Chapter 26: Party deep in the night

In order to prevent Yi Longlong from trying to sway him again with those words, Roland reached a hand into his pouch and searched while explaining, “These redcap creatures enjoy moonlight and detest sunlight, as well as eye blinding rays of light. If you light a fire, those little guys will immediately run off.

“It’s actually not difficult to lure them in. There are two methods: first is with top quality honey, but we don’t have this on our hands. Furthermore the honey may also attract various types of poisonous wasps and ants, and because of that, this method is usually recommended to those that truly have no artistic talents. As long as you know a bit of music, you can try the second method.” He brought out a harmonica from the pouch. Roland held the harmonica next to his lips and began to play after he uttered a final explanation, “Redcaps also enjoy beautiful music.”

He first haltingly played and tested a few notes, warming up for a while because he had lost his touch from not practicing for a long time. After some time, he drooped his purple eyes halfway down. A mirthful melody sprung forth from the harmonica. The pleasant sounds were like a translucent flow of water, lingering out into the air.

And joining the lively musical notes, Yi Longlong saw with amazement, were lots of glowing, mushroom-shaped redcaps appearing in succession from the pitch black forest. There was a total of approximately fifty to sixty of them. The bodies of the little sprites appeared even more delicate beneath the gigantic mushroom cap-like hats. They came from all directions following the sounds of the harmonica. Some came cart-wheeling in, some were skipping along the leaves, and some were slowly walking along the ground, displaying their separate personalities.

Under the big red caps, the little sprites’ bodies emitted a faint glow. They gradually came to the sides of two men and a dragon. Suddenly seeing so many mushroom-brand light bulbs, Yi Longlong was instead slightly scared. She initially just wanted Roland to help her detain those two redcaps that were about to leave, but he had unexpectedly brought in so many at once.

After a while, Yi Longlong became relieved after discovering the redcaps were not malicious. These tender little people surrounded in a circle, clapping along to the rhythm of the harmonica and deftly dancing on the ground. When the melody suddenly leaped, the little sprites also held each other and threw their partners into the sky.

Beneath the cap was a tiny head that was proportional to the body, with either long or short verdant hair growing from the head. They seemed to be very unwilling to expose their green hair; once the hats fell down, a hand would clasp over the hair while the other hand speedily picked up the hat.

Yi Longlong could even hear these little sprites singing along to the music in lyrics she could not follow. Those fine wispy voices put her under the illusion of countless flowers bursting into bloom.

The little sprites sang and danced exuberantly. Seeing their carefree faces, Yi Longlong was envious and curious. Wanting to know what they were happy about, she listened for a while longer. She felt she should be able to imitate their voices. The vocal cords of dragons are very complicated, and just as Eric had said, it encompassed an extremely wide range, having the ability to easily produce sounds that humans had no way of creating.

Another way of saying it is, dragons can speak in all tongues.

Yi Longlong did not hope for being able to speak in all tongues, but seeing these happy redcaps, she just felt she was being excluded from their circle, which made her feel slightly dissatisfied.

In order to avoid Roland from discovering her tiny actions, Yi Longlong distanced a few steps away from him. After attempting a few times, she gradually grasped the knack of the sounds. Although she still couldn’t understand what they were singing, she could still exactly replicate the voices.

After a final silent confirmation that her voice was flawless, Yi Longlong opened her mouth ever so slightly, carefully controlling the vibrations of the vocal cord. The moment she sang out the little sprites’ song, the scene in front of her eyes instantly transformed.

She was still inside the silencing forest, Lin Qi and Roland who was beside her also did not move, but what she saw in front of her eyes was a miraculous fantasy. What was initially moonlight as pale as muslin, momentarily became a rich milky gentleness. The dreary tree branches and leaves presently sparkled. Flowers that seemed to be made of moonlight bloomed, and countless glowing particles floated in the dark, flying and dancing about like fireflies. The sprite’s movements that had looked meaningless were now understood clearly by Yi Longlong. They were catching these light particles and hurling them at each other. Whenever anyone was hit by it, a bunch of little sprites will then fling the smacked friend towards the sky.

And at this point of time, Yi Longlong could finally see the tiny faces beneath the caps. They greatly resembled humans and each one was unique. Some of their eyes were slightly larger, some had round noses and some had darker skin. They laughed out loud, faces brimming with a joyous expression.

The resonating songs burrowed those tiny plinking laughs into the depths of her heart. Under the same night sky and with the same songs, the language barriers were hardly worth noticing. Yi Longlong lowly sang while entranced into clapping her paws.

