Chapter 32: Take a rest

This additional room was naturally for Yi Longlong, but she did not plan on revealing herself. The tavern’s barkeep who was also the owner of the inn squinted at Lin Qi for a while, secretly judging whether this boy was looking for trouble. After watching for some time, he concluded that this was a magician with a strange hobby and did not continue delving into the matter.

After calculating the payment for two rooms, in addition to the periodic food services provided by the tavern, the barkeep gave a quote of three silvers. Following that, he watched with amazement as the bundle carried on the back of the strange magician boy shook, and then three silvers seemed to jump out by themselves, over the magician’s shoulder, and fell with two clinks onto the middle of Lin Qi’s palm that was positioned in front of his chest.

Lin Qi then followed up by placing the silvers on top of the wooden counter.

Naturally, Lin Qi did not understand the concept of payment.  This was something Yi Longlong had previously went to great lengths to train, informing him about the situations where he will need to use those metal pieces and have him obediently cooperate.

The barkeep was stunned again and tried to resist the urge to peek at Lin Qi’s back. Once again he told himself that this was a magician’s strange quirk, and as a knowledgeable barkeep, he should not show an overly curious look.

At this point of time, there were only a few guests within the inn. The rays of light were also rather dim. Lin Qi took the two keys from the barkeep’s hand. His wooden clogs stepped onto the hollow staircase, resounding with clarity.

After reaching the second floor, there were finally no people. Lin Qi looked left and right in confusion. He only knew to go this way after the barkeep pointed at the stairs, but after reaching the top, he did not know what to do.

Through the ten or so days of interaction, when Lin Qi slowed to a halt, Yi Longlong knew that something was up. She sensed that the second floor did not have any people and didn’t take too much into consideration. She crawled out from the bundle, patted Lin Qi’s shoulder with her little paw and took the wooden cards tied with the keys. The two wooden cards each had different patterns decorated on the surface, and on the second floor of the inn, several rooms also had similar symbols marked on the doors.

This was to convenience people from other countries or those who were illiterate that had come to rest at the inn. They could distinguish the rooms through the symbols.

The barkeep gave them adjacent rooms, probably to make it convenient for Lin Qi to switch rooms to sleep in the middle of the night. Yi Longlong made an effort to hold the overly big keys with her little paws, inserted it into the keyhole and twisted.

The wooden door opened a slit. Lin Qi reached out and pushed.

When they entered the room, a light smell of vanilla was delivered to their noses. It was different from the overflowing smell of alcohol from the lower floor. The rooms upstairs were tidily cleaned up; the air was extremely refreshing.

The size of the room wasn’t really big, the main furnishing was but a bed. This bed naturally could not compare with the bed from the tower that was used to imprison Lin Qi, but the white colored quilt neatly folded on top was already enough to entice a dragon that could not sleep for a good several days due to the tick of needing familiar bedding.

Yi Longlong jumped down from Lin Qi’s shoulder; her body came in contact with the soft quilt. Her whole body began to quiver with bliss. She happily hugged her tail and rolled around several times on the bed, rolling from the head of the bed all the way to the foot, then from the foot all the way back to the head. Just when she was about to go for another round, hey eyes suddenly met with a big pair of limpid and muddled eyes.

Lin Qi knelt by the bed and asked out of curiosity, “Are you doing the rogue-exclusive pre-meal exercises?”

Yi Longlong’s face darkened, then remembered that when she spoke baloney to the rogue ten or so days ago, the mentally stunted Adonis had actually earnestly taken note and believed it to be true.

Lin Qi was like a clean, snow white sheet of paper, letting her smear it however she wants. Whatever she smears on, he will take note of it.

Truth to be told, from the beginning she had never seriously put him into consideration, however he had actually remembered every single phrase she uttered.

Meeting Lin Qi’s earnest eyes that bordered on naivety, Yi Longlong felt some shame. She sat up holding the quilt and seriously explained it to him for the first time, not out of her own considerations, but to only let Lin Qi understand this world.

This world was completely foreign to her and Lin Qi. They were bumbling around, learning and figuring things out. The point of difference was that her mind had twenty additional years of experience and had already formed a stable and systematic thought process, while his was truly a blank sheet, not knowing and understanding anything at all.

