Chapter 35: Heretic

Certain that the apprentice priest will not return again, Yi Longlong crawled out from beneath the linen curtains.

This was a room made of stone with only a single entrance, and other than that, the three sides were sealed. It was around six to seven meters long, and excluding the place near the door, all four walls were erected with book shelves. The books were placed orderly from level to level. The moment they came in, they could smell the scent of old pages and ink mixed together. A table and chair was placed at the center of the room to let people sit here and read books.

Naturally, the letters of this world were quite different from those of Earth, but before Yi Longlong came here, she still held onto a tiny delusion, hoping that while she was naturally gifted with the ability to speak this world’s language, she would also be able to read and comprehend the letters.

But as she stared at those rows upon rows of dizzying and confusing book titles upon the bookshelves, no matter how many times she looked, she still could not understand it; she could not automatically translate it to Chinese inside her head.

Yi Longlong heaved a sigh while slightly disappointed, but was also not too overly dispirited. At the very least she was born with the ability to speak this world’s language, which already saved quite a lot of effort. As for things like letters, there’s still time to slowly study it.

Just when she was about to dejectedly call out to Lin Qi to leave, the silent youth who had not spoken a word till now reached out and retrieved a book from the shelf. He lowered his head and began to thumb through the book. Seeing his behavior, Yi Longlong became interested and asked, “You can understand it?”

Lin Qi nodded slightly.

Yi Longlong instantly regained her energy. “How about this, I point at a book, you help me read out that book’s title, if there are useful books, open it and read it out for me.”

The little paws pointed left and right, and with Lin Qi’s real-time translations, Yi Longlong understood that the books inside this room were mostly related to theology of the religion, elaborating on theology and religious stories. Occasionally a small section touched on the continent’s history, which was also blended with parts of occultism, just like Christianity on Earth, declaring that God said let there be light, and then there was light.

In this world, that God called Aldin was essentially in a position equivalent to the God in Christianity, only that his might was more widespread and steady than God, because in this world, the existence of what is known as the divine arts could really be seen. Hence, everyone was dead set on their beliefs.

Although Yi Longlong was able to understand it in general, she was just not interested in these types of stuff. After searching around, they did not discover any overly valuable reference materials. She could only give up for now and wait till they arrive at a large city, then look for an actual library or book store. No longer flipping through and searching, she had Lin Qi ask to borrow a pen and paper from one of the people inside the temple and copy down some letters.

The letters were written from left to right. The spaces between the lines were distanced quite far apart. After waiting for Lin Qi to finish copying down the words, Yi Longlong then took the pen, her whole body standing on the paper with one paw clutched on the pen. She crookedly wrote down Lin Qi’s oral translations down in Chinese, including every single word and the meanings of whole phrases.

After copying them down, she put down the pen in satisfaction. Discovering her paws were dirtied with ink, she then conveniently wiped it on the paper, leaving behind two tiny paw prints overlapping on each other.

With the main objective of coming to the temple completed, Yi Longlong did not plan on staying any longer, in case priest Levi was really like that as said in the rumors. It probably won’t be too good if Lin Qi bumped into him.

She hid back inside the screens of the wooden crate. Just as she was about to direct Lin Qi to leave the book room, a person suddenly came through the door.

That person ran very quickly and almost collided with Lin Qi, but Lin Qi nimbly moved back two steps, barely avoiding this crash. That person then dangerously lost his balance and fell down.

That person stood straight back up. Yi Longlong then found out that he was a youth around sixteen or seventeen years old, wearing a white robe almost styled exactly like what the apprentice priest from before was wearing, however the shoulders had an extra layer of large collars. The edges of the collar were embroidered with silver threads of complicated patterns of rosemary and thyme.

The amber colored short hair was tidy and filled with radiance. Although he had a proper and handsome appearance, his big round eyes and baby face made the youth mistakenly look very round and great to pinch.

Having taken a good look at Lin Qi, the youth stared blankly for a moment in quite an obvious manner. Even his eyes had a moment of puzzlement. Yi Longlong was already used to seeing this type of expression. At the very beginning, those who saw Lin Qi would be astounded by his beauty.

