Chapter 36: Seal

This youth that looked only around sixteen or seventeen years old, was that priest Levi who was rumored to be great and mighty but was also called the pride and shame of Vanilla Town.

He had a face that looked completely harmless, with a charming smile floating on his face. He had pretended to be an apprentice priest running from homework, pleaded Lin Qi to follow him, cajoled him into entering this temple, then using some strange mysterious art afterwards, he restrained Lin Qi.

What a shameless liar!

Yi Longlong became downcast. Moments ago she had clearly realized that path wasn’t right, but why was she not alarmed at all? Even from the very start, why did they get persuaded by Levi and walk along with him?

But the stranger thing is, why did Levi say Lin Qi is a “heretic?”

On Earth, the word heretic means people whose religion is different from the Church, however Yi Longlong vaguely felt that on this world, the word seemed to have a layer of new connotations. From Levi’s words, it seemed to say that Lin Qi was not human at all.

Lin Qi attempted to struggle out of those chains of white light, but as he moved his body, he found that his limbs were abnormally weighted down, as if his whole body had several thousand pounds of weight hanging from his entire body.

In the vestiges of white light, the rather silly smiling face from before now unexpectedly seemed to have some degree of stately sanctity, “When I had just returned to the temple, for a moment, I felt a sliver of power belonging to darkness, but inside the book room, I couldn’t figure out what you were. In order to prevent any incident from happening, I had to first draw you here. This is actually not some temple for praying, but a place for me to practice the divine arts. The patterns on the floor are holy patterns I have drawn beforehand. They can drastically assist the activation of the divine art of sealing.”

Although he was confident in himself, he still remained extremely wary towards Lin Qi whom he could not see through. He brought him to his place where he could exert his strengths to the fullest.

The divine art that Levi had used was called Sealing Shackles, but Levi much preferred to call it White Chains, which had the function of sealing the opponent’s strength and minds. Regardless of whether it be a magician or a swordsman, they would be affected under this attack. Through his output, what was originally a high level divine art now showed a power exceeding it in magnitudes. With these manacles, even if it was the strongest person on the continent, if they wanted to slip out it wasn’t something that easy to do.

Having bound up Lin Qi without a problem, Levi was not in a hurry to activate attacks since the floors of the temple were full with holy patterns. Even if Lin Qi escaped from one, he would very quickly activate the second one in succession.

Levi sat down on the temple’s floor ten or so steps away from Lin Qi. In a serious manner, he closely studied Lin Qi whose whole body was tied up. “I just feel the presence of some sort of hidden power on your body… Just exactly what creature are you?”

“Lich? Unlikely.”

“Dark elf? Also unlikely.”

He then listed several other creatures, but every time he spoke of one, he would very quickly and automatically reject it. After a while, Levi lifted up his pure and sincere face, and looked to Lin Qi with great solemnity. “Can you tell me just what you are exactly?” If he can’t figure out this question, he will feel very agonized.

He patted his own knee and said in a completely relaxed manner, “Although Vanilla Town is a small place, since I’m here, this place is then my territory. All heretic creatures do not think of causing trouble here. Tell me your race, and your purpose in coming here, and I may consider letting you go alive.”

Yi Longlong was curled up on the crate, quietly listening and peering at the current situation through the gaps, however she was not in a hurry to take drastic measures. Besides binding Lin Qi, the other party did not make any further moves, and besides, Yi Longlong was also very curious, curious as to why Lin Qi would be recognized as non-human.

Lin Qi did not take heed of Levi. He was merely trying to put his all into struggling free of the white chains on his body, but the more he struggled, those chains would bind him even tighter. The gentle-looking white light exerted an abnormally strong and total restriction. The face on the black haired youth did not have much of a change, however the movements of his body became more and more intense. After a while, he suddenly stopped in its entirety, as if he had given up. His whole body stood slack.

Seeing Lin Qi silent, Levi creased his brows. “Not even willing to justify yourself?”

The youth silently drooped his head as well as his eyelids. From an angle that Levi could not see, his pupils turned from clear to deep, as if it was shadowed with a layer full of enthralling demonic power, a pitch black deeper than the night slowly undulated like ripples of water.

After waiting for a while and not receiving a reply from Lin Qi, Levi slowly stretched out a hand aimed at Lin Qi. This signified he was about to make an attack. “No matter what creature you are, I will give you the chance to defend1 yourself. Should you give it up, I don’t mind taking forceful measures to deal with you… Next, the divine art I am about to use is Holy Light Baptism. It will destroy every falsity and wash away all darkness. Should this be used, you will no longer have the chance to turn back, or perhaps suffer from irreversible harm. You’d better take a good think over it.”

Although it’s possible Lin Qi may merely be a harmless creature, Levi had to stay vigilant, and especially in a situation where he could not see through Lin Qi, he did not mind restricting the other party before a commotion happened, even though he was also indifferent if innocents were harmed.

Lin Qi did not speak. His head remained drooped. Within his pitch black pupils, the gentle ripples of water had already transformed into an intense maelstrom, wildly spinning. Traces of sparkling light floated from the edges of the maelstrom in one of the eyes, as if there was something on the point of breaking loose.

To the end he did not receive a reply. Levi heaved a sigh. His palm began to bloom with gentle and dazzling white light.

Yet at this moment, he saw: a tiny snow white paw, extremely petite and cute, white and slightly tender. It was the sort where even if it scratched the body with force, it will not feel pain and only a tickle that sort of paw, sticking out from behind the constrained black haired youth.

On that paw was a delicate bite mark. It grasped towards the chains of white light on Lin Qi’s shoulder at a speed neither too fast nor too slow. Then, under Levi’s stunned gaze, the Sealing Shackles that possessed the power to seal absolutely shattered and disappeared like the snow in spring that encountered sunshine.

The fracture gradually spread. Not long after, the chains that had wrapped Lin Qi’s whole body gradually vanished with the white light.

Although the time she spent with Eric wasn’t that long, Yi Longlong learnt many things from Eric about the mother dragon Tahinia. One of them was that Tahinia’s blood could defy and even destroy all curses and seals. Yi Longlong initially did not pay attention to this point, but ever since Roland accidentally ate her blood and brought on the poisoning, only then did Yi Longlong recall that the blood of her own body was so man –inspiring… No, dragon-inspiring2.

With an experimental attitude, her hypothesis received extremely good validation, but… it hurts!

Sticking out a tender tongue to lick her injuries, Yi Longlong painfully huffed at the paws she had heartlessly bit open. Her eyes caught sight of Levi, who seemed to have not yet recovered from his shock. Breaking into rage, her paw pointed at Levi. “LIN QI, GO, BRING HIM DOWN!”

1. Defend as in defend in court, not physical defend.
2. Joke lost in translation. Spent maybe around fifteen minutes trying to come up with something similar in English annnnnd I just realized the actual English word was awe-inspiring, which neither has man or dragon in it. But you get the idea.
It’s a play on the word phrase 傲人 proud, which has the character “man/human” on the right. Yi Longlong corrects herself to 傲龙 since she’s a “dragon”.

Chapter 35: Heretic

Chapter 37: Bestial


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