Chapter 21: The allegedly priceless treasure

While Yi Longlong was feeling the utmost heart ache over it, Eric didn’t even show the slightest reaction and only said with a smile, “So what?”

Actually from the moment he had seen her, he had already recognized the grass she used for clothing. Besides learning about etiquette and swordsmanship, as a core member in the Heine family hierarchy, being knowledgeable was also an indispensable part of the education. In addition to that, with Eric wandering about these past four years, his knowledge could possibly rival Roland’s.

However, he did not take this matter to heart at all.

He was originally born of nobility. He did not care much about rare items, and as he continued wandering these years, the worldly value of items also decreased in his eyes. To him, the only difference between a single copper and ten thousand gold was that the latter was slightly heavier; toting it around would be rather inconvenient. Between an ordinary iron sword and the Hundred Billion Stars, the feeling of using either was all the same.

And so, after he saw the silver blue grass on Yi Longlong’s body, although he had known in his head that it was especially valuable, he had never prevented Yi Longlong at all from wasting it and had never considered gathering some for himself.

So what if it can buy a whole country? The child of a deceased dragon is far more valuable than the whole world. She can use it however she wants, play with it however she wants. Don’t even mention heart ache, he was too lazy to even say anything about it.

There was a disparity in experience between Eric and Yi Longlong, and as for Roland, they were in separate realms.

Yi Longlong looked at Eric with astonishment as he slowly made his way towards her. He bent down and opened his arms to her, just like how it had been done many times in the past. His long slender arms seemed very firm; it looked as if it was harboring a small safe haven.

After she had stepped into the outside world and learnt the actual values of lots of items, Yi Longlong suddenly realized just how fortunate she was.

If the person who had barged into the lake wasn’t Eric but someone covetous instead, given how valuable Yi Longlong was among this piece of land, she would definitely be sold off, the silver blue grass by the lake and on her body would be claimed by the other party, and they may even disturb Tahinia’s peace at the bottom of the lake… This massive temptation was not something every person could resist.

Luckily it was Eric.

Yi Longlong felt this wholeheartedly at this very moment.

Although this guy enjoys teasing her height and has a bad habit of easily losing his directions… Yi Longlong suddenly felt the greatest relief. Those villages have already been wasted; regret won’t bring it back anyway. The more important thing is that she did not lose something even more precious.

Just as she was about to put her paws on Eric’s arms, Yi Longlong looked over Eric’s shoulder and saw Roland at the back thrusting a sword towards Eric while he was turned away!

Roland was very swift; even the sound of wind was compressed into a very small area. His purple eyes were piercing cold and shone with a predatory glint. Although Yi Longlong could follow his movements with her eyes, her mouth wasn’t quick enough to give a warning. She could only stare as Roland instantly closed in behind Eric.

However, the sound that followed wasn’t the sound of a dagger piercing into a body, but the sound of metals crossing each other.

One of Eric’s hands remained outreached towards Yi Longlong. His other hand held a cracked iron sword, blocking Roland’s attack.

Yi Longlong could detect Roland’s movements. Her vision surpassed her previous expectations, but she could not perceive when Eric made a move at all.

Roland’s strike missed. His retreat was even quicker than his advance. Borrowing the momentum from Eric’s counterattack, he was almost floating, floating to the walls in an instant.

Astonished, he looked at Eric as if he was staring at a monster.

Eric did not turn around to look at him. He sheathed his sword with indifference, then continued to smile at Yi Longlong, “Let’s go. While that brat hasn’t yet returned, we can sneak away.”

He will protect this child.

This conviction had never been this clear before.

Any grown man can capture Yi Longlong in such a weak state. Even if she cannot be ridden at this time, powerful families can train her from when she’s young, and when she matures she can be left for the descendants to use.

Eric himself had once lived in a standard family of nobles. He was very clear on the methods used by authorities. Just by being the last living dragon in the world alone, it was enough to make people flock.

He had even decided not to expose his identity or borrow the Heine family’s influence. Should he reveal weaknesses, it was possible for family benefits to outweigh his personal wishes. The Heine family would use various reasons to wrest the rights for raising Yi Longlong. Once Yi Longlong falls into their hands, it would be difficult to take her back.

Seeing Eric win almost without breaking a sweat, Yi Longlong joyously stretched her paws out and placed then on top of Eric’s hands that were multiple times bigger than hers. Using some force, she jumped onto his arms and made a face at Roland over the shoulder. “You sneaked, scoundrel! Really shameful!”

Roland felt very wronged in face of the criticisms being voiced in a naïve and child-like tone. “I’m a rogue, my specialization is assassination of course. Did you really expect me to face a swordsman head on?” This job discrimination is too unreasonable.

Eric single-handedly lifted Yi Longlong and turned around. Roland immediately put his guard up. He placed away his dagger and instead retrieved several items from the cloth pouch tied by his waist. They were all tools he was used to using. He was prepared to counter the other party’s attack at any time.

Eric didn’t go over there. Instead, he only eyeballed the dimensions of the nearest window, carried Yi Longlong over there and prepared to jump out.

He also did not take heed of the Hundred Billion Stars that Yi Longlong had already placed down. It was fine to leave it for either Easley or Roland.

Yi Longlong tugged at his sleeve questioningly. “You’re not gonna capture that guy?”

Eric shook his head, “No. This is also his job, and even so, for Easley to be actually deceived by this little act, he’s too used to things going smoothly, his coping ability is too poor in the face of emergencies, this will be a lesson for him.”

Just as he was about to take a step, he suddenly felt something wasn’t right. Looking down, he discovered a long, clean slash mark along the floor.

He then looked inside this floor of the tower. Several straight slash marks intersected with the large white bed as its center. It ran along the ground from the bed all the way to the walls…

The sturdy rocks that made up this tower were currently, ever so slowly, sliding apart along the cracks.

Roland also noticed this dilemma. His face became quite pale, remembering something, “I remember, there’s still a legend, the Hundred Billion Stars can unleash the full potential of the sword holder…”

Those who used the sword in the past were all human or elven maidens. Even the greatest powers within their bodies had limits, but Yi Longlong was a … dragon.

In other words, under the twofold effect of the Hundred Billion Stars and the dragon, similar to the shackles that had chained the youth, this sturdy stone tower had been sliced apart like tofu.

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 21: The allegedly priceless treasure

  1. You could have remembered sooner, Roland! I also have to scold Eric here too. How dare he try to leave 07 behind with an assassin. Yi Longlong holds no fault since, she didn’t know the effects of the sword when she uses it. Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Roland, you sneaky scoundrel! Your profession sucks! Ahaha, Long Ling is cute and adorable as always, with the added benefit of being super strong! Yes, potential! Long Long train and become the best dragon!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. At this point, she’s already best dragon since she’s also the last dragon (dragonheart anyone?) so there is no one to contest her. She may have potential to be strongest dragon that has ever been though


  3. Thank you for the translations, this story is hilarious. Like tofu? LOL, I was actually imagining it in my head those tower build from tofu. Cool eh?

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