Chapter 33: Rumors

Having rested for a night, Yi Longlong lazily clambered up from the bed. She was limp all over, as if anesthetic had seeped through her bones. Her tiny claws weakly scratched the quilt for a while, then she got up with a struggle, put on her grassy clothes, and then did some stretches. Her paws and feet regained its nimbleness, then with a pitter patter she went next door to find Lin Qi.

The sky hasn’t brightened yet, although she really wanted to continue sleeping, there were a lot of important matters to be dealt with, it must be completed as soon as possible.

Lin Qi’s room was right next to Yi Longlong’s. Yi Longlong opened the door a slit. She stuck out her tiny head through the slit, looked around, and after making certain there was no one, she scampered at high speed, came in front of Lin Qi’s door, lifted her paw and lightly knocked at the … bottom part of the door.

This feeling of being constrained by height, it’s really…. too humiliating for a dragon.

The door opened in a flash after just a single knock, then she saw the person she spoke of early beforehand, Lin Qi, had risen from bed and squatted behind the door waiting for her.

How adorable.

Although Lin Qi can be considered a giant to her, but for whatever reason, as she looked at the big and lovely, lucid muddled eyes of the black robed Adonis, Yi Longlong still formed this conception of him. She climbed to Lin Qi’s shoulder and gave his dark hair a pat with her paw.

She then jumped down and entered the room. Yi Longlong hinted to Lin Qi to close the door, then discussed with him the things they needed to do today.

She was very clear about the timing.

When the palette squad talked, Yi Longlong had basically listened from one side in silence. She found out that before they met, the other party had already traveled for a month. In other words, after the tower crumbled, even if Easley didn’t go searching for the few missing people within the forest, if he wanted to make a return trip and increased his speed taking into account of everything, it would take at least ten or more days, and not to mention with the loss of the rogue who specialized in scouting and directions, they would surely be hindered quite a bit.

As for Roland whom she had abandoned in the forest, with his own power after being stripped bare, should he decide to catch up with them who had run like mad almost without a break, it’s probably not an easy task at all.

With these estimations, they have earned at least five days’ time to take a short break in this small town on the border and get ready to set off before Roland and the palette squad returns.

When she thought about this time difference, Yi Longlong felt that all the hardships, being on the road day and night and barely sleeping, was all worth it.

It wasn’t that Yi Longlong didn’t want to wait for Eric, but if they were to constantly wait here, before Eric comes, every color paint of the palette would have returned by then.

These sorts of little noises came from within the room:

“First you have to clean yourself up, we’re going outside, appearances are very important.”

“In a while I’ll have the barkeep deliver hot water here, you go have a wash.”

“Oh right, do you know how to take off clothes, I’ll teach you, first undo the buttons…”

“Hey hey, don’t strip in front of me, wait a moment, wait till I’ve turned around … no, should first request for water…”


A young mage has come to live in Oak Tree Tavern.

Vanilla Town was not a very big place. The long term residents of the town were familiar with almost every single household. The moment there were news, it would quickly spread. Right now, the rumors of the town concerned the actions made by the young mage who came yesterday to live at Oak Tree Tavern.

Early today, this magician called for the barkeep and had him individually invite the town’s tailors, carpenters, blacksmiths and medicinal traders to assemble inside his room.

A total of eight people were called over by the barkeep. Of those, there were three carpenters, four tailors and a blacksmith. Some were even forcefully dragged out from their nest because living in this type of small town did not require waking up so early to begin work. Although quite a few people were slightly disgruntled at the magician who made the request, when they saw the eight silvers neatly placed on the bedside table, those disgruntlement instantly vanished.

Naturally, Roland’s personal effects were bound to have money inside. Before arriving at the small town, Yi Longlong had long figured it out during her spare time. Although she wasn’t too clear on the standard commodity prices, based on the food and accommodation fees from the tavern, she could deduce that this money was enough to last her and Lin Qi for some time without having to worry about the basic necessities.

Her time wasn’t much; it shouldn’t be wasted. As such, she could only resort to money flinging to speed up the process. She had spent a silver on each person just by inviting them here; the reward was to be calculated separately.

After the tailors, carpenters, and blacksmith followed the barkeep into Lin Qi’s room, they saw an extraordinarily serene and elegant looking youth in a black robe, sitting on top of the bed with a passive and innocent expression. His hair was slightly damp from having washed it before, further accentuating the smooth ebony-like blackness.  His skin was tender and pale, cleaner and purer than snow.

As for his eyes, they were a deep, dark black yet also clear as crystal, reflecting the most genuine purity in the world. Under the watchful gaze of these eyes, anyone who harbored evil thoughts would all feel a sense of inferiority.

The people from the small town had seen all kinds of adventurers before, but when did they ever see such a refined character? He was unreal, as if he was crafted by the hands of illusions. Like the most precious and delicate piece of art, he should have been surrounded by silks and furs, and not have come to this sort of place.

Lin Qi did not care what others had on their minds. He merely did what Yi Longlong taught him, handing the eight artisans the blueprints that were prepared early on and placed on the table, as well as mentioning his separate requests.

He demanded a carpenter to make a light and sturdy wooden crate to be carried on the back. Several squares were drawn in the middle section of the wooden crate. On the upper part of the wooden crate were partitions that were approximately vertically half feet high from four sides. The hollow parts of the partitions were carved with simple patterns. Following that, the blacksmith will reinforce the wooden crate with pieces of metal.

He demanded a tailor to produce at their quickest speed three plain clothes not for a mage to wear, and also provided a blueprint at the same time. There were several pictures on the print; they were clothes he designed himself. Ignoring the strange styles, the sizes were just big enough for an infant to wear. He ordered ten sets all at once for this type of clothing,

Both the wooden crate and clothes had comprehensive diagrams drawn on paper. Essentially as long as they were not mentally handicapped, they would be able to understand, but what made these few artisans surprised was, for some unknown reason, besides the ink, there were also tiny paw prints of some unidentified animal.

“The quicker the better.” Lin Qi recited the lines that Yi Longlong had taught him, “I can increase the reward.”

And so, before Lin Qi left the inn in the afternoon, rumors of the strange yet extraordinarily beautiful magician had already seemingly sprouted wings and spread throughout the entire small town.

Chapter 32: Take a rest

Chapter 34: The pride and shame of Vanilla Town


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      1. Well Roland is a rogue (thief with extra skills). He shouldn’t be able to complain since they stole it fair and square. I wonder how long long will search for Eric, considering his sense of direction is that bad. Maybe that priest that people don’t like to talk about (eccentric?) can help?


  1. hi,
    in my opinion are these two a good team. especially if lin qi developes his own personallity. i for my part think that he is some kind of clown who was born only some time ago and was used like a puppet with op magic and co. maybe his tasks were to kill all this dragons and dragonkin. only after long long and co. came he was really woken up and now his time starts. i hope eric does not need a half year to find his way to long long again *lol*.

    thank you for your translation


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