Table of Contents

Unofficial fan translation by Dusty.

The chapters below may be subject to further editing/changes over time as required.

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Vol 1. Snowy White Dragon Girl

Chapter 1: Newborn dragon girl
Chapter 2: There will be bread
Chapter 3: Goal, no tooth decay
Chapter 4: The intruding brilliance
Chapter 5: Here lies Tahinia
Chapter 6: A girlish dragon
Chapter 7: Even tractors have dignity
Chapter 8: Toothpick, sea of trees, people
Chapter 9: Palette squad
Chapter 10: [redacted]
Chapter 11: Far to the horizon, close by your eyes
Chapter 12: Concentration is quintessence
Chapter 13: Follower
Chapter 14: I’m gonna bite you
Chapter 15: The year back then and now
Chapter 16: The youth on top of the tower
Chapter 17: Hundred billion stars
Chapter 18: 07
Chapter 19: Face of Deceit
Chapter 20: A heinous sin
Chapter 21: The allegedly priceless treasure
Chapter 22: A team a dragon would not be happy about
Chapter 23: The silencing forest
Chapter 24: Night watch
Chapter 25: Redcaps
Chapter 26: Party deep in the night
Chapter 27: Dragon bullying
Chapter 28: Poisoned
Chapter 29: Reap what you sow
Chapter 30: Guiding magic
Chapter 31: Specialties of Vanilla Town
Chapter 32: Take a rest
Chapter 33: Rumors
Chapter 34: The pride and shame of Vanilla Town
Chapter 35: Heretic
Chapter 36: Seal
Chapter 37: Bestial
Chapter 38: I want this
Chapter 39: Wish
Chapter 40: Paper Tiger
Chapter 41: Gossip
Chapter 42: The Provoker and the Provoked
Chapter 43: Leina
Chapter 44: Another Wave of Rescuers
Chapter 45: Morning after
Chapter 46: Before the descent of the moon
Chapter 47: An eye for an eye
Chapter 48: The game ends here
Chapter 49: Without freedom
Chapter 50: Pursuer
Chapter 51: Roll over
Chapter 52: Dragon servant
Chapter 53: A new city, an old friend
Chapter 54: Rescue