After that, the youth’s face revealed a light giddy smile. His eyes restlessly measured up Lin Qi from top to bottom. “May I ask if you are here to read books? What books are you looking for? Perhaps I can be of help.”

But at this time Yi Longlong had already decided to leave. Lin Qi also did not waste words. He went around him then headed towards the door.

In a messy rush, the youth stopped Lin Qi and looked at him pitifully. “Wait, can you accompany me on the way out, I just escaped homework, if I’m caught, I will definitely be punished. In a moment I’ll accompany you out. If we come across people, can you help cover for me? And say I’m going with you on a tour of the temple?”

His face looked extremely pitiful, like a kid who loved to play and was unwilling to be confined by strict rules.

Lin Qi looked at him in puzzlement, all until he was jabbed in the back by Yi Longlong – This was the hidden signal they came up with which represented agreement. He then nodded his head.

The youth gave a big sigh of relief, his face then radiated with a joyful expression. “I’ll go escort you!”

They left the book room. The youth led the way in front. The footpaths inside the temple were extremely quiet. The youth led Lin Qi around two corners. Lin Qi all of a sudden slowed his footsteps to a halt, because behind him Yi Longlong had reached out and pulled his hair with her paw.

Hidden behind Lin Qi, Yi Longlong asked questioningly, “Just then when someone led us in, it didn’t seem to be this path.” She was different from a certain fellow who could lose their way in circles.

Without looking back, the youth spoke with a giggle, “Back door, it’s the back door… How would I dare walk to the front of the temple, I’ll definitely get caught.” After saying that, he turned back and revealed a pleasing smile. “Please.”

They went along a curvy passageway, and all the way at the end was a stone door. The youth lifted his hand and pressed the knob sticking out beside the stone door. Having pressed the knob, the stone door slowly rose. While the youth waited for the door to open, he explained to Lin Qi, “The back door can be reached through this temple used for prayers.”

The stone door had completely lifted. The youth took the lead and walked in first. Lin Qi followed close behind. The youth then closed the door along the way.

The temple was tremendously spacious, with fairly complicated patterns drawn on the floor. At first glance it seemed to be silver colored cogs of various sizes interlocked at different angles, and when they reached the center of the largest picture of a circular disc, a change suddenly happened!

The bottom of the circular disc bloomed with milky white light. That light seemed to use a slow and unhurried but in reality an extremely quick speed to expand its range. Everything in the surroundings seemed to be swallowed within the light that flowed like water, and after the statue they saw that day on top was enveloped by the soft milky white light, the whole temple gave off radiance that people were unable to watch. Yi Longlong almost could not open her eyes from the brightness of this radiance.

After the radiance dispersed, Yi Longlong saw the milky white light congealed into chains, tightly binding Lin Qi’s body. That power was so great and firm that it could even be felt by her who was hidden on top of the crate.

Meanwhile the youth continued to walk forward as if he had not noticed anything at all. After taking ten or so steps, he slowly turned around. On his excessively young face hung a cold smile, “The moment I saw you, I felt something wasn’t quite right… Although the surface is in the shape of a human, your body has a smell that’s not human at all… Heretic!”

Pausing, he lifted his hand and gave a salute, “Forgot to introduce myself, I’m Levi, the priest responsible for Vanilla Town.”

Chapter 34:The pride and shame of Vanilla Town

Chapter 36: Seal


9 thoughts on “Chapter 35: Heretic

  1. Wait, what? Your(Levi’s) sense of smell is not human!
    Although maybe its the dragon smell…Is Lin Qi human or not?
    I guess Eric should come again soon, if he weren’t so lost…
    In a case of meeting between Roland and Levi, who will she get sheltered by?
    But then again, maybe Lin QI will be able to free himself…
    Thank you for the chapter!^^

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  2. Well we already know that Lin Qi is not normal due to unconsciously using magic that only 5 known people on the continent are capable of using in those conditions. And the dragon killer (Lin Qi is almost certainly related to him some way or how) not being human (or a “normal” human at the least) only increases his credibility of being strong enough to genocide dragons.


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