hurriedly leaned beside the lake with her mouth opened and head lowered. In the reflection of the lake was a rosy red mouth without a single tooth. Only then did she let go of her breath.

She had forgotten to brush her teeth last night. It was lucky… she had no teeth for now. From now on, she needed to take care of her hygiene. The goal is to have no tooth decay.

Although it is very delicious, this type of sweet thing is too dangerous for the teeth.

Resting for a moment, then drinking two mouthfuls of water from the lake, Yi Longlong’s sight rested onto the grassy bed she laid out last night. This silvery-edged grass had characteristics of being soft and sturdy, both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Later on it would come in handy in other places.

Uprooting a few rather long pieces of grass, Yi Longlong’s head bowed down as she began to weave. From today onwards, she will be exploring in the woods. The lake and surroundings had already been exhausted of interesting things. She wanted to gain some more information, which still required using her own eyes to search.

The reason for this decision came when Yi Longlong found her body’s constitution not as weak as when she was a newborn. To compare with a human, if she initially had the strength of a three or four month old baby, then now, she had already reached the level of a six or seven year old child.

Although this constitution still wasn’t enough for long adventures, it should already be enough to just search the edges of the woods. The initial objective was to walk a straight distance for five minutes, then after ensuring it was safe, decide where to expand her search based on the circumstances.

She then spent half a day using the silver-edged grass to weave a grassy hat that looked like a bird nest, and a net shaped like a satchel. Although subject to the constraints of materials, their usefulness was barely passable. The net was filled with tiny pieces of egg shell, hanging bulgingly from her neck. It was almost half her size. To prevent it from restricting her movements, Yi Longlong brought the net from the front to her flank, and then finally placed the grassy hat on her head.

The reason for bringing the egg shell with her was to prevent any accidents from happening to the food rations while she was away, whether it be rain or other people (beasts) or whatever. Conveniently it can also be used as a snack. As for the grassy hat, it was a disguise for camouflage and could help her hide better in the grass – it was always shown like that on TV.

Strongly grasping her small claws, Yi Longlong cheered for herself. Let’s see the new world!

It hasn’t even been a day yet, but Yi Longlong could clearly feel it. This childish body was healthy and full of energy, completely different from the previous life where it felt like the reaper was always standing at the foot of the bed every day. This vitality was exuded from deep within the body.

The her from the previous life, had a smile that could never escape her bitterness. It wasn’t easy passing each day at death’s door, but now everything is different. She has a new life (although no longer on Earth), a new body (albeit not human), it doesn’t matter how you say it, this meant that she could live a long and happy life, free from the worries of dying from sickness.

After the changes in her body, as time passed, Yi Longlong’s inner self also gradually transformed, like a fresh green bud growing from a dead, withered tree. The ashen lethargy was swept away, the nature that was previously suppressed slowly awakened again.

Yi Longlong tied a knot on the silvery-edged grass by the outskirts of the woods, marking it as her starting point. Yi Longlong opened her mouth, and an unintelligible babyish voice sounded out from her throat.

“Let’s go!”

Day by day, the time passed. Yi Longlong continuously went to and fro between the lake and the woods. Every time she came back, she would bring along some things, such as fresh berries, sweet juicy rhizomes, light-weight wood, sticky clay, beautiful ores… gradually enriching her private collection.

The area of this forest was surprisingly big, far surpassing her expectations. However, in contrast to the abundance of plants and minerals, Yi Longlong did not see many animals. There was one time where she headed straight in one direction for nearly twenty days, and only then did she finally spot a creature shaped like a fur ball. Yi Longlong simply called that type of creature a fur ball. The fur balls came in all shapes and sizes. The largest one was as big as her head, the smallest one she could grasp within a single paw.  The fur on their body was soft and fluffy, and they came in almost every single color.

It was very funny the first time she came across the fur balls. At the time, Yi Longlong was carefully going through the woods and suddenly saw a clearing ahead. Within the grass were three to five fur balls of different colors huddled together. She didn’t know that was a type of animal, and even thought it was some new plant species, so she excitedly went up to pet it.

The moment her claws touched the fine fluffy fur, the fur ball immediately gave a shrill shriek. “Jii!”

Now when one fur ball is alarmed, it will kick off a domino effect. The fur balls surrounding it, and the fur balls surrounding the surrounding fur balls, will shriek with fluster. “Jii! Jii Jii!”

Yi Longlong was also stupefied. “Ah?” They can make sounds?

Next second, as if a drop of water had fallen into hot oil, tens of fur balls began to jump with frenzy. The way they jumped was exactly like a bouncing basketball, but their size was much smaller.  The fur balls were terrified out of their wits, madly scrambling and escaping in the direction opposite to Yi Longlong.

Yi Longlong was scared silly. This was her first time seeing live animals in the forest. The opposing party had such a powerful reaction, that without thinking much and not managing to see how the fur balls reacted, she immediately turned around and escaped in the opposite direction.



That was the furthest she had ever gone from the forest, but regardless of how far she travelled, she will always end up returning to that lake where she was birthed. She didn’t know why, she has an intriguing sense, as if it was an instinct flowing within her blood. That instinct told her, that the places nearby the lake were the safest for her.

The only animal around was herself. With the lake at the center, the massive woods surrounding was her territory.

In the end, she settled down by the lake, and also placed a small wooden plank by the side of the little house she made. It was used to calculate the dates in this world. Initially she used grass knots as records. When the claws become more strong and hard, she will use her nails and make a carving on the wood, recording the number of days since she has arrived in this world.

Ten days, twenty days, thirty days, a hundred days, two hundred days, three hundred days. Sixty-seven full tallies were clustered together on the wooden plank.

Facing each day full of joy and hopefulness, she did not feel this life was boring at all. Being able to jump and eat and sleep and laugh aloud, and not once falling sick or injured, with such a healthy body, Yi Longlong almost awoke from laughing in her dreams.

She was always leading a calm life, all the way till the three hundredth day when a person intruded Yi Longlong’s territory. He broke the silence of the forest, and also interrupted her peace.

Chapter 2: There will be breadChapter 4: The intruding brilliance


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