Chapter 51: Roll over

How… persistent.

He still caught up even when she messed with him to that extent.

Although she shut her mouth obediently, Yi Longlong’s eyes couldn’t help but curiously look at the new version and appearance of the purple-haired rogue.

Although the clothes fit on Roland’s body, the rigid clothing style wasn’t like the one from before. It could be deduced that these clothes weren’t his, and instead stripped from someone else.

This was also an easy connection to make. Since there were so many adventurers flooding into the sea of trees in the past few days, it wouldn’t be surprising for Roland to bump into several of them and rob them bare, wear the clothes of people who were of similar size and take away their weapons.

Yi Longlong fearlessly surveyed him. She was not the least bit worried that she will be killed by Roland. Although she was currently Leina’s captive, Leina still had to ensure her safety. Should the six of them be unable to defeat Roland, then they should just go home and eat themselves and stop playing mercenaries.

The one thing she was curious about was that it was already beyond coincidence for Leina’s group to come across her. In these eight days, they stealthily took the round route. Just how did Roland catch up to them?

Roland swept a glaring gaze over Leina’s group. A moment later, his cold sharp eyes fell back onto Yi Longlong. Although it was a pity the sneak shot didn’t hit the target, there will be chances coming up.

Roland didn’t know whether he was fortunate or unfortunate. Although he had accidentally consumed Yi Longlong’s blood which led to bodily harm, after a period of feebleness, he welcomed a joyous transformation.

His senses became even more sharp; his sight and hearing became twice as keen, and his body more agile and powerful. Even the energy consuming techniques from before could now be more easily executed.

Roland knew in his mind that these changes were brought forth by Yi Longlong, but he wouldn’t feel grateful towards a certain fellow who called themselves a small weak animal. Over the days when his body was weakened, he hid and dodged among the sea of trees naked, and although no one saw it, this was a humiliation deeply carved into his bones.

When he recovered, the first thought that came to his mind was to find Yi Longlong and repay this humiliation.

What made him surprised was that when he wanted to search for Yi Longlong, a direction would hazily appear in his mind, guiding him forward. He had relied on what seemed to be a totally unreliable intuition and chased all the way here, and finally caught up today.

By the looks of the situation, that damn dragon probably fell into the hands of Leina the Red Storm. But this was of no consequence to him. He no longer wanted to be a dragon trader; he wanted to become the last dragon slayer.

Leina reached out a hand and spoke as kindly as possible, “May I ask if there are some hostility between you and this dragon? If it’s possible, I can become a mediator and help you resolve it, how about that?” Her face was calm and gentle, but the other hand behind her back gave the “kill” signal to her companions.

Roland completely ignored Leina’s request. He body-rolled onto the ground and quickly went into hiding. Although the geography of the environment wasn’t too suitable for rogues to put up a fight, the purple-haired rogue’s experience and skills made up for the disadvantages in the environment.

The arrows shot out continuously, but Roland adopted a completely toxic strategy. He gave up on attacking Yi Longlong and instead switched targets to the magician and priest who had the least ability to defend themselves. The two continuous shots of bolts injured them, weakening the dominance of Leina’s group.

He didn’t place hope on Leina’s so called mediation because he was also a person who embroiled in deadly conspiracies. He was able to think of the decisions the opponent would make under these circumstances. With the rare dragon in their possession, they will not let anyone know besides themselves that the dragon is in their hands, prior to exchanging it for tangible benefits.

And not to mention, there was nothing to mediate. The humiliation he suffered must be cleared with its life. Killing Yi Longlong is something he will not yield on.

With Roland’s nimble and smooth attacks, Leina once again felt astonishment. By the looks of the opponent’s techniques, he should be a rogue, yet he executed amazing techniques all the while possessing such terrifying speed and power. Their own rogue was already the best in this profession, however in comparison with the man in front of them, they couldn’t even compare to one of his hands.

The magician and priest were unable to go all out in the fight due to their injuries from the ambush at the very start. The remaining rogue, archer and Beastmaster teamed up, yet they were played like fools by Roland. Leina simply could not stand watching it any longer. She grabbed Yi Longlong and stuffed her into the back of her cloak, then promptly drew her sword and rushed towards Roland.

Leina was the best fighter in the squad. Her addition in the fight suddenly turned the tide, but this was what Roland wanted. The moment he fought in close combat with Leina, he spat a poisonous needle over Leina’s shoulder and it nearly embedded into Yi Longlong’s forehead.

This was the single weapon that was not taken away while he was weakened. Yi Longlong didn’t discover it because it was hidden in his mouth.

Yi Longlong only realized what had happened after the needle flew past. The sudden shock made her whole body stiff. “Roll away, don’t get close to me!” she screamed in terror.

This was originally supposed to be a thoughtless emotional venting, but half a second later, a curious incident happened.

Roland suddenly laid on the ground and mysteriously rolled a few stiff revolutions until he was blocked by a tree several meters away, then he jumped up as if he had unexpectedly woken up.

What’s… with this?

In that moment, it wasn’t only Yi Longlong who was baffled. Even Leina and her squad were surprised, so much that they forgot to attack when Roland dropped his guard and instead stood there watching him roll away.

After he jumped back up, Roland glared furiously at Yi Longlong. “What did you do?” Just then, the moment she finished speaking, he felt as if some power controlled his body, coercing him into making stupid actions.

Yi Longlong wavered. “Is it really my fault?” Is it true?

She lightly clapped herpaws. “In order to verify the truth, let’s do an experiment!” With a blink of an eye, Yi Longlong laid out a series of actions for Roland. “Roland, first wave your hand in greeting, then hop twice like a bunny, then spin in a circle and lastly, make a victory sign with your hands.”

Under the stunned eyes of the crowd, Roland dumped his crossbow and dagger, waved at Yi Longlong, followed by putting his two index fingers at the top of his head, jumped twice, put down his hands, spun around at his spot, and when he spun back, he made a “v” sign.

Is it really… because of her?

Yi Longlong was still curious, but Leina already regained her senses. While Roland was unarmed, she took out her hand-axe and tossed it towards him. Her body quickly closed in, her blade swift as wind.

Chapter 50: Pursuer

Chapter 52: Dragon servant


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    1. Kind of odd that he knows what the “victory sign” means since this originated from WW2. Are the orders she gives actually not just verbal?


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