Chapter 47: An eye for an eye

They met again.

But this sort of re-encounter did not make Yi Longlong feel a single bit of delight.

A moment ago she was still inside the guestroom of the holy temple, and the next moment, she and Lin Qi had somehow appeared inside a forest together. The six people surrounding them could probably count as acquaintances.

Besides Leina and the other four people, the sixth person that had a peculiar appearance should be the one that was hidden beneath their cape in the past few days. He was probably also the cause for her presence here.

With a sweep of her gaze, Yi Longlong reached a verdict inside her head.

However, what should she do in this current predicament?

-Never ever underestimate the greed of humans.

-Do not get close to adventurers.

Levi’s warnings resounded in her ears. Yi Longlong relentlessly blamed herself. She felt it was her own negligence that had led these people here. It was her fault that they fell into this predicament. The other side had probably long discovered her existence, intentionally put up a façade of cluelessness and departed, and then used some weird skill to make her fall directly into their grasp.

This time, Yi Longlong was mistaken again. Leina hadn’t discovered her existence. The reason such a situation happened was all due to coincidences. The initial goal of the white-haired man was to only summon the beast of the highest class within the vicinity of one fifty kilometers away, and for this type of summoning, it was ineffective towards living things that were under ownership.

What was unfortunate was that, within these one fifty kilometers, it also included Vanilla Town.

Although Yi Longlong was tiny as a dragon, when speaking of class, she was without a doubt indeed the highest in that respect. She was also multitudes higher than normal beasts at that, and incidentally she didn’t have an owner…

In order to find guides to lead the way out of the forest and find Yi Longlong as soon as possible, Eric sent for help from his follower. The follower hired Leina and the others, and in order to find Eric, Yi Longlong posted up rewards around town via Levi, and then they met with Leina. And following that, Leina and her party had previously intended to find Eric’s whereabouts by interrogating the summoned beast, but instead, they had accidentally summoned Yi Longlong. The young dragon that had tried its best to stay hidden was defenselessly exposed in front of people.

These sorts of coincidences perfectly interlocked with each other. It was indeed a “series of unfortunate coincidences”.

Multiple pairs of eyes quickly stared at the youth and the dragon. The white haired man that was called Beastmaster had a burning gaze. He mumbled to himself, “That explains it… What I felt, was this…”

So the real one who made him sense something out of the normal wasn’t the youth, but the dragon that was with the youth.

Being exposed in front of people without any mental preparation, Yi Longlong’s heart began to tremble. After the initial few seconds of being at a loss, she finally came to her senses and knew what she should do now.

A short paw gave Lin Qi a pat. “Quick, run!” While they have yet to act, take the opportunity to run away fast!

Lin Qi quickly got up from the ground with a flip. He went in giant strides and aimed to break through the gap between the rogue and the archer in front of him, but not even a few steps later, he saw a flash of a silhouette. Lin Qi instantly stopped. The rogue that had originally stood by one side had already arrived in front of him, perfectly blocking his route.

The rogue held a dagger diagonally in front of Lin Qi. His eyes stayed on Yi Longlong as he asked Leina, “Big sis Crimson, what should we do, you make the decision.” On this journey, they shouldered the mission of finding Eric. They shouldn’t complicate things further, but … this… is a dragon.

Unable to make a decision for the time, out of habit, the rogue passed the decision making to squad leader Leina.

An unexpectedly small body, the snow white skin that protruded from the clothes and reflected the radiance of the full moon, and those pair of crystal blue eyes that flashed with uneasiness.

Leina made the decision in a flash. “Detain them!” She drew out the long sword by her waist.

And at the same time, Lin Qi’s body acted again. He turned to a different direction and attempted to rush out through the gap on the other side.

The sound of sharp winds passed by his body. With a backhanded catch, the slender, white fingers caught the pitch black arrow that was shot by the archer. His body did not pause, instead taking advantage of the opportunity to pounce forward, avoiding the stab from behind by Leina. When he got low and placed Yi Longlong on the ground, he rolled on the ground, crisscrossed his arms and blocked the pounce by the white-haired man from high above.

The rogue whistled. “Great skills. Didn’t the rumors say he’s a magician?”

While his back was against the ground, his long legs kicked off the white-haired man. Lin Qi dodged the arrow from behind, and immediately sliced his bare hands toward the rogue’s dagger.

When the elegant, slender hands got close to the dagger, it cleverly moved in ways beyond comprehension, circumvented the blade that wasn’t quite long, and directly sliced towards the wrist of the rogue.

The rogue didn’t even have the time to feel astonished about being disarmed. What he was even more astonished about was something else. “Big sis Crimson, when did you teach your prided technique to this boy?”

Of the six people, this type of skill where bare-hands wrested cold steel was a unique skill of Leina’s. Although Lin Qi had executed this, it still lacked a bit of swiftness and ferocity that Leina had. It had a few more additional points of indescribable gracefulness, but as a high level technique, it was still more or less the same.

Due to Lin Qi’s actions, Leina also became slightly hesitant. “I didn’t.”

At this time, Lin Qi was already brandishing the dagger and directing it towards the white-haired man who was pouncing towards him again. The dagger deftly drew an arc, leaving behind a trail of radiance that was almost akin to moonlight. In the next instance, the blade vanished as if it was hidden in the night, and following that, a gash was left on the brows of the white-haired man.

Seeing Lin Qi make this move, Leina glared at the rogue with furious eyes. “What did you say about me teaching him techniques, aren’t you the one who leaked it?”

The technique Lin Qi had just executed was Nightblade, the prided technique of the rogue. Through the use of light rays, the dagger will be hidden in the night and puzzle the opponent, and then reach its killing objective.

With the strike a success, Lin Qi’s handsome face remained neutral; without pride and without fear. He rushed forward at high speed towards Yi Longlong, desiring to seize the chance to take Yi Longlong and flee with her.

However, a wall of flames suddenly burst out and blocked him.

The only magician in the squad finally acted at this point of time. He spoke unhurriedly, “Everyone, stop the quarreling. Can’t you all see? These techniques were all secretly learned by him when you let him observe your sparring practices these past few days.”

Chapter 46: Before the descent of the moon

Chapter 48: The game ends here


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