Chapter 25: Red spaghetti

It has all been consumed as firewood bonfire gradually died. Faint red glow of the spot is still within the cinder. Long Long Yi Qi Lin looked curious and a little nervous, unable to figure out what he was doing. Refined and beautiful face Lin Qi did not show any anger. He did not give Yi Long throat respond to the issues, do not even seem to know the people around him there. His dark pupil, as if it was what fascinated, carrying a demonic energy. His eyes were very far away to catch a blank, it is impossible person trespassing; something in him. And after an unknown period of time, Lin Qi finally moved. He lifted his feet, took a step, barefoot white from black robe stretched out, but in the next second, his face planted on the ground. Yi Long Long confusion expand her eyes and saw two little glowing things jump back and forth next to Qi Lin feet. These things are very much like the story of the little people. They were dressed in green leaves, revealing slender limbs. Faint glow emitted by their whole body, and on their heads they wore looked like a huge mushroom cap hat. Cover was bright red with a few white spots. These hats are also emitting a soft white light, at first glance it looks like a mushroom-shaped bulb.
These two little people wearing hats pulled, they had used the trip Qi Lin, they lurk on the ground of grass string. Seeing Lin Qi collapse, little giggled guffawed, rolling on the ground, while holding onto their hats laughing.At this moment, Lin Qi slowly been picked up. He touched his elbow injury from the fall of the chaos, though his expression confused as always, his students a clear recovery; demonic energy from the air before it has disappeared.Yi Long Long is quite surprising, I do not understand what happened. Cool sound transmission from behind her. “In the Lin Qi look just at this time, he is likely to be summoned something, or who has left his lock some mysterious art said to him, we do not know …… Fortunately, this is From these two little guys to interrupt people. ”
She turned around and saw Roland who time with his legs crossed at some point sat awake. In a low voice, he explained: “Silence of the forest environment is not so likely to encounter here some rare animals, etc. exactly the same thing that tripped Lin Qi is called redcaps, they love little prank. elves. they have a mischievous nature, usually it does not have bad intentions. it’s just like people tease them. “Watching the two redcaps resembled mushrooms, cage-Lung little paws itch a little. She really wanted to catch a closer look, but also worried about scaring off or wrecking little tender.She noticed a strange look, Roland talked her down from it, “Do not try to catch them. Can survive up to now, they have their own defense mechanisms. Once they are caught, they will completely disappear as the air can not be captured ray, but they will soon appear in some other places, continue to wreak revenge on your actions, causing your nightmare, let your food off, even whisk away your good luck, cause you bad luck for a very long time. ”
Yi Long Long looked back at Roland drifting glance. “You want to scare the dragon?”
Roland his face serious business. “No, I recommend the dragon.”
Although she still looked down on rogue career, Yi Long deaf still cautious heard the views of experienced people. Lin Qi will stir up fear redcaps, she rushed over, and with her little white paws caught perfectly clean hands and put them to his knees covered robes that. “Good performance, do not move,” Kay. “Obediently nod from the tower of Adonis, a clever way to really sitting on the ground, motionless hands covering his knees.
Two elves have their red hats laughing, and then continue to pull Lindsey’s long black hair, and giggled. Since Yi Long Long before the exchange, Lin Qi still actually still did not protest, let a little elf put his hair into a mess. Seeing this situation, Roland think he really is from the previous silly, even involving Lin Qilong slayer.
Playing for a while redcaps, two men holding hands, snuggling cover together, is preparing to jump. Yi Long Long became alarmed, but she could not catch them out a paw, so turned to Roland with pleading eyes. “There did not allow them to stay that way?”
Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling, carry a grown up does not belong to the innocent. It is in the dark with an even higher purity display. Meeting this vision, Roland was brought back. In the second, he immediately blamed the next his conscience actually moves slightly. He spoke with a darkened face, “Do you think we have the time? Do not forget, our current situation is not really favorable. Even though we walked through the silent forest, we still do not know how long it will be to get out of the tree the sea. we may encounter ferocious monster, or reach food and water shortages, but you still thinking about playing around, why not think about the reality of these issues. “The Roland expectations, after scolding Yi Long testifies not become angry or ashamed. She tilted her head for a moment, then carefully pulled the sleeve of Roland, a childish voice said slowly: “I do not agree with your point of view is consistent, then you say the danger does exist, but because the circumstances are unfavorable we want to pull a long face? “It is through her past life she had thought of a question. Now, she can use it to refute Roland smooth and stable, “Do we have had our day in tears, just because we are destined to die? Do we have to close our eyes, just because we can not see the light?” Unfortunately, situation is concerned, no one is more unfortunate than her, because to meet the palette lineup after she realized she would be facing problems in the future, in this monster will kill the dragon came knocking. However, rather than worry about the distant future, why not enjoy the most out of every day. Childish voice so soft that it can scoop out the water from the small tender resonance mechanism, carrying a profound insight, which is an adult beyond rhetoric. “Mr. rogue, it is because the circumstances are difficult, we should seize what happy thing ……”With a melancholy face, Roland made a timeout gesture, easy to interrupt continuous rumble. “Well, you just want to redcaps it? How much do you want me to give you much, do not preach to me, my head hurts just listen to this.”
These are likely to be called by Alvin swordsman, to teach this little dragon? While this is admirable outlook in life, this is not for him.Seeing Roland willing to help, easy rumble cheerfully shut up. She did not hold out hope that a few words can convince a large man of independent thought, and also became the spiritual mentor of others are not interested. She spoke so much before, but all of her help in persuading Roland lure small redcaps ultimate goal.