Chapter 43: Leina

Levi was right. Adventurers were just another word for danger.

While Lin Qi was sitting inside the tavern, Yi Longlong was secretly chiding herself. Why didn’t she have the apprentice priest help and run errands, instead of having to go down this path? She didn’t even have the time to scream back then when she saw from inside the crate that Johnny’s blade was sweeping towards them.  If it weren’t for the red-haired sis rescuing them, it’s probable that Lin Qi would have kicked the bucket by now.

The adventurers inside the tavern had all turned their attention away because of Leina’s presence. Now, people no longer cared whether Lin Qi was coming or going, and no one noticed either that inside the crate that Lin Qi had placed on top of the table, a pair of blue eyes were watching them…

The only person who didn’t forget about Lin Qi was the barkeep. He quietly gave them a tall glass filled with mead and said, “To recompense the fright you have endured here, this drink is a gift from our store.”

The amber colored liquid gave off a soft, sweet smell. Lin Qi didn’t pay heed to it, and merely listened with Yi Longlong together.

The tavern was a place of friction as well as gossip. Not long afterwards, Yi Longlong learnt quite a lot of things.

The reason why there were so many adventurers popping up was due to that young nobleman from the pallet squad. A month or so ago, the pallet squad was commissioned by a local garrison officer from Tingold city nearby to investigate the tower deep inside the sea of trees. However, just recently, that garrison officer suddenly received the news and discovered that Easley, the blond youth, was actually an important person from the Heine family. In a panic, he hurriedly put up a high reward and mustered all the adventurers he could get to go forth in a search for Easley.

The large horde of adventurers suddenly appeared in town for this reason.

As for Leina, she was once also an adventurer, but now she belonged to a different sort of group that was similar to adventurers. However, it was a group of larger scale, with tighter structure and discipline– a mercenary group.

In simpler terms, mercenary groups had structure and discipline, a certain size, and also went through the standard registrations of adventurer organizations.

If it’s about freedom and doing whatever you want, then adventurers would naturally be stronger in that department, however if we’re talking about quality and combat power, then mercenary groups would generally be much better than adventurers. Of course, the elite pallet squad Easley is in is an exception.

Three years ago, Leina was a very brilliant and famous adventurer. The name Red Storm had once made many grown men scared speechless, but three years ago, she suddenly gave up the free identity of an adventurer. She joined a well-known mercenary group called “White Tooth”, and became a high-level personnel inside.

What was the reason behind Leina’s appearance in this place? Could it be that she had the same objectives as them?

The total number of adventurers was rather high, but ever since Leina revealed herself, each and everyone one of their voices had subconsciously lowered a few notches.

While the people in the tavern were discussing Leina’s glorious deeds back in those years, with even the barkeep zoned in to listen, Yi Longlong seized the opportunity to silently slide off the panel from the side of the wooden crate.  She quickly stuck out her short white paws, grasped on both sides of the wine glass which created a light clattering sound, and then following that, she brought the wine glass filled with mead directly inside the crate.

She took a sniff from a close distance. The light fragrance of liquor was blended with the refreshing sweetness of honey. Yi Longlong took a deep breath, then lowered her head and stuck out a thin, pink tongue, carefully licking from the edge of the wine glass.

After tasting a small amount of liquid, Yi Longlong smacked her lips. Tastes a bit… strange.

In her past life,  she wasn’t allowed to eat and drink a lot of things due to the body’s burden, with alcohol being one of the greater forbidden foods. But fortunately, Yi Longlong never had  alcohol, and didn’t have any special cravings for the drink. She was always like that, until today where she was tempted by the fragrance and took a small sip.

The liquid entering her was sweet, and also had a hint of some indescribable taste, but overall it wasn’t bad.

In any case, the body in this life wasn’t that terrible, at least she could eat a lot of things that weren’t allowed in the past. Having found another reason worth celebrating for herself, Yi Longlong embraced the wine glass and licked again. Before she could enjoy the taste to her content, the barkeep had once again silently walked back towards them. “Why don’t you leave through the back door, I’ve heard people say that the adventurer from back then and a few of his companions are waiting for you outside… I’ve heard that you’re friends with the priest, I hope you will not be met with danger.”

He did this not out of respect for God or the temple, but for fear of offending what was like the secret boss1 of the tiny town, Levi.  Although Levi wasn’t the district official, there weren’t any great doctors in town. Whenever the residents had any illnesses or injuries, they would seek help from the temple. If you were to have offended Levi, then pray to God you will never fall sick or injured throughout your entire life.

Lin Qi didn’t oppose the suggestion. He took up the wooden crate from the table. Yi Longlong felt shaking inside the crate and hurriedly held tightly onto the wine glass to avoid it flipping over, but a small amount of liquid still managed to spill out.

At this point of time, the barkeep swept a puzzled gaze over and hesitantly looked at Lin Qi. “May I enquire, that wine glass from before…”

If he remembered correctly, he seemed to have gifted them a drink. Where’s the wine glass? Could it be that it’s been swallowed up along with the drink?

However, after uttering out half the question, he swallowed the rest of the words back in. Just pretend that it’s buy one get one free, it’s just but an ordinary glass. If it’s been swallowed then so be it. After that, he hurriedly escorted Lin Qi out through the back door and reckoned his job was finished there. If Lin Qi is to come across any danger on the road, then he’s not responsible for it.

Just when he left the bar and was about to exit the end of the street, Lin Qi halted his steps.

Johnny was waiting there at the street intersection with a fierce look on his face.

After all, regardless of whether it’s Lin Qi or Yi Longlong, they were both too inexperienced. If even the barkeep could think of leaving through the back door, then couldn’t Johnny, the well-seasoned veteran, also come up with it?

While Johnny had his companions guarding near the tavern’s doors, he went to the street behind the tavern and managed to meet up with Lin Qi as expected.

Johnny reached out his hand and grabbed hold of the clothing on Lin Qi’s chest. “Don’t think that I’ll let’cha go just ‘cos Leina stuck up for you. Today, I’ll definitely give you a lesson.”

He drew his sword as he spoke. The sharp blade waved in Lin Qi’s face. “With looks more beautiful than women, wonder what it’d look if two cuts were made on it?”

1. BOSS- This was in capital letters in English (LOL). In video games, it refers to a final enemy that’s difficult to beat.  

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