Chapter 6: A girlish dragon

Then according to Eric’s descriptions, he had previously lived together inseparably with this body’s mother for a year. With one person (male) and one dragon (female) getting along for a long period of time, perhaps some inter-species romance had developed one day, then finally with a rumble Tahinia  had laid an egg, and then sorrowfully told the father she was off to incubate it…

Bestiality huh.

Yi Longlong scorned in her heart. He didn’t even spare a dragon.

Eric’s complexion blanked for a few seconds. When he completed digested the meaning hidden in the last sentence from Yi Longlong, his face immediately became distorted. Upon his relaxed smile floated an expression of someone barely restraining themselves from slaying a dragon.

This was but a young dragon, their understandings and views were different and not to mention she was still the child of Tahinia. If there were any faults, then as her mother’s friend, he should tolerate it.

Eric tried his best to reassure himself, then after some time, he finally regained his composure and gasped out, “Little fella, your mother and I were just purely friends.”

As a dragon, there was no doubt Tahinia was beautiful, but that was beauty to a dragon’s standards. Even if he didn’t have any relationships with the ladies, he would not change his measure of beauty from a human perspective to a dragon’s.

Knowing that she had misunderstood, Yi Longlong became slightly embarrassed, and sincerely apologized. “I’m sorry, big uncle.”

Just as the words left her, an expression of really wanting to slay a dragon once again appeared on Eric’s face. He took a deep breath, then tried to show a gentle look as he spoke to Yi Longlong in a very depressed tone. “I’m still very young, I still haven’t reached the age of being called a big uncle. You can directly call me by my name.”

Eric had never been suspicious of why Yi Longlong, who had never met any outsiders before, had such clear cognitive abilities. Everyone knew that the dragon race gained wisdom quicker than the humans, and through his interactions with Tahinia, he even knew the dragons had a secret. The children could partially inherit their parent’s intelligence, and so not only did he not suspect that the soul residing in this young dragon was not the original product, he was also quite overjoyed. Although the child of Tahinia did not grow and develop too well, her intelligence was not too lacking. It was a blessing amidst misfortune. Although this cleverness made him want to slay a dragon, it didn’t stop him from feeling gratified.

Thinking back to his old friend, Eric was refilled with warmth. As for the things that Yi Longlong had babbled about, he no longer took to heart.  He gently looked at the clear blue eyes appearing in the grass, and as he looked, this little fella gradually gave him the impression of something weaker and smaller. Tahinia was the mightiest of dragons; she would have probably never thought that her own child would be this weak and small, right?

Having exchanged stares for a while, Yi Longlong could feel his kindness. Only then did she lower her guard, and once again slowly walked out from the grass. Even though she did not have any evidence to judge whether everything he said was true, the other party did not have any need to spread lies to her. If Eric wanted to harm a weak and petite thing like her, then he would only need to use physical violence to achieve it.

Although Eric did not show his strength, Yi Longlong could feel it. He was very, very powerful. From the moment he got here, she already had that feeling.

She still wanted to know more about her situation, and hear everything Eric had to say about all things related to that, such as dragons per say.

“That…” Yi Longlong nervously waved her snow white claws. “You don’t have any urgent matters, right? If it’s convenient, how about living here for a few days, okay?”

Eric had originally planned to persuade Yi Longlong to leave with him, but after hearing her words, he suddenly changed his mind. This child is probably not willing to leave this place, right? That’s fine as well, then I’ll temporarily accompany and spend some more time with her.

He beamed and stretched out a finger, lightly touching her claws. “Alright then, little fella.”


When Yi Longlong said she was bringing him over to her house, in Eric’s general understanding, it would be the limit of a dragon if she managed to find a tree hollow to nest in, or modified the tree hollow in any way. Something like a dragon constructing a magnificent palace wasn’t unheard of, but a young dragon would be incapable of doing so. And so, when man and dragon arrived at the wooden house constructed in the middle of the forest, Eric was once again amazed by Yi Longlong.

This was a perfectly clean wooden cabin, constructed in the middle of a rather big clearing. There were some furnishings at the front and back of the cabin that confounded him, for example the wooden plank carved with strange symbols next to the house. The wooden cabin was about as tall as his shoulders. It had smoothly polished white colored wooden materials as walls, and brown tanned tree barks were neatly placed on the inclining rooftop. The surfaces of the tree barks and wooden materials were coated with a layer of tree resin, presumably to water-proof it and prevent moisture from seeping in.

Emerald green vines were planted at one corner, meandering and climbing along the stakes all the way to the roof, decorating the wooden cabin with viridian patterns. From the eaves hung an ornament composed of nuts and wooden pieces cut into various shapes. The ornament lightly swayed with the wind, producing a pleasant resonance.

Detailed engravings were carved onto the square window frames, and even the smallest corners were polished smoothly, without a single stubble.

At the entrance of the cabin hung a curtain weaved from silvery blue grass. Blue and silver gently crisscrossed, creating a peculiar pattern.

If it was placed within a bustling city, this wooden cabin would not be worth mentioning at all, but in a forest lacking the tools and materials required, this could definitely be called an exceptional existence.

Shocked, Eric turned around and assessed Yi Longlong. “Did you make all of this?”

He could feel that there were no other signs of beasts besides Yi Longlong and Tahinia. He was already quite surprised when he saw Yi Longlong wearing clothes. Now having seen this house, it had really subverted his knowledge.

First let’s not talk about why this little dragon favored the lifestyle of a human, just how did she construct such a house? Did she just rely on those two little non-lethal claws?

As he listened to Yi Longlong’s simple explanation of how she had discovered and used the tools, how she picked the materials, and how she took some time out of every day to decorate her house bit by bit, Eric suddenly felt that the little snow white dragon by his side was not actually a dragon, but a careful and meticulous young girl. In this isolated place, she had leisurely and unhurriedly tended to her little wonderland.

Yi Longlong was feeling slightly regretful. Back then when she was building this cabin, she had hoped she would grow a little bigger so she tried to make the cabin taller. This way when she grew, she would still be able to use it. Sadly, she had misjudged the speed of her development. This cabin was far too big for her and in Eric’s opinion, slightly small.

As the host of this place, Yi Longlong would naturally look after her guest. She nodded towards Eric. “You probably haven’t eaten yet, how about having lunch at my place?”

Judging by the sun, it was nearly noon.

Chapter 5: Here lies Tahinia

Chapter 7: Even tractors have dignity


18 thoughts on “Chapter 6: A girlish dragon

  1. Will yi long long ever turn into a human or part human part dragon? Or will someone fall in love with her dragon figure? If not then maybe another animal because they said she was the last dragon

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    1. I don’t know,haven’t read past chapter 20 or so…
      (psst check out the taiwanese covers if you want to be spoiled. do a google image of 龙龙龙 天衣有风 to find out)


  2. It’s funny how she can make Eric angry twice in a row… and to be a small dragon at 1 year old… have anyone ever wonder how she even sew the clothes, build a house and create weapons? She may be a dragon but is still small and weak, she won’t be able to do all this 8n a year within her birth…

    Thanks for the chapter


  3. It’s funny how she can make Eric angry twice in a row… and to be a small dragon at 1 year old… have anyone ever wonder how she even sew the clothes, build a house and create weapons? She may be a dragon but is still small and weak, she won’t be able to do all this 8n a year within her birth…

    Thanks for the chapter…


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