Yi Longlong shuffled to the edge of the bed, then held Lin Qi’s two hands with her paws – the tiny paws could only hold a single finger, so she resorted to holding only Lin Qi’s two index fingers. “Although we know nothing at all, but… from today onwards let’s work hard.”

Eric is probably still spinning in circles in some part of the forest. Estimating that it is difficult to place hope on him, she can only rely on herself.


If let’s say Lin Qi and Yi Longlong’s luck had a full 10 rating, then Roland who was cast behind by them deep within the forest would perhaps have a low luck rating of 0.

Bundles of vines covered the important bits on Roland’s body. With a dagger tightly gripped in one hand, he skulked along the road and finally found the black bowl and spoon that currently emitted a guiding silver light.

He was in a worse state than Yi Longlong imagined. Because of the torment from the dragon blood, it made his body grovel for a good few days. In these few days, he had to hide in a concealed place, relying on a small amount of fruits to sustain himself and waited for some recuperation,  and also because his body had no clothes on, he made his way in a state of dread, fearing that he will come across people.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, he did not meet anyone on the road, and instead met several monsters and beasts. By relying only on a dagger, he barely escaped with his life. It took this much time to reach where Yi Longlong and Lin Qi traveled to on the first night.

His greatest talent was not in gritty swordsmanship. Many skills required the use of those tiny tools confiscated by Yi Longlong. The dagger was in fact the most useless item Yi Longlong could have left him with.

When he saw the bowl and spoon, his face changed. “Who touched my magic?”

What Yi Longlong did not know, was that this equipment that carried guiding magic was custom made for Roland by a magic craftsman, and other than the creator, the theory behind the magic’s activation was only known to Roland himself.

The important point was that, here in reality was still within the boundaries of the silencing forest.

After the past few days, the silver light had already began to pale, and several days later it will vanish, but Roland was not in a hurry to follow the beam. He was only in a daze.

To be able to disregard the two-fold limitations and activate the magic, it would definitely have been a magician at the advisor level. The number of this type of people on the continent did not exceed five, but no matter how much Roland wracked his brain, he could not think just exactly which magic advisor was  recently free and had nothing to do, and came to the borders to play.

Outside of this, the blond boy who could be regarded as having a luck rating of negative 100, was still fretting inside a swamp filled with monsters: Go this way? This way? Or this way?

Chapter 31: Specialties of Vanilla Town

Chapter 33: Rumors


12 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Take a rest

  1. When roland found his way outside the forest after 27long years, he was shocked to see the tiny dragon he last saw was now the size if a skyscraper and queen if the world. Aided by her magical combat butler hyat*cough* Lin Qi

    Liked by 4 people

  2. lol i doubt she would be a skyscrapper tall but what about 20-25 meter tall?
    well anyway im sure lin qi is related to the disparition of dragons but i hightly doubt all the dragons have vanished maybe they used magic to become human it is usually a template in those kind of story is it not?


  3. This is definitely in the top 3 of any webnovel I’ve ever read. Long Long is too cute! Lin Qi is a mysterious innocent magical genius. Could he be something like a “spare body” for the dragon killer? If there is magic to possess/take over bodies, it would make sense to have some spares if your current body is injured, aged, or otherwise. By that logic, making the body have a weak mind with no external stimulus (like Lin Qi likely has been all this time) would make possessing easier, and have him be an instinctive magical genius (which he is) would allow them to access their full range of magic once the body was stolen. Add that to the fact that his name was a number means that he was either some kind of guineas pig (I doubt since he didn’t seemed to have been tortured, as his eyes are innocent, not empty) or some kind of precious backup plan. The fact that he was on the top floor can imply that he was the most precious thing to the tower’s owner. Add to the fact that he was kept in fairly decent condition considering how strong his body is, how good the bed and robes are, and the fact the chains weren’t tight enough to leave marks. I doubt Lin Qi himself is the dragon killer, but he is almost certainly related. Thoughts on my, “spare body of big bad” theory?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah never really considered it from this perspective, Lin Qi being a substitute body for some dark lord. Though, I do believe he is capable of building some mental resistance after his experiences outside (however the master is probably powerful enough to overcome that if it really came to it), and at this point of the story I’m starting to think that he’s not human at all with his superhuman strength. Wonder if that’s biological or from experimentation?


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