Chapter 23: The silencing forest

After confirming there were only them two people and a dragon, Yi Longlong let out an old person’s sigh with her small tender voice. “Ay, why did I get in a bind together with this fellow?” She really missed Eric.

Roland shot a glance at her and spoke with a blank face, “Well sorry I’m such a detestable rogue.”

Regardless of how unwilling she was, Yi Longlong still had to temporarily stay with Roland. Although the purple haired rogue in front of her eyes may be up to no good, he was still slightly more reliable than Lin Qi.

Yi Longlong wasn’t too worried about Eric’s safety. With his swordsmanship, even if he arrived at any part of the forest, he would still be able to survive. It’s just that he had no way of finding the right paths.

When Roland was investigating the area, he had collected some dead wood along the way. He piled them together and prepared to start a fire. Compared to the completely uninjured Yi Longlong and Lin Qi, he was more unlucky. He had been transported right above a puddle of water, and not only did he get his clothes wet, he also accidentally bumped his forehead on the stones beneath the puddle.

Fortunately he did not lose the equipment on his body. He retrieved a flint from his water resistant pouch and ignited the dead wood with a light scrape.  Roland lowered his distant purple eyes, pondering over what actions he should take for the next step.

Although he was well informed, in the end he’s still not quite knowledgeable in regards to magic. What’s more, for the spatial magic renowned for being extremely rare on this continent that was deployed within the tower, not to mention him, even ordinary magicians would not have much of an understanding towards it.

As a result, he had no way of determining their location, how far they were from the stone tower and which part of the sea of trees they were currently in.

This sea of trees was as vast as an ocean, and within the sea of trees, not every place was as safe and smooth as the route he, Easley and the others have taken. There were also exceedingly mysterious and risky places within the sea of trees. All he worried about right now was that he had happened to enter one of the dangerous territories.

While Roland was pondering, the fire blazed up very rapidly. Upon seeing this, Roland stopped pondering for the moment and decided to strip his clothes off to dry. When he lifted the skin tight top he wore at the bottom-most layer of his clothes, he heard a tender childish voice give a cry. Turning his head around, he saw a small white dragon bashfully turned around, the small paws covering her eyes out of courtesy.

“Oi…” In the face of this type of situation, Roland felt really helpless. With Yi Longlong like this, it made him feel as if he was a sex-crazed exhibitionist.  “You’re a dragon, what’s a dragon doing being concerned over whether a human’s wearing clothes or not?”

Yi Longlong gave a tiny snort. “You also need to know, I’m a female dragon.”

He honestly did not want to see Yi Longlong making the actions that implied he was a sex addict. In the end, Roland compromised. Using his clothes to create a screen by the fire, it blocked between him and Yi Longlong.

When he was drying his clothes, Roland mentioned Eric. “Wonder how that guy called Alvin’s doing, hopefully he wasn’t sent to a rather dangerous place in the sea of trees.”

Yi Longlong did not feel a bit of worry. “It’s nothing, let’s worry about ourselves instead. Er…Alvin is guaranteed to have no problems.”

She was now already no longer as clueless as when she first met Eric. After comparisons and knowing the strength of the blond youth with an unkempt appearance, to be able to wander lost within the sea of trees without harm for a year, she reckoned that Eric had already unknowingly stepped through whatever dangerous places there were.

The clothes dried very quickly. Roland put them back on piece by piece. He retrieved a black colored bowl and a same colored spoon from his pouch and placed the bowl flat on the ground with the spoon inside.

Yi Longlong questioned with amazement, “About to eat? You have food on you?”

Roland rolled his eyes. “How can that be? This is the one magic that I can do, guiding magic.”

He slowly recited an incantation. Strange and exquisite lines began to shine from the bowl and spoon, but from Yi Longlong’s perspective, it seemed more like a complicated interlaced electrical circuit. However, in the next instant, the electrical circuit extinguished at once, just like a power outage.

After staring at the bowl and spoon for some time, Roland revealed a bitter smile. “The one-time guiding magic was originally going to be wasted, but now there seems to be two matters. Do you want to hear the good or bad news first?”

Yi Longlong shrugged her tiny shoulders. “Any, let’s first hear the good news.”

Because shrugging shoulders was such a human act, Roland stared at Yi Longlong again for a while before opening his mouth to speak. “The good news is, there are no powerful ferocious wild beasts around this piece of forest, our safety is momentarily ensured.”

“Then the bad news?”

“Bad news is, I originally wanted to waste expensive ingredients and use a type of guiding magic to find the way back, but this forest’s a silencing forest. In other words, all magic cannot be used here. Starting from tomorrow, we’ll have to rely on our own abilities and slowly find the path.”

For Yi Longlong, this was not really any bad news. Before she met Eric, she had lived independently within the forest for a very long period, and when travelling with Eric, all she saw everyday were trees. She had already been accustomed to being in the forest. As long as they didn’t bump into ferocious wild beasts and enemies that were deadly enough, then what’s there to be concerned about if they were to circle a few more times in the forest?

They realized that it was nighttime. Soon enough, the moonlight pierced through the gaps between the leaves, casting across the silent forest. The silver moonlight thin as sheer seemed to place a layer of hazy veil on the surrounding objects. Even though it was a pitch-black forest, it did not appear frightening at all, only letting people feel a peaceful tranquility.

Today there was no way to brush her teeth like before. Yi Longlong still rinsed her mouth under Roland’s shocked gaze, then politely bid good night and ran to Lin Qi’s side, planning to sleep while clenching his robe.

Before she fell asleep, Yi Longlong suddenly thought of something. She opened her eyes and asked Roland, “Hey, when we’ve fallen asleep, you won’t abandon a weak little animal and an innocent Adonis in the middle of a silent forest and run off by yourself, right?”

Roland blankly looked at the weak little animal that had devastated a tower, and took quite a while before he opened his mouth. “How’s that possible? Even if I were to abandon you, I would first bring you out of the forest then abandon you at the traders.” Even if he were to abandon himself, he would not abandon the sole surviving dragon of this world.

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