Chapter 44: Another Wave of Rescuers

Right when Johnny finished speaking, a voice laced with the power of pressure came from above. “Johnny, I hope you haven’t forgotten the things I’ve said that quickly, do you need me to give you another reminder?”

The accommodation on the second floor of the tavern was behind them above. Leina sat on the window sill with her hair scattered. Her soft armor was half undone, revealing the white colored shirt inside, and the loose waves of red curls made her look even more feminine than before, but when Johnny saw her, he was shocked till he almost couldn’t speak. He didn’t even care about Lin Qi anymore, promptly dumping him away and turning around to flee.

Leina wore the same smile as she leaned on the side of the window sill. After the youth stood steady on the street below, he turned back and gave a glance her way, but those clear eyes didn’t show the fear nor disgust that other adventurers had when they saw her, and also didn’t have the dirty gaze that perverted men gave. There wasn’t even any gratitude shown for helping him escape from danger.

After taking a glance at Leina, Lin Qi then turned around planning to continue to walk ahead.

An intentionally lowered voice came from behind her, right when Leina was thinking of watching Lin Qi depart. “I’ve been asking around just then, that youth named Lin Qi is a magician who’s arrived at Vanilla Town two days before us. Currently, he seems to be living at the temple in town. He’s a good friend of priest Levi.”

Another voice followed up. “Levi? Isn’t that…”

Leina gave a smile. She suddenly jumped out the window and made a well-executed flip in the middle of the air, landing just not far behind Lin Qi. “This little brother, I hear you’re friends with priest Levi, it just so happens that we’re also looking for him about a matter. How about bringing us along to pay him a visit as repayment for helping you out twice?”

Yi Longlong was inside the crate behind Lin Qi. She could just make out Leina through the gaps. Because she had taken off the bothersome soft armor, Leina displayed an even prouder physique right now. She was extremely slender and tall, and downwards from the bulging chest line was a thin waist. Her long, skinny legs both contained a powerful explosive force that didn’t match up with its appearance.

This was the first time Yi Longlong saw a remarkable female in this world. Although she’s seen the girls and married women around town before, there’s never been someone with looks as outstanding as Leina’s, as well as her commanding spirit.

Lin Qi had his back facing Leina by chance. Yi Longlong then simply spoke in his stead. “Levi’s not in the temple, he has private matters to attend to outside Vanilla Town. There’s no need for guides. If you need to go to the temple, head east all the way and you’ll see it.”

For some unknown reason, Yi Longlong didn’t feel any stress from beginning to the end when Johnny was seizing Lin Qi while threatening him with a blade. Instead, she cared more about the mead spilt inside the crate, planning to give it a good wash after returning, or else the sweet smell on the items may possibly invite the ants over.

However, after Leina drove away Johnny, not only did she not feel relief, she instead became even more distressed.

Yi Longlong still pondered over the matter all the way until they left the vicinity of the tavern and got onto the side streets: Leina had clearly not done anything bad, and didn’t even display a bit of ill-will towards them; she was perfectly amiable instead. Why is it that she inexplicably doesn’t want to have anything to do with her?

Yi Longlong had thought her interactions with Leina ended there, but she had clearly underestimated Leina’s proactivity. By the time she and Lin Qi arrived at the temple, she saw to her surprise that Leina and her five companions were all there.

There was a priest among Leina’s companions. Right now, that priest was negotiating with the apprentice priest from the temple, hoping he would let them stay at the temple for the time being so as to make waiting for Levi convenient. Due to his relations with that priest in addition to the agreed-upon hefty sum of donations, their request was easily granted.

After settling the accommodation, when they entered the temple, a few of Leina’s companions took off their capes in succession. If the squad led by Easley is called the pallet squad by Yi Longlong due to their different colors, then after taking a clear look at the appearances of these few people, Yi Longlong immediately crowned them with another name.

Leina bore a long sword on her back, with two hand axes strapped to her long legs, looking like a close combat warrior. The few remaining people could be distinguished by their equipment and clothes. This squad had a magician, priest, archer, rogue… it was simply the whole lot.

Besides the sixth person who was always hidden beneath the cape and couldn’t be seen clearly, at least the roles of the other five people were all different.

In comparison to those amateur adventuring squads structured for nobles like Easley, Leina’s squad was undoubtedly many times more professional. Although their faces and expressions looked different, almost each and every member inside the squad carried an air of capability and decisiveness, giving people a feeling that they were extremely experienced and also perfectly dependable.

Although she felt some unease, as the guest of the temple, regardless of whether it was Yi Longlong or Lin Qi they didn’t have the authority to prevent the whole lot squad from staying there. The slight unease gradually eroded away over the following few peaceful days. Although Leina and the others possessed a terrifying strength, besides the rogue going out every day to gather intelligence, there weren’t any troubles, and they also didn’t display too much attention towards Lin Qi.

Every morning, Leina and the squad’s archer and rogue would conduct sparring practice on the open space behind the temple. Lin Qi seemed to be quite interested towards this, and every morning he would go spectate right on time.

Leina and the others didn’t mind being seen. Even if Lin Qi were to see their spars, it still wouldn’t be possible to figure out the techniques behind them.

Three or four days peacefully passed by like so. Levi never did return. Leina and the others also finally lost their patience.


The night before setting off.

Six people were either standing or sitting in a circle inside the room. The information gathered in these past days were placed in front of Leina. She stretched out her long, powerful fingers and rhythmically rapped on the table. “We probably don’t have time to wait for Levi, we cannot continue staying here wasting time. Tomorrow we enter the sea of trees, using our own method to find Eric.”

They were different from those disorderly adventurers who had come to town for Easley. Their reason for coming here actually originated from a request in a different direction.

At the first moment of being separated from Yi Longlong, Eric who was trapped deep inside the sea of trees promptly sent a distress signal to his follower from the olden days. Although they have been separated for a very long time, they always had a tool for keeping in contact with each other, which let the other person know their approximate locations.

If there wasn’t Yi Longlong, Eric wouldn’t touch the distress signal even if he continued to be lost for ten years inside the sea of trees because there was no need for it. But now, he must find people who can clearly lead the way as soon as possible.

However, Eric’s follower was currently in a place very far away, thus they couldn’t rush there in time, so they sent a request using magical communicators to the White Tooth mercenary group. And so like this, six people including Leina then came to Vanilla Town.

Chapter 43: Leina

Chapter 45: Morning after


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      1. Well, y’know. First you say that this chapter will represent the potential for action in this novel…and then the potential action scene of Johnny vs Lin Qi is totally defused in an instant. Kind of a mixed message, you see what I’m saying? 😝

        Heh, I’m just giving you a hard time. Thanks for all your hard work on this potentially action-packed adventure! 😉


  1. 5years… It took the team 5 years to reach him in the sea if trees. The worst part was that they were so hot on his trail the past 4and a half years that if he had just stood still for 2 minutes they would have bumped into eachother

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