Chapter 30: Guiding magic

After departing from Roland the survival guidebook, a snow white maiden dragon who was worst off in history and a mysterious mentally stunted youth who was perhaps imprisoned for so long that it led to his brain being addled, both did not have any ideas of how to get out and resorted to walking in one direction, going along with the flow.

Lin Qi carried the bundle on his left shoulder, with Yi Longlong sprawled on his right shoulder. The latter’s little snow white claws pointed ahead.

Yi Longlong’s tiny body was on top of Lin Qi’s shoulder, directing the youth to run forward at a quick pace. The moonlight shone down on their bodies, serene and free. In the night, even the sounds of birds and insects were asleep, leaving only the clacking echoes of the wooden clogs of the Adonis from the tower.

What made Yi Longlong slightly surprised was that although Lin Qi’s outer appearance seemed extremely delicate, his strength was actually not bad. He ran for a whole night carrying her, all till the sun rose. When the radiance of the first rays of light shot into the forest he did not pause his steps, and after running for a whole night, his breathing was just as normal as when he had just started.

What good body strength!

Yi Longlong enviously patted Lin Qi’s shoulder. “Let’s stop here and rest for a while. That guy will probably be unable to catch up to us.” Even if Lin Qi’s strength is good, it is not inexhaustible; they still have to rest when the time comes for resting.

Lin Qi sweetly nodded his head and crouched to let Yi Longlong off. After that, a person and a dragon heard grumbling sounds coming from each other’s stomachs.

Last night, Yi Longlong did not eat many plums due to the sudden event of the poisoning. Although Lin Qi defied death and ate another one, following that he was restrained by Yi Longlong in case he accidentally consumed dragon blood.

And so, after passing a night, they were now hungry.

Yi Longlong’s face heated up then waved her paws at once to divert the attention. “Let’s first think of ways to find food… right, take a good look at what that guy’s brought with him.” When they raided before, they didn’t have the time to carefully investigate. Right now they had time to spare.

Lin Qi untied the bundle from his shoulders, opened it up and let the things inside tumble onto the floor. Yi Longlong crouched down while picking up pieces to examine carefully.

The things Roland carried were many and very complex. Of those, the lock picking tools were indispensable. There were also various delicately shaped equipment, a flint stone, small knife, tweezers and even things she did not know the name for. Besides that, Yi Longlong also found the bowl and spoon that Roland had attempted to use for guiding magic. Yi Longlong held this thing that looked like dinnerware in front of her eyes. Borrowing the morning lights to carefully examine, she discovered that the bowl and spoon were actually not pure black. They carried very fine silvery patterns on top; they were merely too fine and easily passed over.

She scratched those silver criss-crossing lines with her claw and nothing in particular came off. Yi Longlong grabbed the spoon and chewed on it. Nothing activated. Feeling it was futile, she then put it aside and continued to examine other things.

However, shortly after that, she suddenly felt as if the surroundings had become different. Turning her head around, she saw the mentally stunted Adonis kneeling on the ground, a single arm reaching horizontally towards the air, the palm faced directly down at the bowl and spoon she had casually placed down. At this moment, the silvery patterns upon the bowl and spoon seemed to spring alive, lighting up in vivid colors. These patterns combined and criss-crossed with each other, and not long after, a silver radiance spurt forth from the bowl like a fountain. These silver lights shot straight towards the air, then gradually thinned and narrowed down. Finally, the silver ray that was originally as thick as the mouth of the bowl became as thin as a chopstick. At this time the silver ray was no longer directed vertically towards the sky, but slanted in a direction with the spoon handle as the starting point, pointing distantly towards the depths of the forest, reaching far off into an unknown destination.

After Yi Longlong got over her amazement, she recalled that when Roland had previously taken out this set of tools, he had intended to use magic to get directions but gave up due to being in the silencing forest. Can it be that they have already gone out of that so-called silencing forest?

And what she is seeing right now, is the so-called guiding magic?

In other words, this silver colored light, is pointing towards the correct way to leave the forest?


With some excitement, Yi Longlong gave Lin Qi a hearty pat with her paw. “You can use this? Was it taught to you by the magician from that tower?”

Although Yi Longlong was surprised that Lin Qi can use magic, after some pondering she very quickly felt relief. He was imprisoned in the tower for a long time and lived together with a perverted magician. Even just by the influence from the environment, he should have at least understood some things  right?

Without further qualms about this matter, Yi Longlong bustlingly packed up the rogue’s belongings but left the bowl outside. She happily asked Lin Qi, “How is it how is it? Do we just follow the silver colored light and that’s it? How do we handle the bowl?” Dispose it here?

If it can really guide the way, then this seems to be a good item, on another day she can have Eric equip a dozen of these.

Lin Qi lifted his white delicate hands, his expression seemed slightly perplexed as if he had not understood what he had just done. He did not know what the bowl and spoon was, what guiding magic was, he completely did not comprehend it, but seeing these tools, his body naturally responded with the correct actions, as if it was an ability ingrained in his blood.

As for Yi Longlong’s question, he had no way of replying. He could only randomly nod based on his intuition.

“Then let’s go.” Having no time for filling up the stomach after discovering a new thing, Yi Longlong happily hopped onto Lin Qi’s shoulder, her little paws pawing at his shoulder without a bit of lethality. “Go go, we’ll eat later, this is super fun.”

She was actually not in a hurry to go out of this patch of forest, but the new interaction with the toy made the young dragon quite happy, wanting to see whether the light can really guide the way.

Even if they got out of this sea of trees in the end, she will probably be scared, but she will not retreat from it.

Of course, not everyone is like Eric, but everyone is also not necessarily like Roland.

As a maiden dragon that had once been human, she still held faith towards this society.

A person and a dragon followed the path pointed by the silver ray of light, barging through the forest without knowing anything at all. No incidents actually happened within those ten or so days. Perhaps the road they were on was particularly safe, or perhaps that blessing from the redcap’s kiss was in effect, but regardless of what it was, it was somehow fortunate. Anyhow, a person and a dragon were lucky that by relying on this thing that seemed totally unreliable, ten days later, they saw smoke billowing out from ahead.

Smoke signified there may possibly be humans.

Yi Longlong decided to first hide herself for safety precautions. She taught Lin Qi to place her inside the bundle on his back. She huddled herself into a small size and traveled forth while bobbing along to Lin Qi’s footsteps.

Chapter 29: Reap what you sow

Chapter 31: Specialties of Vanilla Town


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  1. Thank you for the chapter~

    Hmm lin qi is quite mysterious… I hope he doesn’t turn into an enemy. He makes a good companion for our noisy little long long

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    1. But that would be bestiality, and Long Long isn’t into that stuff? On that note, can dragons shapeshift and possibly have kids with other races? If not, dragon race is done for, even if it will take a few thousands of years.


  2. Has our little dragon MC actually ever introduced herself as Yi Long Long? Or has she given some other name? Is her name just “little white dragon” who often makes people want to kill her with her sharp tongue?


    1. As for Lin Qi, he was called # 10 (or was it 7 or some other number?), which means that there are at least that many of him around. That, or the previous ones died and he’s the latest.


      1. Lin Qi is 07, and Yi Longlong did officially say her name in front of everyone back in chapter 18 when asking for Lin Qi’s name.
        It’s interesting how others don’t really call her by her name.


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