Chapter 53: A new city, an old friend

Baldur City was a medium-sized city with a rich history. Its gates, Baldur’s Gates, had a very interesting allusion.

It was said that around two thousand years ago, it was not as peaceful as nowadays. There was fierce fighting between countries, and at the time, Baldur’s Gates was still under another name. The country it was in was invaded by another, and in the midst of turmoil there appeared a hero possessing unparalleled military skills. His name was Baldur. He commanded the troops and drove off the invaders. On his triumphant return, when he passed by the city and entered the city gates, he instead fell asleep while on horseback.

Because of his armor that covered the greater part of his face, no one found out about his abnormal state of being at the time. The troops entered the gates, the crowd of civilians made sounds of hurrahs to their hero, however the sleeping hero misheard these as sounds telling him to wake up from bed. He shifted his body out of habit, and under the thousand gazes of the crowds, he toppled off the horse right at the gate’s entrance.

These happenings reached the king’s ears. The king cracked up in laughter and named this city after Baldur, and also named the city gates as Baldur’s Gates.

The country back then had already vanished through the passage of time. Only Baldur City and Baldur’s Gates passed on through the generations.

The horse-driven carriage passed by the entrance of Baldur City. It stopped to undergo inspection from the guards. The rogue nimbly passed out a small bag of silver coins. The other party revealed a knowing smile, and only took a rough glance inside the carriage, then let them through.

When the carriage was being inspected, Yi Longlong was hidden among the luggage all along. From the gaps, she could see the petty actions between the rogue and the soldier. She silently lamented: No matter which world it is, there will always be those who accept briberies and neglect their duties.

But she didn’t make a sound. Regardless of Leina or herself, they both clearly understood that should she be exposed in front of a large audience, there wouldn’t be any advantages to both parties. Even if she was able to escape at a moment of disarray, she had no way to face the troubles that were to follow.

Once they passed the inspection, Yi Longlong immediately jumped out from behind the luggage and begged Leina to let her see the situation outside through the window gaps. This request wasn’t too overbearing and was soon quickly granted.

When the carriage entered Baldur City, the entire city was enveloped by the orange of eventide. The gentle, warm rays of light illuminated the two and three-storied buildings along the streets, cladding this historical city with the ambience of aged papers. People bustled to and fro along the streets. Inside the city, people’s footsteps were slightly more hurried, different from that of a peaceful, laid-back village.

Yi Longlong lay by the carriage window that was not even a foot wide. She silently watched the world outside through the gap. Suddenly, Yi Longlong’s gaze zeroed in onto a street corner in front. Someone she recognized stood there.

Levi had changed out of his priest attire. He wore fitted and delicate formal clothing, and a gentle smile rested on his handsome face. He reached out a hand to a beautiful lady and walked down the steps in front of a jewelry shop.

Yi Longlong celebrated inside her head. She didn’t have the time to ponder why the no-good priest who said was going to Tingold City would appear here. She immediately called out for help. “Le-…” But Leina had already long noticed her strange state and reached out her hand in time. She took hold of her, her hand tightly muffling Yi Longlong.

How nasty!

Don’t block her!

Don’t go Levi!

Yi Longlong waved her paws about and struggled for her life, but Leina’s hands seemed to be cast of steel, mercilessly snuffing her sudden hope.

Under Yi Longlong’s bleak gaze that gradually dimmed to hopelessness, Levi spoke and laughed with the lady while they ascended a magnificent horse-carriage that waited on the side. After they got on, he leaned close to the lady and said something next to her ear. It provoked smiles from the other party, then the carriage began to move and gradually went far away.

Leina took a glance outside the carriage. She released Yi Longlong, and the little maiden dragon didn’t show any signs of fighting back. If it was a few days prior, she might have glared back, or curse with her mouth, but now, the tiny, young dragon only walked slowly back to the heap of luggage, jumped on it and dispiritedly lay atop of a crate.

That person back then should be Levi, no mistake about that.

Yi Longlong lifted a paw and covered her eyes. She didn’t let others see the tears that came trickling from her eyes.

Eric was somewhere in some place, Lin Qi became a hostage because of her, but these days she still held onto hope, hoping that from then on there will be an opportunity to escape from Leina’s claws.

Back then, when Levi said he was going to Tingold City to sell off Roland’s items to buy the necessary materials for the magic, it was due to her trust in him that she turned in all of Roland’s items to him. Even though she had been captured for this long, she still held out a tiny bit of hope for him, secretly guessing how he would search for her after discovering her disappearance. But today, she accidentally found out that he had never thought a dragon would be waiting for him, he was never in Tingold City, the city he spoke of, and was instead in another city, dating a beautiful woman.

A fake promise, a broken trust.

These were the real sources of pain.

What I’ll be back in a few days, how many days has it already been now? What are you doing?

Yi Longlong ordered herself to not waste her emotions over unworthy people, yet the tears seemed to be unstoppable in any way, trickling out between the gaps of her small paws.

Lin Qi was lightly sleeping at a corner. His was covered by a cloak that hid the shackles from view. He hazily woke up, saw Yi Longlong weeping not so far away and managed to tug his body over there.

He got close to Yi Longlong’s face and out of instinct, wanted to try the taste of the translucent liquid, but he suddenly recalled that Yi Longlong had said not to randomly lick her, so he strenuously lifted his hand and wiped a bit of tears with his fingertip, placed it next to his lips and licked.

It carried a light salty taste, but for some unknown reason it tasted of a very bitter liquid.

Leina led her Whole Lot squad and found an inn in a secluded block of the city. There were a total of four rooms, of which one was shared between her and Yi Longlong, and the remaining three rooms for the other six people.

Ever since seeing Levi in broad daylight, Yi Longlong no longer held onto hope. The moment she entered the room she jumped down from Leina’s arm beneath the cloak and directly jumped onto bed and laid down curled up in a corner.

Leina gave a light sigh. She undid the leather armor from her body and sat on the edge of the bed. She wanted to say something to Yi Longlong, but before she opened her mouth, she felt doing this was just unnecessary. Before a wolf eats a sheep, would it say something to the sheep?

The strong preys on the weak. This was a common law that existed regardless of where it was.

“Go to sleep.” She patted the bedside and lay on the other side of the bed, almost giving half the space to a little dragon that was not even one-eighth of her size.

When night fell and the city lights were already extinguished, outside the inn occupied by Leina and the others, a black shadow paced back and forth.

The purple-haired rogue was now in all black and had his face covered up, yet his eyes emitted a struggling sparkle.

Although he clearly knew the outcome of getting close to that dragon would be very miserable, why was it that he could not help following along? Could it be his body and his soul had both already become the young dragon’s servant?

Chapter 52: Dragon servant

Chapter 54: Rescue


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  1. Thank you for the Chapter, I can’t wait till our little Dragon can take human form so we can explore the world more, without all the hindrances haha


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