Chapter 45: Morning after

The few people going with Leina were all top experts of different specialties from the mercenary troop. Their different strengths allowed them to overcome almost any situation.

Through the vague location shown by the distress signal, they knew Eric was inside the sea of trees, but as for where inside the sea of trees, or what things happened to make him activate this signal, Leina and the others were completely clueless.

And so, they only dispatched a small number of elites to investigate, for one because the mercenary troop also had their own responsibilities and couldn’t provide too many people to join the operation, and two, the unique environment of the sea of trees deemed this as a place unsuitable for large groups to enter. The best search method was to have a squad comprised of up to ten or so members.

A tattered piece of paper was held in Leina’s hand. “On the first day of coming here, we discovered the reward posted by the temple of Vanilla Town. According to the descriptions, the person they are looking for have some matching characteristics with Lord Eric’s appearance, and in addition to receiving the intelligence about the identity of this priest, we have reason to suspect that the person he is searching for is the same as ours. So that’s why I waited in this place for him, hoping that we can get some more detailed information from him.”

The voice of the red-haired girl was decisive and calm, and systematic in her analysis. “But, we simply arrived at the wrong time. We don’t know when Priest Levi will return, so I’ve decided to give up on waiting. Tomorrow early in the morning, we will enter the sea of trees and search for the person.”

Of the remaining five people, four people expressed their approval to Leina’s suggestion. Leina then cast her gaze onto the final person. “Beastmaster1, do you have a problem with it?”

Even when inside the sealed room with his companions, the person named Beastmaster still wore the cape that completely hid their features. They sat at the corner without making a sound.

A moment of silence later, a low voice transmitted from beneath the cape. “That youth named Lin Qi… I always have the feeling that the air from his body is rather strange.”

Leina creased her brows, pondered for a while, then spoke, “That youth’s temperament is indeed rather special, but we are on a mission, and in addition to that he has some connections to Levi. I do not wish for unnecessary conflicts to arise between us and him.” She asked the sixth person who wore a cape, “Beastmaster, after entering the sea of trees, our search for Eric will all be depending on you, so first focus your energy onto our mission, alright?”

The person named Beastmaster nodded their head in silence.

Reaching a unanimous verdict, Leina lightly knocked on the table and gave concise orders, “Good, then it’s decided, tomorrow at dawn we’re all setting off.”

Just like this, on the dawn of the fifth day, Leina and her group departed from the holy temple. Much like the other adventures that arrived before them, they stepped on the dews that were yet to evaporate from the tips of grass, and headed into the boundless sea of trees.

One of the people slowed their steps at the entrance of the sea of trees, and took a glance back in the direction of the holy temple.

“Let’s go, Beastmaster.”



“They finally went away!”

The first thing Yi Longlong did after Leina and her group left the holy temple was to wildly roll around on the bed.

Although that redhead sis didn’t do anything to her, every day when she met up with her gaze, she would still feel a bit of uneasiness. Furthermore, the other person was also an experienced character. Yi Longlong feared that she would blow her cover in front of Leina.

These past few days, she still went outside with Lin Qi for a while but didn’t dare to get too close to town. Instead, they went for a casual stroll around the hills nearby and breathed in some fresh air, looked at the wide, vast sky and breathed in the fragrance of the wilderness.

Lin Qi quietly sat on the chair by the bed and observed Yi Longlong’s behavior. This bed was for people to sleep in. Due to the totally different sizes, the little white dragon didn’t have to worry about falling off no matter how much she tumbled around.

As he watched Yi Longlong rolling around at her pleasure, Lin Qi could even feel a sort of strong rising emotion from her actions, but he didn’t know what that was called. “Why…roll?” Lin Qi asked in bewilderment.

There was a delay before Yi Longlong processed the question through her ears. Her emotions were still rather high. She sat up with the sheets in her arms, and looked at Lin Qi. “Because I’m happy.  I was always feeling quite oppressed over the past few days due to Leina being here. Now I’m finally liberated…”  Yi Longlong only noticed her current demeanor after saying that. She was a bit embarrassed and hastily released her paws to tidy up her wrinkled clothes. “Okay, I admit, as someone who was once human, I was a bit overboard with the rolling…but with such a wide bed, I couldn’t hold back…”

Feeling that the more she explained the more messy it got, Yi Longlong rolled her eyes and simply stopped talking.

Lin Qi thought for a moment. “Don’t understand.”

After pausing for a while, he suddenly lowered his head and lightly licked the corner of her eyes. “Last time, what was with the water that appeared from there?”

Yi Longlong spaced out for an instant before reacting. She shrieked immediately, “Ah! Why are you licking people!”

Lin Qi was puzzled. “Don’t you often lick?” He often saw her licking off the liquid that dirtied her paws, so today he also learned it.

Yi Longlong almost jumped up. “Rubbish, you’re a human! I’m not human… that’s not right, I’m actually originally a human… not right either… the point doesn’t reside in whether it’s human or not human…”


The radiance of the full moon shone down on the bodies of six people. The layer of pale light uncovered the silhouettes in a forest clearing.

The six members of the whole lot squad with Leina as the head were separated by a certain distance from each other. They stood on a clearing that wasn’t considered big, with peculiar pictures imprinted into the ground. There were also freshly chopped branches placed in various locations.

The person wearing a cape stood at the utmost center of the squad, as if they were deep in the whirlpool. The other five people all stood in five directions outside the boundaries of the figures.

Leina spoke towards that person. “Let’s begin.”

The person wearing a cape finally, at this point of time, reached out their hand and tugged off their hood. Beneath the hood was a compact mask. If it was anywhere else, it would definitely make others think he was playing a joke on someone, but there wasn’t any reaction from Leina and the others, besides silently waiting for his next move.

He took off the mask. The face that was concealed was finally revealed in front of people.

It truly was a very unique appearance.

1. 兽王Shòuwáng – Beastking, or Beastmaster

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  1. SO CUTE! I wonder how Yi Longlong is going to train Lin Qi. He is obviously picking up habits that only Yi Longlong is allowed to do. I really want to know what Beast master looks like. Thanks for the chapter.

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