Chapter 42: The Provoker and the Provoked

The tavern was just as busy, if not more than yesterday when Yi Longlong was there. Quite a lot of people sat inside the place, but not a single person was a resident from the town. These people carried weapons on their body, and looked more like adventurers than the pallet squad.

How come there’s this many people? It wasn’t like this last time.

Yi Longlong was curious.

Levi had told her not to get close with adventurers, but since they had already entered the tavern, wouldn’t it be inviting suspicion if they were to rush back out?

Lin Qi’s arrival attracted the majority of gazes from people inside the tavern, peering through the gaps between the tables and chairs. Although it’s said that not every adventurer were big and burly characters, the adventurers, having lived their lives by the blades, all emitted an aura that Yi Longlong would describe as “wild”, unless they had a very rich background and culture.

These adventurers were seemingly not all from the same crowd. From the looks of their attire and way they were gathered, you could tell there were at least a few groups crowded inside the tavern.

Some things were even more prominent. With Lin Qi in their midst, it distinctly made the youth’s extraordinary calmness prominent. His beauty that was close to being ethereal attracted quite a lot of eyes within an instant.

Lin Qi was more or less indifferent about those gazes cast on his body. He approached the barkeep and placed the two room keys onto the counter, indicating to the barkeep to return the deposit.

The process of returning the keys went by smoothly and effortlessly. The barkeep then gave back the money and also asked Lin Qi if he wanted to buy some drinks. They had just received good mead from the city yesterday.

Lin Qi followed Yi Longlong’s instructions and didn’t waste any words, directly ignoring the barkeep’s promotions. He snatched up the silvers and coppers from the counter and stuffed them inside the wooden crate with a flip of his hand, then promptly turned around to leave.

Although Yi Longlong was curious about the incident that had caused so many adventurers to come here, this was still a place prone to disputes, so it was still better to leave early on.

When he was near the entrance, Lin Qi all of a sudden stopped his footsteps. Yi Longlong found it weird, but because there were too many people around, let alone asking Lin Qi, she didn’t even dare inch to the sides of the crate to see the situation.

Right in front of Lin Qi’s toes was a leg sticking out brazenly, and the owner of the leg also had a hand stretched out. The hand held a wine cup that was precisely placed at Lin Qi’s side.

If Lin Qi hadn’t discovered that leg and tripped over, he would’ve then knocked over that wine cup in due course, and the other person would then cause a commotion in due course. This was a method of provoking commonly used by some of the aggressive adventurers.

Not all adventurers were heroic in nature. There were even some of them where their behaviors weren’t all that upright, and not that far off from a blackmailing hooligan. For parties like the pallet squad, although their pompousness wasn’t anything to praise, they were still rather good natured among the adventurers.

Unfortunately, what Lin Qi was facing now was the absolute scum of adventurers. Because he saw that Lin Qi was all by himself, looking like a weakling and one quite well off at that, he wanted to take the opportunity to make a quick buck.

The rest of the people inside the tavern also looked towards this direction. After seeing the provoker, quite a lot of people waited around for the drama to unfold. Although adventurers didn’t usually stay at one place, the people in this circle still knew a bit about each other. They knew that this provoker was a frequent troublemaker, a fellah with a vile reputation. Even the squad he was in was loathsome to people.

Although the provoker’s little trick didn’t work, according to logic, whenever there’s a hot-blooded person meeting this kind of hostility, they would feel irritation. Even if there wasn’t an immediate retaliation, they would still engage in a verbal fight, and then a conflict would eventually happen. It was too bad that Lin Qi was just the exception. Being provoked or what person’s hostility, he didn’t feel them at all. He didn’t even understand why this person would suddenly stick their foot out. He carefully observed the foot blocking his way for a while. The only thought crossing his mind was that those pair of shoes was quite tattered.

Lin Qi himself wore lambskin shoes made by the tailor who had also worked part time as a shoemaker.  The soft material enclosed both his feet, making it very comfortable to walk in.

After looking for a few seconds, Lin Qi lifted his foot and stepped over that leg as if nothing had happened at all.

This sort of behavior was an even greater mockery than a sharp retaliation. After a while, a few tables inside the tavern burst out in laughter. There was also a person ridiculing out loud, “Johnny1, the other person didn’t even give a damn about’cha!”

Johnny was the name of the provoker. After hearing those words, his former hostility towards Lin Qi increased from a three to a ten. He drew out the scimitar that hung by his waist and cleaved it towards the back of Lin Qi’s head.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi continued his clueless walk, as if he didn’t know he was about to face death.

Accompanied by the resounding clash of metals, the scimitar that was about to slice into Lin Qi’s head was knocked flying out of his hands with great force by a flying object. It was only until that object was embedded into the wall on the opposite side of the tavern, that everyone could tell it was a small axe.

Lin Qi only stopped his footsteps at this point of time and looked back.

The person who had tossed the axe stood up from a table at the corner of the tavern and took off the cape that was cloaking their appearance. They were a tall, elegant red-headed female, approximately twenty five, twenty six years old. They wore a dark red, fitted soft armor, and their long, wavy red hair was tied back into a ponytail with a black strap. Her heroic face carried a dignity that almost made people intimidated by it.

The five people who were sitting at the same table in the corner also had the same cape she wore.

After she stood up, a good half of the adventurers inside the tavern sucked in a breath of cold air. Someone directly shouted out her name. “Leina2!”

The extremely dignified red-headed female surveyed around, her gaze finally resting upon Johnny who had started the harassment. She spoke with an abnormally calm voice, “Let this matter end here. Don’t get too overboard.”

Johnny seemed to be awfully terrified of Leina. Although he wasn’t too willing, he still gave a nod, picked up his scimitar and hastily left the tavern after settling the bill.

After helping Lin Qi out of the situation, Leina didn’t come up to start a conversation. She merely retrieved her axe, nodded in his direction and then went upstairs with the other companions. Looks like they’re staying there.

Yi Longlong was almost dying of curiosity. Just exactly what happened between whom, and what kind of person was that big sis Leina?

Due to this, when Lin Qi had just stepped out of the tavern, she then hurriedly had him return to a stool, the first reason being to go back and listen to the gossip, the second reason being that she had glimpsed through the gaps and saw the guy that was just ousted out of the tavern by Leina. At the time, he was standing with a few other people around the street corner, viciously looking in their direction.

1. 杰尼斯 Jié nísī – Johnny. This time trusting Google, though Janice for a burly guy would be hilarious.
2. 蕾茵娜 Lěi yīn nà – Leina

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  1. A possible big sister? It will be nice to see some female influence*not that I’m complaining, Big Uncle Eric is my personal favorite ^^*
    Longlong and Lin Qi are just too cute~ People must have thought that the crate is magical with all the items disappearing and appearing from it. Thank you very much for trlanslating this chapter XD


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