Chapter 39: Wish

“You think I want this?” The more Yi Longlong thought about it, the more hurt and saddened she got. The pressure that had silently built up in these past few days finally overflowed within that moment. The shrill sounds of sobbing echoed throughout the sealed room, making it appear especially full of grief.

Yi Longlong had already jumped down from Lin Qi’s shoulder back when she was communicating with Roland. She suddenly felt that it was very tiring to stand, so she sat on the floor. She sobbed while wiping her tears away with her paw, but the more she wiped the more tears there were. She didn’t care about it anymore and just focused on crying.

Did she want to become a dragon? Just who does this guy think he is, to rudely lecture her?

While watching Yi Longlong almost cry herself into a puddle, Levi felt a little bit stunned then quickly became flustered, “Why are you…hey, don’t cry… hey… this isn’t good…”

His voice was very feeble. These sobbing sounds were exactly like a child’s. For him, this was even more terrifying than divine judgment; it made him feel like he had committed some unpardonable crime.

Similar to how he would have never expected a dragon to tell him it’s not possible for them to be together, Levi also would have never thought that there would be a dragon crying like this for him to see.

The tears wouldn’t stop no matter how he coaxed. Not knowing what he should do in the moment, Levi stretched out his hand and cast a weaker version of healing magic. The divine art that was originally used to heal injuries was now used to just banish fatigue. The warm halo of light that wasn’t harsh on the eyes enclosed Yi Longlong. The warmth slowly seeped into her body.

As people with experience will know, when people are upset, the more someone coaxes, the harder they will cry. The best method is to actually wait it out, but Levi evidently did not have this type of experience. Just right when Yi Longlong was already feeling quite drained out from crying, Levi’s deed banished her fatigue, letting her regain the strength to continue crying at a higher intensity.

The divine halo of light on Levi’s hand gradually became weaker and weaker. Eventually it almost couldn’t light up at all. Those endless sounds of sobbing pierced into his ears. Unable to keep a straight face to scare the dragon any longer, Levi resorted to meekly begging for mercy, “Oi, can you not cry… You’re a dragon, it’s too ugly to cry like this…”

Yi Longlong didn’t forget to retort in the midst of her crying. “None of your business.”

Levi heaved a sigh. “Don’t cry… If you don’t cry, I’ll agree to anything you want…”

Yi Longlong wiped her tears away with her paw. Hearing this, she stopped crying. She sneaked a peek at Levi through the gaps of her paws. “You’ll really agree to anything?”

Don’t say something and go back on it.

Seeing her crying temporarily stopped, Levi breathed a sigh of relief. “You can’t request something too overboard, I’m no god, I’m not omnipotent.”

Yi Longlong spoke without hesitation, “Then good, I want to find Eric.”

If Eric was by her side, she wouldn’t be as scared. Her safety would probably also be guaranteed.

Hearing her request, Levi felt a bit conflicted. “Honestly speaking, this request is very difficult for me to complete. The size of the sea of trees is just too big, and there are lots of wild beasts and monsters hidden inside. The difficulty of finding a person inside is no less than that of searching for a grain of sand within the ocean…  Why not change it to something else?”

Hearing such a sharp rejection, Yi Longlong didn’t push it further. After all, she did know some of the circumstances surrounding the sea of trees. She knew it wasn’t easy finding a person, so she heeded the advice.

“Then change it to…” She paused for a moment. Slightly nervous, her claws unconsciously lowered and clutched at her hems. She spoke with a small but steady voice, “I want to become a human.”

She wanted to become a human.

Whether it be a delusion or a daydream, she wanted to become a human.

She had asked Eric before whether dragons could turn into humans. The latter thought for a moment, then shook his head.

But she still wanted to become a human.

The last dragon on the continent, the descendant of Eternal Silver’s mighty bloodline, possessed the power to dispel all seals and curses, but what of it?

She’d rather give up all of these in return for becoming an ordinary human.

She was human in her previous life. Her whole heart and soul belonged to a human’s. Even if the body was changed into a dragon’s, even if she reminded herself she was no longer human, it was still not possible for her to truly see the world from a dragon’s perspective.

She slept in a cabin she built, was good at using tools and not the paws, liked eating cooked food and absolutely did not eat raw meat, brushed and rinsed her teeth before and after sleep, and had to wear clothes. These were all human habits, and even if other people thought the sight of it was strange, she was unwilling to change it and did not plan to change it either.

Levi remained silent for a while, then slowly opened his mouth, “When do you want to see Eric?”


In the end, Levi still half-accepted the two requests. He will look for Eric as well as help her become a human, but there was no guarantee for either of them.

For Eric, he had people put up public notices around the town and also notified the taverns and inns in the nearby towns, saying he needed to hire adventurers to search for a person, and should anyone find a pitiable blond swordsman around twenty seven or eight years old named Eric inside the sea of trees, please bring them to the temple at Vanilla Town, someone wishes to see him urgently.

The reward was quite high, with a price of fifty gold coins. This amount was indeed enough to entice adventurers into abandoning their previous goals and focus on searching for that one person named Eric, but the sea of trees was simply too big. Even if all the adventurers got into action, it was not certain the goal will be reached.

Levi opened the stone door and summoned the apprentice priest over. After delivering his instructions to him, he then turned around to close the door and walked back in front of Lin Qi. “Alright, if this doesn’t find him, then it’s God’s will.”

Yi Longlong walked out from Lin Qi’s back. “Truly thank you so much, I’ve made you spend a fortune.”

Levi waved his hand with a face of indifference. “I didn’t spend a fortune. Wait till Eric’s found, the money will be on his tab. For debt owed by the pet, of course he has to repay it.”

…She takes back her previous words.

Once again, he returned to his seat in front of the person and the dragon. Levi assessed Yi Longlong for a while and said, “In principle, it is within God’s domain to completely change the race, I’m unable to do it.”

Changing races wasn’t something that had never happened before within human history, but that was all just changing humans into a variant, such as liches or wraiths, however doing this required them to sacrifice their own flesh bodies, and they even went so far as to go through death to complete the single transformation. At the same time looking from the Church’s perspective, this was an act of blasphemy and had to be brought to trial.

Moreover, there had never been a case of a dragon wanting to become a human in history before.

Seeing Yi Longlong show an unconcealed disappointment, Levi followed up, “However, I can sort of use a roundabout method. It only changes your outer appearance, but internally you will still remain a dragon. This way will at least give you some degree of protection for your safety.”

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  1. Woohoo, she might have a human form and then her crying would be even more pitiful. The strongest attack of a dragon when facing a priest: crying nonstop. I really liked this chapter and Levi is kind of cute, but I still want Roland to show up. Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Nooo… not human form!! I was having fun matching the dragon form with Eric… dragon x Eric… sth like that…

    Thanks for the chapter… hope next chapter would come out soon… looking forward to reading it… sometimes has unrelated novel chapter in it… so this website is my only hope… good luck


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