Chapter 37: Bestial

It only took a second to make the decision.

Although Levi said Lin Qi wasn’t human and his words made Yi Longlong feel slightly scared, Levi’s next actions made Yi Longlong decide fast.

She wasn’t too clear how much damage the white light on Levi’s hand possessed, and even if it didn’t hurt her, when Lin Qi is beaten, she will be found all the same. Compared to some scamming priest, she was more willing to place her trust in Lin Qi.

In any case, even if Lin Qi’s not human, then so what? There are good humans and bad humans, and she’s not human herself either.

And so, Yi Longlong took the risk and reached out her paw, and using her own blood she disrupted the sealing art. When her paw grabbed onto those chains of white light, Yi Longlong felt her paws coming into contact with a gentle warmth that flowed like warm waters, but Lin Qi was tightly constrained by this thing.

She gave a light pinch and the water flow shattered and dispersed.

Due to Yi Longlong’s disruption, the demonic maelstrom immediately vanished from Lin Qi’s eyes, once again becoming a piece of clarity. He blinked his eyes in confusion, feeling as if there was something not quite right, but also didn’t know the reason for it.

After hearing Yi Longlong’s command, he then subconsciously rushed forward. With a flip of his hand he took out the iron rod that hung by the side of the wooden crate and smacked it towards Levi without holding back.

In the morning when the craftsmen were creating the wooden crate, Yi Longlong came up with the idea of giving an iron rod to Lin Qi as a weapon for self-defense and had the smithy bring an iron rod from his store.

Her head appeared while Yi Longlong was dealing with the seals with her paws, and when she furiously ordered Lin Qi to attack with her young childish voice, Levi was shocked: What creature is this?

And at this moment, he also suddenly realized he had had it wrong from beginning to the end. That faintly discernible, hazy power had actually originated from the body of this small creature. That power was hazier than mist, and was simply too difficult to catch, leading him to reach an error in his judgments.

It had already been seven or eight years since he last made such a laughable mistake.

When Lin Qi ran up with the iron rod raised, Levi did not make any moves of dodging. He merely focused his stare on Yi Longlong, repetitively questioning himself in his head: What is that?

Although Lin Qi looked delicate, his movements were extremely agile. Quickly arriving in front of Levi, the iron rod came down like lightning, but in the next second, it was stopped as if it had come into contact with something. Yi Longlong steadily observed and saw that beneath the iron rod, at a place not even half foot away from Lin Qi, emerged a white light barrier arced in the shape of a shield that was two palms big. The spread of faint light was just enough to block Lin Qi’s attack.

Lin Qi looked distracted. He went around and directed his hit towards another place, but no matter where he hit, a shield of white light would appear in that place. The flickers came one after another, leaving layers upon layers of crossing shadows.

Levi was still gawking when Lin Qi came to attack, but the insides of the robes he wore were also etched with holy patterns just like the floors. Whenever it was under attack, the divine art of shielding all physical harm would automatically activate. Although the duration of this divine art wasn’t that long, it was enough for Levi to wake up from his stupor.

After regaining his senses, Levi was not alarmed. Beneath the intermittent flashes of white light, he revealed an impervious smile. He rested his chin on one hand and gazed up at Lin Qi. “Alright, don’t waste your energy, since you can’t hurt me anyway, let’s take a seat and have a chat.”

Yi Longlong had grinded her teeth at his carefree impudence, but at the same time when Levi regained his senses, her hotheadedness also thoroughly calmed down. The current circumstances were actually not in her and Lin Qi’s favor. Although Levi was called a priest, Yi Longlong absolutely did not consider priests to be some kind and pure fellows, especially this person in front of them with a smile that insolent.

It wasn’t possible either for them to escape. Levi had closed the stone doors when he entered, probably to prevent Lin Qi’s escape, and not to mention the whole floor was filled with various kinds of holy patterns.  This was practically a battleground where Levi held the natural advantage. Even if a sword saint came, Levi would be in an invincible position within a short period of time.

She glanced at the patterns on the floor. These patterns were very beautiful and mysterious, but to Yi Longlong right now, it was extremely terrifying because she didn’t know where the next deadly attack will come from. Her blood may dispel seals, but Eric had never mentioned before whether Tahinia’s blood could shield against attacks.

She signaled Lin Qi to sit down. Yi Longlong shuffled and climbed up to Lin Qi’s shoulder and unwillingly cast her eyes to Levi. “Hey, priest, exactly what’s the matter?”

As he watched Yi Longlong’s actions, Levi was once again submerged in amazement. So the actual decision maker isn’t this naïve youth, but that little animal huh?

Sitting on the youth’s shoulder was a little animal that looked like a miniature version of a dragon. She wore beige colored clothing made of soft linen, there were even two bright red mushrooms embroidered on the collars. The clothing almost covered her feet, and a paw print was also embroidered on one corner of the skirt.

Very similar to a dragon… no, it’s a dragon.

Levi sighed and conceded this absurd conclusion in his head.

That vague, drifting power had actually come from this white, weak little guy. As for that sliver of dark pulse, maybe it was just from illicit magic equipment.

Levi surveyed Yi Longlong while explaining the misunderstandings from before, when all of a sudden Levi halted his words, his gaze settled on Yi Longlong’s chest. After noticing where he was looking at, out of instinct from her previous life as a human, Yi Longlong subconsciously shielded with her paws crossed. “What’cha looking at?”

According to the rumors outside, this priest Levi did not mind men or women. This dangerous character, can it, can it be… he doesn’t mind even beasts?

Although Yi Longlong wasn’t narcissistic, she had seen her looks before in the water’s reflection. This body looked so petite and cute, it was practically a lethal weapon. If this wasn’t her body, she would hug it into her bosoms and heavily pinch it, knead it and poke it every day if she could…

In the maiden dragon’s eyes, the priest who already seemed to have morphed into a beast with a gentleman’s appearance pursed his lips. A strange expression appeared on his face. “Can I trouble you to move away your paws.”

He needed to take a clear look.

Chapter 36: Seal

Chapter 38: I want this


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