Chapter 28: Poisoned

Escape, she must escape.

In order to avoid turning into a canary or guinea pig, or trained into a Mercedes or Santana, she had to flee from his side no matter what, before Roland left the sea of trees.

Didn’t Roland say she had received the redcap’s blessing? Even if she ran amok in the forest, the monsters and wild beasts she’ll meet will be many times stronger than humans, but at the very least the monsters and beasts will not be thinking of selling her off.

The problem is, how to escape?

After having lunch, Yi Longlong was finally aware of the imminent danger due to Roland showing his hand. They rested for a while by the stream, then Roland announced it was time to continue on the journey. They walked slowly alongside the river. Yi Longlong was sprawled over Lin Qi’s shoulder, bobbing along to Lin Qi’s footsteps while her two eyes glared at Roland, all worried and anxious.

There was no way to outrun him. There was already sufficient proof from lunchtime. In fact, this matter did not require validation. One can reach the conclusion just by comparing the length of their legs: Yi Longlong glanced at her small stubby legs, then looked at the long powerful legs of the rogue. Dismayed, she gave up on the possibility of a man and dragon race.

As for flying, that was something even more impossible. Although she had a small pair of wings, when these wings flapped, it could at most be used as a fan and fan some wind and so on.

Roland walked in front while hearing only a childish voice from the back moaning and groaning along the whole way. He looked back and was met directly with Yi Longlong’s mournful gaze.

Although those eyes looked very pitiful, once he remembered she was a dragon, the rogue could not stop himself from feeling creeped out.

This is probably passing off as the single most miserable dragon within dragon history.

After walking for an afternoon, when the colors of sunset plunged into the forest, Roland stopped once again to take a rest. Within a single afternoon, besides looking at him with a mournful gaze, Yi Longlong did not make any actions of attempting a revolt. While this took a load off his shoulders, he also felt some disappointment.

There was still another hidden agenda when he had said those threats to Yi Longlong on purpose. That was to test if Yi Longlong was really as weak as she looked, or perhaps to satisfy his teensy bit of unnecessary curiosity, but if he had not ascertained this, his heart would never let it go.

The astonishment from when the Hundred Billion Stars sliced through the tower was still entrenched in his thoughts. He found it difficult to believe that from beginning to the end, Yi Longlong possessed only the bit of power displayed so far. He had even hoped that Yi Longlong would know his intentions and retaliate in anger.

This type of testing came with risks. Of course Roland knew that, but having lived this many years, he was most proficient at fleeing. Even when he was facing Eric, he still had the opportunity to do a full retreat.

But after that afternoon, Roland could finally determine that this infantile dragon really did not pose a threat at all.

Even Roland himself did not know how to interpret the disappointment within his heart: For as long as he could remember, dragons were extremely powerful creatures. In his youth, he had once seen a dragon soaring across the sky from a close distance. Their massive shadow skimmed across the ground; the shock brought forth by the sheer might was something he will never forget in this life. It was a power completely on a different level that utterly surpassed all things.

And yet when he grew up, instead he saw this abnormal dragon. The once mighty existence had fallen into this condition, making Roland feel a type of indescribable loss.

-Roland is not Eric.

Yi Longlong watched the purple haired rogue by the stream cleaning the plums he had plucked along the way. She confirmed this feeling again in her heart. She did not have much experience in interacting with others in her previous life at the hospital. Although she had seen and understood a lot, there was still a lot of distance to be covered for the real thing.

It’s also like this now.

Even though she knew she was a dragon, and the last dragon at that, other people will inevitably maintain a different attitude towards her, but after being away from Eric and together with the malevolent rogue, she experienced this for real.

Yi Longlong heaved another sigh. The little paws patted Lin Qi to place her down. Her gaze accidentally swept past the dagger Roland had carelessly placed on the floor. Roland had previously taken it out to hack away the branches and still hadn’t returned it to its sheath.

Yi Lonlong speedily pattered over there. The two paws held the hilt and lifted the dagger. At this moment, hearing the strange clatter Roland whipped his head around and saw her in the act.

Meeting up to the purple eyes that were shining with mockery, Yi Longlong suddenly felt that her thoughtless act was simply stupid. She was not scary or threatening at all with her current appearance. Even when combining the small white dragon with the dagger she lifted that can be called a longsword with respect to her body, it was still not as long as Roland’s legs…

Ugh, too stupid.

