Chapter 38: I want this

It was still fine when Levi hadn’t said anything, but now having said that, it frightened Yi Longlong so much she instantly bounded back behind Lin Qi.  The tiny body moved nimbly like a frightened little mouse.

“What are you hiding for? It’s not like I did anything to you,” asked Levi questioningly.

Yi Longlong stuck out a small white trembling paw from behind Lin Qi’s back. “You can’t always stare at my chest, I’m a dragon and you’re a human, it’s not possible for us to be together.”

Having lived to such an age, Levi was considered to have been through the winds and waves. There had been many girls in the past who had told him “it’s not possible for us to be together,” or perhaps he had told this phrase to many girls, but never in his wildest dreams would he expect that one day, a dragon would say this to him!

Realising the atmosphere had become silent, Yi Longlong furtively stuck out half a head and saw that Levi who was sitting across had an ugly, stiff expression plastered across his doll face, a face that specialised in deceiving people with a smile. Seeing him like this, Yi Longlong hesitatively thought: Was it possible she had guessed wrong?

Thinking of this, she asked out the question.

Levi’s voice seethed through his gritted teeth, “Don’t forget, you’re a dragon, there’s nothing good to admire about a dragon’s chest, and besides, I’m not a pervert.”

Yi Longlong looked at him with extreme wariness. “But, I’ve heard the residents from the town say…” She didn’t dare to continue, because Levi was looking at her in quite an aggressive manner.  Should she continue to speak, some mishap may befall her and end her dragon life early.

After a while of silence again, Levi managed to control himself and return from the brink of slaying a dragon, becoming a saint immediately. “The badge on your chest… it belongs to that brat Eric doesn’t it?” If it wasn’t the original owner of the badge, he wouldn’t mind sending down a strike of divine judgement.

Only then did Yi Longlong realise what Levi was observing: That was a hexagram badge. The center was inlaid with a piece of black jewel that gave off tiny sparkles of starlight, with odd lines etched on its six corners.

That was given to her by Eric. When they lived by the lake, Eric felt that the grassy clothing she wore was too plain but momentarily couldn’t find other things to spruce it up, so he gifted this badge to her. According to him, this was a memento gifted by Tahinia back then. It was the right time to give it to her then.

While in the forest, Yi Longlong had carefully kept the badge fastened inside the grassy clothes all along to prevent losing it. This was all till they reached the small town, where she had a tailor tightly fasten it onto the clothes, which was then subsequently discovered by Levi.

Yi Longlong was astounded. “You know Eric?” From Levi’s tone when he mentioned Eric, the words “That brat” were very subtle, as if the two were in a very close relationship, but the tone of familiarity also carried a bluntness to it.

Levi didn’t explain much. He merely ruminated while touching his smooth chin, and spoke while staring at Yi Longlong, “Although I’ve known early on that the brat’s not simple, I’ve never expected him to actually find the last living dragon in the world and even keep it as a pet.”

Yi Longlong patted Lin Qi’s shoulder. “Go! Continue hitting him, no need to hold back for me.”

Misunderstandings, these sorts of things, can be resolved through communication. Although due to Levi’s differences, there were setbacks in communication between the man and dragon, for example Yi Longlong thought Levi was a dragon pervert beast in gentleman’s clothes, and Levi thought Yi Longlong was kept as a pet by Eric. After almost another clash of weapons, they barely finished their communication.

Without the least bit of sincerity, Levi expressed his apology for incorrectly identifying Lin Qi as a non-human, and likewise, Yi Longlong also admitted without the least bit of sincerity to wrongly think that Levi was an evil bastard. Levi cast a layer of sound proof barriers on the surroundings to prevent people from listening in. Only then did he show a slightly serious expression.

“I’m not worried about Eric losing his way inside the sea of trees. Even if that guy had the bad luck to enter the most dangerous parts of the forest, he should also have the strength to protect himself.  What you should be worrying about most is yourself.” Levi put away his cloying smile and mildly spoke, “It was an extremely reckless mistake back then when you rashly dispelled my seals. If it weren’t for your relationship with Eric, I wouldn’t mind selling you off for money. Never ever underestimate the greed of humans.” After all, he originally wasn’t some upright, honest priest.

Yi Longlong’s eyes became a touch gloomy. “I know.” She had already understood quite a lot about her own value from Roland’s behaviour.

“You don’t know.” Levi spoke with a detached tone, “Your current worth, is not just the single living dragon on the continent. Your blood has the ability to dispel seals, and just by that alone is enough to trigger any organizations into a scramble. After they obtain you, they will slice your body apart, extract your blood for research…” Although he could feel the hidden power from Yi Longlong’s body, that type of power couldn’t be converted to an attack, or to put it in another way, it stemmed from her own blood and basically couldn’t be used to protect herself.

He suddenly stopped talking, because the little dragon in front of his eyes was already frightened into tears.

Big, big drops of tears poured from the sparkling blue eyes. Yi Longlong could not control her quivering body: She’s really scared.

Although she had continuously told herself to be satisfied, that she shouldn’t complain when she was able to continue living, to be courageous, to be joyful, but why of all things did she have to be the last dragon? Why was her situation this awful? Is living her entire live secluded inside the sea of trees the only way to be safe?

Even if life by the lake was calm and peaceful, as someone who was previously human she still preferred being close to humans, otherwise she wouldn’t have followed Eric outside.

Being able to see people and talk with people, she was actually very happy, secretly happy inside her heart.

She encountered the palette squad inside the sea of trees, and Easley wanted to buy her. After the split up she was threatened by Roland, and by luck she was able to escape. She came to Vanilla Town, but didn’t dare to openly reveal her face. She could only secretly hide behind Lin Qi and deal with any matters using his identity. She wanted to find out a little about some things from the temple, but was even attacked by Levi without so much an explanation.

If she wasn’t a dragon but a person, then she wouldn’t be plagued by problems this many, and a pressure this heavy. She had always been terrified but kept it inside all the time until today, where Levi’s lesson was like a spark that had fallen inside a stash of gunpowder.

The things that had accumulated these days exploded all at once. Yi Longlong began to simply wail out loud. Her young childish voice echoed throughout the temple, “You think I want this?”

Chapter 37: Bestial

Chapter 39: Wish


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