Chapter 24: My exploits over the break

So I guess you already know what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks. That’s right, Pokemon Go!

Everyone’s brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends and dogs are playing that game right now, and I’m no exception to it. It’s a wonderful app that can really connect people together regardless of their age and backgrounds.

So far, I’ve only gone out on one massive pokehunt with my friends over one sunny Saturday  and we all had an absolute blast. The catch of the day was a gyrados (That’s right a freaking gyrados people were freaking out when that popped up on the screen). For those who are out of the loop, gyrados is one of the harder to get pokemons and is near the top of the wishlist for many fellow poke trainers.

We sat down in a shady but crowded spot near two lures and farmed magikarps, psyducks and dratinis for some time before we moved out for a snack. Since it was a Saturday, luckily there were several food trucks in the vicinity. An assortment of food were available, some of which I’ve never come across before, including wafflepops (what in the world?) and poutine.

Sad to say, I’ve never tried poutine before and the closest I have ever gotten to poutine were KFC chips dipped in mashed potato gravy, so getting the poutine was, for me, the highlight of the day. The wait for the food was long and I missed out on catching a dragonair and growlithe, but it was well worth it for the poutine, because when they brought it out it looked absolutely finger-licking delicious. Imagine this: A generous helping of thickly sliced potato chips sitting in a shallow, flimsy cardboard box, with gooey cheesy goodness melted and coating the chips, then drizzled with savory gravy over it. I could smell the gravy and salt from far away.

Of course, it was impossible to finish all of it alone so it was shared among friends. The chips were piping hot (give that a big tick) and the cheese and gravy melded really well together, though it probably pushed my daily salt intake over the line.

Would I get poutine the next time I see that food truck? Yes, yes I would.