Just from comparing their heights alone, Yi Longlong’s will to fight completely vanished. The sword also weakly dropped. It was already stupid enough when she impulsively picked up the sword the moment she saw it. If she continued to stupidly chop her way there, it would just be asking for humiliation.

Under Roland’s watchful gaze, Yi Longlong ashamedly placed down the dagger. The keen edge of the blade scraped her paw, leaving a shallow scar. The wound wasn’t deep and blood didn’t even flow from it. Yi Longlong did not mind this and licked her little injured paw in a downcast manner, all the while feebly dragging her tail back to her place.

Seeing that Roland had finished washing the pile of plums that now laid glinting on a slab of stone, Yi Longlong resignedly walked to the stream to wash her paws.

Roland deftly picked up the dagger and peeled the bruises on the plums. With a twist of his wrist and a careless throw, two bright red fruits arced along two different trajectories and accurately dropped in front of Lin Qi and Yi Longlong.

Yi Longlong subconsciously caught the plum with her paw. The thin skin split open, revealing the fleshy goodness inside, the juices splattered over one of her paws.

Yi Longlong stuck out her soft little tongue and carefully licked clean the juices off her paw. Just as she was about to bite down, she suddenly saw Roland collapse in agony ahead, his hand still clutching a plum with a bite taken out of it.

Is this plum poisonous?

Yi Longlong panicked when she recalled that she had also sucked some of the juices from just before. Her whole body stiffened and awaited a painful death to descend on her, however after waiting for a good period of time, nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen at all.

Recalling that Roland had also thrown a plum at Lin Qi, Yi Longlong hurriedly looked around and saw Lin Qi who was beside her had already finished off the plum with great relish. He had an elegant face of naïve ignorance with a shade of satisfaction. He was safe and sound as before.

The scene in front of her eyes was very strange. Only Roland moaned and rolled about on the floor; the other man and dragon squatted down with curiosity and watched him perform.

Lin Qi poked a finger at Yi Longlong’s little paw and asked with some confusion, “What is he doing?” He did not comprehend the scene in front of their eyes at all.

Yi Longlong threw out some nonsense. “Don’t know, maybe it’s a technique for exercising before eating that’s exclusive to rogues?”

In her previous life, there was a saying like “Stroll after you dine, live till ninety-nine”. Perhaps there were some special requirements for when the rogues ate.

How peculiar.

“You’re the one who does exclusive exercises before eating, your whole family does exclusive exercises before eating!” After squeezing out the words with difficulty between clenched teeth, Roland was so pained he could not speak. He felt as if his whole body was being burned by a scorching fire, the next moment a piercing cold seemed to course through his veins. He felt hot enough to explode, yet in the next moment cold enough to shrivel.

In his grogginess, Roland recalled something that he had almost forgotten: A great power is contained within the blood of dragons. That is something humans have no way of bearing. Just then, Yi Longlong had scratched her paw when she carelessly held the dagger. Although it wasn’t obvious, a small amount of blood remained on the blade and he used the dagger later on to shave the plums. Perhaps that blood had contaminated one of the plums and was unluckily consumed by him.

Because he had confirmed Yi Longlong as weak, he began to belittle her and so did not recall it in time. Even if she had fallen to such a state, she was still a bona fide dragon. The most terrifying blood in this world was flowing throughout her body. Even for less than half a drop of blood, to him, it was a deadly poison.

In his immense pain, it felt as though his life was also being set aflame.

Chapter 27: Dragon bullying

Chapter 29: Reap what you sow


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  1. he needs to get laughed at once he passes away by the gods of that realm, I mean how do you die from something so cute and weak even if shes a dragon……. ahahahaha

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  2. Dang, I actually feel sorry for roland, despite being super suspicious of him. Meh, he’s a rouge. Ahaha, but I hope he gets better.

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    1. Roland wants to sell little dragon into slavery…he deserves to be poisoned..
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  3. I seriously felt sorry for Roland. I hope he doesn’t die. Yi Longlong is so cute when she doesn’t even consider that he was poisoned. Lin Qi in my mind looked adorable after eating the plum. Thanks for the chapter.


    1. I wonder if he actually isn’t the dragon slayer, or rather, the “sword” dragon slayer, like a product of an experiment of a crazy magician that was enslaved and just acted like a doll and drank the blood of countless dragons, maybe he isn’t even a human to begin with, after all in that world there’s no black haired and eyed person…..


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