An especially pretty redcap suddenly ran towards Yi Longlong. When he got close, he nimbly jumped up and a pair of dragonfly-like wings that also glowed was spread out from his back, flying to the topmost part of Yi Longlong’s head.

Yi Longlong looked at him with curiosity, not knowing what he was planning to do.

The pretty little sprite took off his ginormous red cap out of his own volition, inched close to Yi Longlong’s face and gave a light peck.

Yi Longlong uttered a yelp and subconsciously raised her paws to cover her face, but by the time she did it the little sprite had already finished the kiss. He cackled and put on his cap again, speedily flying back to the place where the rest of the redcaps were gathered.

Within the vast sea of trees, in a tiny patch of the silencing forest, this party that belonged only to the night went on for a very long time and continued till daybreak. Feeling the intense rays of light, the redcaps chittered while squatting on the ground. They held the brims of the caps with both hands and pulled towards the ground until it enveloped their entire body. Following that, the redcaps crowded on the ground disappeared within the gradual brightening of rays from the rising sun.

With the redcaps gone, the glistening trees and moonlight flowers over the treetops were all gone without a trace, but a lively atmosphere stilled seemed to linger in the air. Yi Longlong’s two paws covered her face – this was a defensive measure in case another little sprite came to kiss her- she felt as if she had a dream, a beautiful and dazzling dream in a moonlit night.

She subconsciously turned her head towards Roland. Yi Longlong was met with a jealous gaze from the purple haired rogue. “Do you know what you’ve come across? Legends have it, with the ‘Redcap’s Blessing’, from today onwards for a very long duration, as long as you don’t go provoking beasts and monsters, they will not actively attack you.”

The redcap’s blessing is only given to intelligent living creatures less than three years old. When they are truly favored by the redcap, it will remove its hat and kiss out of its own accord.

He had only seen this type of thing within books. He had previously thought it was a baseless legend, but to his surprise, today he witnessed some person…no, some dragon receive this blessing.

How good would it be if this kiss was planted on his face? Roland thought with jealousy. With this, he can traverse the forest with no problems, and even venture out to more dangerous places.

The rogue suddenly could not help but feel that being a twenty-seven year old himself, this age seemed rather a bit old.

Chapter 25: Redcaps

Chapter 27: Dragon bullying


20 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Party deep in the night

    1. Is the image link not working for you?

      Hmm we still don’t know whether those things are actually living beings or beasts. Wonder if the blessing works against humans as well?


      1. Doubt humans are counted among those numbers. It will definitely work on unintelligent beasts and monsters, and should at the very least make those monsters and beasts with intelligence a little less disposed to hurt her. With that, the only potential threat to her life are people, meaning humans and other such races (if there are other humanoid races) and the jerk who has nearly completed a dragon genocide/species eradication (who’s species is unknown). I have one question though, this blessing lasts for a long time (probably at least as long as a human lifespan but likely longer) and will eventually “expire” on it’s own after some time. But will she lose it if she is provocative to beasts/monsters? My own conclusion is that it will not be removed in that situation (although the beast/monster in question will be hostile for provoking it) and can only be removed with time. I draw this conclusion based on the fact that it is the “Redcap’s Blessing” and they themselves provoke others with their pranks and tricks, so why should their blessing be dispelled with similar (or worse?) behavior? An exception to this could be bringing another Redcap’s, or even the one who gave it, disfavor by trying to catch them or something. Just a thought really. Anyone with a definite idea or their own theory, please reply?


  1. Roland, don’t be jealous of a less than 3 year old (physically) dragon. You’re much older, be more mature! Ahaha, but LongLong actually didn’t know what the blessing was and tried to avoid it, so cute!

    Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to the next one!

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  2. This was such a cute chapter and I wonder how her voice sounded like if the Redcap gave her a blessing. I am really starting to like Roland. He is adorable in his own way and his sudden jealousy of Yi Longlong is so cute. I wonder how LQ reacted to the spectacle or did he just remain still the entire time. I bet some of the Redcaps used him as a center piece for their party. LOL
    Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. LOL that would be hilarious! Yup Roland is definitely shaping up as a character favorite, though pity he didn’t get his picture on any cover of the novels (cue lamenting from Roland fans)

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  3. remember kids,
    if your friend tells you he’s jelly because you were kissed by a mushroom sprite in the forest, you’re both probably tripping balls.
    also, cute chapter 🙂

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    1. LOL. Nonsense! They were clearly right there! They were singing and hurling magic moonbeams at each other too! What part of that tells you that it wasn’t a real fairy encounter?!

      But seriously, this chapter and your comment made my day, so thanks a bunch guys 🙂


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