Chapter 48: The game ends here

While the magician was speaking, Lin Qi executed another move that was familiar to Leina and the others. He struck down the arrow shot by the archer.

The rogue stared at Lin Qi as if he saw a ghost. “How’s this possible?”

If it only took a few glances to learn the martial arts that they have honed and polished hundreds and thousands of times, then would there still be a need for a thing such as martial arts instructors in this world? Could their many years of strenuous training be all just a joke?

He was able to completely master the technique with just a single observation, and even execute it with the level of dexterity that was not inferior to the original owner. Isn’t this too unfair to the people who have trained hard?

Just as the rogue finished speaking, he saw Lin Qi flick and wave his wrist. A wall of flames suddenly sprung up, blocking the magician at front.

The two walls of fire, one in front and one behind, illuminated the dark forest, and also revealed the horror on people’s faces.

This time, it wasn’t just the rogue who swore under his breath. Even the magician who had maintained their calm from before cursed. “Holy hell, can it be that he’s also able to copy it immediately after seeing it?”

Magic. It’s not something that can be successfully executed with just a wave of a hand and a casual incantation. It is a source of power that is harder to master than the usual martial arts. If the person didn’t undergo specialized studies and systematic practices, they wouldn’t even be able to make a spark.

This was the reason for there being fewer magicians than warriors on the continent.

However, the youth in front of them had completely overturned their rationale.

As long as he observed the move once, he will be able to perfectly imitate it, as if he had practiced it more than a thousand times. However, his magic execution also made the only magician in the squad to breakdown; he had completely omitted all the numerous complicated steps in the casting, didn’t have a magic tool or go through the process of accumulating mana, and didn’t even prepare the incantation or hand movements. He only required a casual lift of a hand to execute the magic he had seen before, as if the God of magic was kept in his backyard.

An odd six-to-one fight ensued.

One was a mysterious youth without any prestige. The six were all aces of the mercenary troop famous across the continent.

It was supposed to be a one-sided situation, but because of Lin Qi’s unique talent, the fight eased and stretched on.

The youth at the center of the circle clutched a dagger in one hand. He maneuvered high and low, dodged and blocked, going all out to defend himself against the siege of six people. Sometimes Lin Qi would casually cast out magic to disrupt the rhythm of the opponents.

Every single magic that had appeared before all reappeared again from his hands, and as for the swordsmanship that the rogue and Leina exhibited at the time, they were also openly learned in succession. The only thing the youth didn’t learn was the divine arts of the priest, but as the priest did not specialize in attack, his power could be discounted.

If they had met each other in a different situation, Leina would perhaps think of ways to rope him in and have him become part of her squad. The current situation however, foredoomed him to be an enemy and the impossibility of a ceasefire.

The magician created another flame wall; he didn’t dare to use a new type of magic. The magician revealed a bitter smile. “Sometimes, we must admit, that on this world, geniuses exist.”

Just as if all the gods’ favors bestowed a talent unimaginable to mortals.

In the beginning, Leina and the others had the idea of seeing just how capable he was so their attacks were partially held back, but as time went on, the skills that were independent of each other progressively harmonized through actual combat, and even attained results that were many times better than the originals.

Leina’s expression became more and more grave. With a low-voiced command, the five companions immediately understood and began to cooperate. They simultaneously launched a fierce attack, while she seized the chance to jump out of the fighting ring.

After the fierce attack was a moment of respite. Lin Qi held an icy flame in his left hand, whilst his right hand held a bloodied long sword. Even after enduring such an intense fight, his face still remained clean without a single drop of sweat. The dazzling flames made the moonlight look bleak, whereas Lin Qi’s beautiful eyes seemed to have drifted out of this world, carrying the refinement and seclusion that can make people enchanted.

This is a good opportunity to counterattack and escape.

Silent and calm, Lin Qi emotionlessly calculated which angles to attack from would bring about the greatest damage and bring him the most benefits. These calculations were more than just relying on intuition. They were processed through pure rationale, like a precise machine.

Just as he was about to act, he suddenly heard a calm voice. “If you do not wish to see her hurt, stand there and do not move.”

Lin Qi turned his head. A layer of black suddenly cloaked his eyes, like the descending of unending darkness: on the edge of the clearing, Leina’s slender and fit figure stood beneath the tree. She single-handedly clutched Yi Longlong’s neck, with the tip of her long sword pressed in between the dragon’s eyes.

Leina emitted an air of callousness from her whole body. “This little brother, listen obediently and place down your sword.”

Yi Longlong’s two little paws flailed wildly, trying to unwrap the hand that was nearly choking her breathless, but these efforts proved fruitless. It was like Leina’s hands were cast with iron, without a shred of movement.

Miserable and scared, tear droplets spilled out from the corners of her eyes. She now regretted not running further away. She had thought she wouldn’t be discovered by hiding behind a tree, but she didn’t know that the moment she begins to flee, Leina, who had always partially taken note of her intentions, would capture her earlier on.

Confronted by Leina’s threats, Lin Qi slightly stiffened. The opponent was using Yi Longlong to threaten him, but he didn’t know whether to listen to their words.

These people will threaten and hurt him. If he gave up on resisting, then the ending will certainly be far from good.

There were two paths. Should he continue to attack, he should be able to escape. But if he gave up on attacking, he and Yi Longlong will both fall into the hands of the opponents.

Preserving one at the very least or being unable to preserve the two of them; this was supposed to be a very easy choice to make, but for some unknown reason, Lin Qi instead developed a sliver of hesitation.

Leina gave Lin Qi time to hesitate, but only for a second. Seeing Lin Qi not surrender, the tip of the blade immediately cut into Yi Longlong’s skin decisively. “You die or she dies.”

The choice was instant.

Lin Qi released the blade from his right hand. The flame in the left hand extinguished.

Under Yi Longlong’s terrified gaze, the archer nocked an arrow, the rogue picked up the dagger and extracted the blade, and the fingers of the white-haired man turned into hooks.

It was quick and without conscience.

The blue hair tie that bound the hair scattered due to the excessive wearing and tearing. It drifted down as Lin Qi’s body collapsed, falling into the flames that remained on the ground.

Levi had forgotten to mention one thing. Even if they were to get close to adventurers, at least do not approach the mercenaries. Under some situations, they are the more cold-blooded characters.

“Alright.” Leina released her grip with an impassive expression on her face. Yi Longlong fell onto the ground. Leina let the tiny body lunge like a madman towards the youth that laid in a pool of blood. “The game ends here.”

Chapter 47: An eye for an eye

Chapter 49: Without freedom


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  1. Ok.

    These f***ing mercs are screwed. Screw them without mercy.

    Is Lin Qi gonna stand up again and kill them, is baby dragon, going to awaken and slaughter them, or someone else going to do it, that’s the only question.

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  2. bunch of moron -_-‘ they just attacked some one who was just trying to run aways and they call themself MERCENARY. i had a good impression of the girl but now she became the worst scum ever without any doubt


  3. This is actually making me really mad, like all the Merc’s are coming because they are friends with Eric and they KNOW Lin qui is also his friend, so Wtf?? Are they dumb? They can’t kill the last dragon, because of obvious reasons so why would she even threaten unless; A. its a bluff B. she’s fucking retarded. And THEY summoned them in the first place why would they start attacking for no reason?!?!?!

    If these dumbasses are main characters that later "befriend" the MC I'm going to be pissed with the author because they are batshit crazy.

    — Okay done with rant sorry for the foul language~

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  4. I think I’m starting to grow a grudge against humans now….. I really hope Eric beats them up!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling the evil thing in Lin Qi’s gonna show up now…. un oh. Thanks for the chapter!

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