Chapter 22: A team a dragon would not be happy about

Before all of this, the Hundred Billion Stars had never been held by a dragon. The dragon race had always relied on their massive bodies. They themselves were already weapons second to none; any other tools would only be the icing on the cake. And so, no one knew what would happen the moment when the fabled effects of the Hundred Billion Stars within a dragon’s hands transform their full power into the blade’s sharpness.

But now, Eric and Roland knew.

-Roland had previously tested the sturdiness of the stone tower. He used his sharpest blade and pierced in with all his might but couldn’t even leave a scar bigger than a grain of sand on the tower walls.

In actuality, this tower had already been cleanly sliced by the extra force from the blade when Yi Longlong was cutting apart the shackles. Although it was sliced apart, it was only due to the blade being sharp beyond their wildest imaginations that it maintained its original shape, perfect and without a scratch as before. However, after Roland and Eric’s round of crossing blades just then, the slight tremors had shattered the balance of the tower’s coherence, causing it to collapse.

This, is the might of a dragon.

Eric and Roland exchanged a quick look and saw the surprise and fear in each other’s eyes, but now is not the time to exclaim. The next second, both of them remembered the five attendants and the priest that were knocked out by Roland and dumped at the bottom floor of the tower. Should this tower collapse, they will also be buried along.

“I’ll leave this to you.” After saying this to Roland, Eric had already retracted his raised leg from the window sill. He tightly held Yi Longlong in his arms and said to her, “Endure with this for a bit.”

Before Yi Longlong realized what was happening, her body suddenly changed from stationary to moving. Good thing Eric was holding her very carefully. It was slightly uncomfortable. After the small daze, a person and a dragon then arrived at the bottom of the tower.

As for Roland who was left at the top of the tower, he turned his helpless gaze at the seemingly clueless black haired Adonis who was still safely sitting on the bed. “Lin Qi, huh?”  He pronounced the name given by Yi Longlong awkwardly, “Bet you wouldn’t understand even if I say it…for survival’s sake, leave with me.”

When the purple haired rogue finished speaking in a fashion similar to muttering to himself, he grabbed Lin Qi with a swoop, and even while carrying a person, his figure still passed through the windows lightly as before, directly jumping down from a place near the top of the tower.

He lithely sprung a few steps along the body of the tower and alighted on the ground with the lightness of a cat. He raised his head to look up and saw right then and there, humanoid objects being thrown one after another from a lower floor’s window.

The humanoid objects fell without missing their marks onto the tree crowns distanced ten or so meters from the tower.

Eric was in the tower carrying Yi Longlong with one arm. After he picked up the people fainted on the ground with his foot, the other hand tossed them outside. Luckily when Roland descended the floors for the final time, he had put the five attendants and the priest in one place, saving Eric the troubles of having to search.

Pick one up, toss one out. This chain of movements was smoothly connected. When the six men were tossed out like stars aligned together, Eric also followed and jumped out the window, landing on the ground without breaking a sweat.

And all of this was seen right when Roland lifted his head.

Although the explanation of the process is loaded with trivial details, for someone who also possessed a terrifying strength, it wasn’t an overly difficult thing to bring others and escape from the tower in an instant.

“Run.” Eric gave Roland a tug then dragged Lin Qi along. Like an arrow leaving its bow, his body shot towards a place far away from the tower.

Previously when he landed on the ground, the cracks on the tower were getting bigger. All of a sudden, he felt a surge of mysterious energy dispersing continuously from   the bottom of the tower, which was also the place where the priest had mentioned before held a powerful, dark and evil air.

That energy was originally quietly sealed away, but Yi Longlong sliced the tower apart and seemed to have opened up Pandora’s box…

Although Eric’s speed can be considered very fast, it is still not as fast as that energy surge. Roland was directly facing the tower. He only saw the colorful chaos flooding out from the bottom of the tower, spreading out everywhere at the speed of light. It swept over Roland in an instant, then caught up with Eric who had only managed to run out a few steps.

Within that moment, the blooming lights exploded, creating quite a big disturbance in the forest. It had even startled Easley and the others who had been tricked into a wild goose chase. At the same time, Easley also realized he had been had.

Later when they returned, in place of where the tower was originally erected, only a pile of rubble remained. They searched everywhere and found several attendants and the priest spread out ten or so meters away from the rubble, but no matter what, they could not find the shadows of Roland, Eric, the Adonis from the tower nor Yi Longlong.


“What the heck is this place!”

The small white claws clutched onto the hems of a black robe. Yi Longlong vented and screamed at the Adonis from the tower. The latter also copied her tone, repeating everything she said one more time.  “What the heck is this place!” However, the tone lacked some fluctuation, making it sound quite strange.

After hearing this strange manual echo, Yi Longlong dropped her head dispiritedly. “So screwed, Eric’s not here.”

Just then, when they were smothered by that strange screen of light, there was a surge of energy powerful beyond compare. It forcefully separated her from Eric, and in her panic her claws tightly grabbed onto the bit of cloth she could reach, and following that she promptly fainted. When she came to, she saw the thing she had grabbed onto was Lin Qi’s black magician robe, and that Eric was missing without a trace.

At this point of time, the two of them were lying down in a forest.  This sea of trees was far too vast, and Yi Longlong could not even figure out which part she was located in.

What made her even more uneasy was that Eric was not currently by her side, and the guy with her seemed to require even more looking after than her.

“Stop shouting you two, keep shouting and it just might bring in the wild beasts.” The purple haired rogue stroked his forehead as he slowly made his way out of the thickets.

Yi Longlong immediately hid behind Lin Qi the moment she saw Roland. Her claws forcibly clutched onto the hems of the magician robe. This was the factor that unsettled her the most. The one that came along with them to this place was actually the worker from the profession she had discriminated all along.

Roland stroked his slightly aching forehead and gave the results from his investigation of the surroundings. “The dirt quality and environment is different from where we had been before. It’s positive that we are at least in another piece of forest within the sea of trees. If I didn’t get it wrong, that strange light should be a defensive magic, and also an extremely difficult and rare spatial magic at that, sending intruders to other places.”

“I’ve looked everywhere and didn’t see your blond companion. It’s possible he was rather unlucky and got sent to another place.”

Yi Longlong instantly felt sympathy from the pits of her stomach: If Eric was dumped into the expansive sea of forest without meeting any other people, he would definitely die lost.

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Chapter 23: The silencing forest


18 thoughts on “Chapter 22: A team a dragon would not be happy about

  1. er who cares about eric .. yi long is with the worst person she could be with now, slavery time here we go ! hope there’s no time skip like : and a 100 years of slavery later she finally meets someone that sets her free also damn how did i miss ch 21 .. im always checking novels update 😦

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  2. Well, we never knew thee well enough, Eric. May you rest in peace wherever you managed to stumble blindly into.

    Ahaha, but I feel like Eric’ll survive, since he’s overpowered. But uh, he probably won’t find them, or anything, since is direction sense is … Special. Anyways, thanks for the chapter, and I’m kinda afraid for LongLong. I mean, she’s basically with a newborn baby and a bastabbing, greedy, and stabby rouge.

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  3. Here lies eric, he starved to death in a forest 1mile away from civilisation with tracks going in a perfect circle as the only clue as to where he went.

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    1. There’s two possibilities to this: either Yi long long was very careful when cutting, or that lin qi is unaffected by the sword by some reason or another. Or both reasons, can’t know for sure


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