Chapter 4: The intruding brilliance

A year passed by – well let’s count three hundred days as a year – disregarding the fact she wasn’t a human, if there was something that Yi Longlong wasn’t too happy about, then it would be her height.

Not long after her birth, she intentionally marked her height on a tree, going over there from time to time to make a comparison and check if she grew.  Unfortunately, three hundred days have passed and Yi Longlong was barely a tenth taller than her initial height. This bit of growth can be negligible.

As for her strength, it had always been maintained at around the levels of a ten year old child. There were no obvious signs of growth like from the time when she was just born.

Despite this, Yi Longlong was quite satisfied. Just to note, in her previous life, when her illness was at its worst, she didn’t even have the strength to get off the bed.

Walking to the side of the lake and taking off her clothing made of silver-edged grass, Yi Longlong regulated her breathing. Her snow white tail smacked once on the ground, and jumped into the lake with a typical splash.

She was not committing suicide, but was diving to the lake bed to retrieve some items.

It was around the sixtieth day she came to this world, when she first arrived at the lake bed. At the time, she didn’t have any good cutting tools and was fighting the vines with her claws, when with unsteady footing, she fell on the ground and rolled down the slope into the lake.

Previously she didn’t dare test out whether she could actually swim. Water was always collected at the edge of the lake. Sinking into the water, she found out she could actually breathe underwater and rejoiced, then took the opportunity to explore the place she had never set foot in.

Usually when Yi Longlong retrieved water, the water temperature was at a very normal temperature, but as the distance from the lake surface increased, she could feel the temperature of the lake dramatically drop. Incidentally, this chilliness did not affect her at all. Although the surface of her body came into contact with the icy liquid, mysteriously she felt as if she was wrapped by warm waters. No matter what sort of troubles or sorrows, at this cool lake bed, it was all transformed into peace and warmth.

Putting aside her thoughts, Yi Longlong continued swimming down. As she got closer to the bed, the water quality became more thick, as if it had been greatly compressed. All sizes of water pieces surrounded her body.

Water piece was what Yi Longlong named it. She didn’t know what the material was made of. It was a type of see through plastic that gave off a faint blue glow. It had a texture similar to the jellies and puddings from her previous life, but like plasticine, it could be pinched into all kinds of shapes.

It was as if a small accident happened during the solidification of water to ice, but it did not turn into ice, nor dissolve into the formless water. Instead it was in a form stuck between the two states.

However, this plasticine only appeared deep in the water. Once it was brought out and came into contact with the air, it would quickly harden in front of the naked eye and become a clear icy crystal.

Under normal temperatures, the water pieces could maintain the crystal form for around twenty or so days. Even if it had the appearance of ice, it did not disperse any chilliness. In her hands, it was only slightly cooler than the usual temperatures. As long as it was not warmed in the fire, it would not melt, but after twenty days, the icy crystal would transform into real ice, giving off a great chill, then finally melt into a puddle.

Making use of the water pieces’ mysterious properties, Yi Longlong made many useful tools at the lake bed, such as knives, hammers and awls. When a batch of tools broke, she would dive down to the lake bed and create the next batch.

It was time for another batch to be made today. Yi Longlong behaved like usual, her body floating in the water, her claws kneading a ball of water pieces. While she was concentrating and manipulating it into the desired shape, she suddenly felt a dangerous omen.

There was something… intruding.

Although the distance was quite far, and Yi Longlong was still at the bottom of the lake, her senses were connected to the surroundings, from the lake side all the way to the forests. Here senses were especially stronger when she was at the lake bed.

She didn’t know whether the thing was human or beast, but it certainly moved, and was even gradually approaching the lake where she was at.

The unexpected situation ruined her mood for kneading the water pieces. Picking up her newly made knife, she sped up to the lake surface, and returned to shore. She put down the already set water knife, shook water droplets off her head, and then hurriedly put on her leafy clothing.

After putting on her clothes, Yi Longlong looked left and right. She dived at her quickest speed into the grasses next to the trees. She carefully hunched her body, observing the situation outside through the gaps.

Closer. Getting even closer.

The intruder strolled directly towards here without any hesitation at all. When the intruder walked out of the woods, Yi Longlong could finally hear the footfalls belonging to a human.

Yi Longlong froze up.

When Yi Longlong was bored, she had wished to meet some people, but now that time has arrived, she was suddenly at a loss.

So what if she saw people? It still wasn’t clear whether the opposite party was good or bad. If it was a bad person, she didn’t feel she had the power to defend, as for a good person, how would she greet them? Would she go up and say, “Oh, hello, I may be a dragon now, but once upon a time I was also a human just like you.”

No matter how open-minded she was, at that moment Yi Longlong still felt sorrow. When she was still human, she didn’t realize how precious a human’s identity was, but when she was no longer human, she strangely missed the things already lost and will never ever be returned.

Yi Longlong was deeply saddened. She thought to herself, I’m no longer human… bah, why did it sound like I was reprimanding myself?

Just when Yi Longlong was lost in her messy thoughts, the person finally walked out of the woods and came into her vision.

With a single glance, two words came into Yi Longlong’s head: Let down.

From the danger she felt previously, she thought that the incoming person would at least look more powerful, but…

That was a male with a slender build. If comparing it with her current body, he would appear to be bigger and taller. He wore grey, worn-down clothing and from his waist hung a scabbard that had already produced cracks on the iron sword. The only thing worth praising, were the bangs that almost covered the face, and the long, messy blonde hair that reached down the back. The strands of hair were more dazzling than pure gold, flowing down and giving a beautiful brilliance, inconsistent with the plain clothing. It was as if shattered pieces from the sun had blended together.

That person walked out of the woods, directly to the lake shore. He looked down and scanned the surface of the lake, as if he was searching for something. Yi Longlong was praying in her head. “Quickly go away go away, if it’s just passing by, then leave this place soon.”

Clearly, no one heard her prayer. That person looked at the lake for a while, then turned around unerringly towards where Yi Longlong was hiding.  He opened his mouth and spoke. “The little fella over there, why don’t you come out, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Chapter 3: Goal, no tooth decay

Chapter 5: Here lies Tahinia


18 thoughts on “Chapter 4: The intruding brilliance

  1. Ok this novel won me over I am following now.

    Also too bad she put the knife down. The image of a baby dragon in a grass hat and leaf dress holding a knife to defend herself with is just a funny to me.

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  2. Only thing i dislike about the whole thing is that Longlong’s wearing clothes. Tiny dragon covered in grass. Not cute.
    Otherwise, cute story. Looking forward to the series.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀


  3. Dusty, Thanks so much for sharing your translation with us. I’m really enjoying it so far. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.

    Now for some reason, I feel like having tea…….

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