Chapter 19: Face of Deceit


What kind of name is that?

To use numbers as names, it wasn’t something unheard of for Yi Longlong, for example Zhang San, Li Si, but for Zhang Lingsan, Li Lingsi1, this was rather rare.

“That’s not a name, it’s a custom serial number.” When Yi Longlong cut apart the shackles, Eric had already turned around and said so while observing the Adonis. “It’s probably created by the person who imprisoned him here.”

He was not clear what the serial number was for, but he believed that it was not for any happy reason.

The Adonis glanced at Eric, blinking his eyes. “Serial number?”

He was like a completely clueless child. Whenever he chanced across a new word, he would lightly repeat it again.

Seeing the youth like this, everyone felt even more sympathy for him, thinking that he must have been imprisoned by the magician for too long and even lost the basic intellect.

“07, 07, it’s hard to get used to calling this,” Already succumbing to the soft temptation beneath her body, Yi Longlong lowered her head and rubbed her face along the soft blankets, staring at the youth with a tilted head. “Don’t you have any other names? How about changing it to another?”

Should they continue calling him by the serial number, she was worried the youth will keep remembering the suffering he received in the tower. Although changing names does not signify forgetting all events in the past, it can at least count as a new beginning.

“Other names?” The youth copied Yi Longlong, his head also tilted. A person and dragon sat with their heads tilted, his eyes deep and sullen, the beautiful face carrying a type of especially pure befuddlement. Other than that, there were no other expressions. “What?”

Yi Longlong suddenly felt as if she was teaching a child to speak. Regardless of what she said, the other party would earnestly repeat it with some doubt. If the person in front of her eyes was really a small babbling child, then that could be brushed aside. However, he was a youth already seventeen, eighteen years of age, but his mind was still like a child’s…

A dragon and a person engaged in a lively chat, one voice tender and childish and the other in a naive tone. They exhausted a great deal of time in discussion before they finally confirmed the youth’s name was Lin Qi2. Yi Longlong also finally let out a sigh of relief. She hurriedly jumped off the bed and didn’t dare to ask to borrow the bed from Lin Qi. Should Lin Qi ask her back what is a bed, why is she borrowing a bed and continue pestering her like this, she will inevitably be driven crazy.

The name Lin Qi came out of Yi Longlong’s own self-interest. The youth’s black hair and black eyes gave her a sense of familiarity, and so to add to the closeness, she gave him an even more personable name. Since as long as the two words “Lin Qi” are not written down, other people would only attribute the enunciation to its significance and not find any problems with it.

When she jumped off the bed, Yi Longlong carried along the Hundred Billion Stars. She returned the narrow sword to its sheath with great care and then walked to Easley, intending to return this rapier back to him. Although she was the one who had drawn the sword, it did not mean she held all the rights over it. Even then, as a dragon she would not have that many opportunities to use a sword in the future.

While Yi Longlong was engaged in a messy conversation with Lin Qi, the others were not being idle.

At this time, Easley was standing at one side, conversing with the priest on what to do with Lin Qi later on.

The attendants from the palette squad went downstairs with Roland to retrieve the loot. The black haired follower and Dixon were recuperating in the same spot.

Eric leaned against the window, looking out in a leisurely manner while yawning at the same time.

Before Yi Longlong could get to Easley, she saw an attendant running up yelling. His whole face and body was covered with fresh blood, the entire person extremely discomposed. Just when he reached the top, he then collapsed on one knee onto the floor.

Seeing this situation, Easley’s facial expression greatly contorted. “What’s the matter?”

Enduring the pain, the attendant chokingly explained. From his words, Easley found out that Roland, who had accompanied the attendants downstairs, had taken advantage of the situation and sneak attacked while everyone was off-guard, and following their defeat he took all the loot and fled just like that!

The attendant giving the report was the most skilled among the attendants. He was one of the people who wrangled with Roland for a while, and also because of this, his injuries were the lightest and could still rush up with great difficulty to report to Easley.

Hearing this matter, Easley no longer had time to think about the little dragon he wanted to obtain. He immediately ordered Dixon and the black haired follower to make preparations and go with him to give chase, only leaving behind the priest to heal the injured within the tower.

He did not mind losing the loots, but Roland’s actions not only violated their employment contract, it also damaged his dignity. This was something Easley absolutely could not forgive.

Before leaving, Roland removed the rope used to climb to the entrance, but regardless of whether it was Dixon, the black haired follower or Easley, the three of them were all quick and vigorous, and jumping down proved not a problem with their own abilities.

Leaping out of the tower, the black haired follower found Roland’s footprints on the ground and simultaneously discovered the attendants knocked unconscious outside the tower, the luggage tossed about in a mess. Making sense of the directions, the three people then headed towards the forest in pursuit.

Throughout the whole process, Eric remained leisurely standing by the windows. After the three palette members left, the priest cast a simple healing spell over the attendant who gave the report. When the priest went downstairs to heal other people, Eric then turned his head around, laughing as he watched the attendant lying on the floor. “The people are gone already, aren’t you going to get up?”

Yi Longlong watched with astonishment. After hearing Eric’s words, the bloodied attendant who just then spoke with frailty flipped up and steadily stood on the ground.

“I long knew you weren’t simple.” That attendant gave a composed smile. The voice emitted actually belonged to Roland’s. He lifted his hand and tore his face, somehow lifting off a black-colored mask. When that mask was worn, it had that attendant’s appearance, however when taken off, the facial features, hair and eye colors beneath the mask reverted to its original appearance along with the mask.

Purple hair and purple eyes, and a scar that looked like a line of tears beneath the eye.

The mask’s name was Face of Deceit. Roland had obtained this mask from an antique collector. This mask was a mysterious tool with magical powers. It only required a drop of blood on the mask, then by applying it onto the face, a person could transform into the appearance of the owner of that drop of blood. The effect’s duration was very short, with only fifteen minutes of effectiveness, but for Roland this was already sufficient.

Firstly, Roland had stunned the other attendants unconscious, removed that person’s clothing and put them on himself, wore the mask, then pretending to be injured, falsely claimed he had escaped to draw Easley and other people away.

1. 比如张三李四,但张零三,李零四Bǐrú zhāngsānlǐsì, dàn zhāng líng sān, lǐ líng sì- Zhang and Li are common Chinese surnames. 3 is pronounced san, 4 is si, 0 is ling.
2. 林琦Lín qí- The name given to the mysterious youth by Yi Longlong. This is sort of a homophone of 07 in Mandarin: Líng qī. Lin Qi sounds like a typical Chinese name, and aptly given since Yi Longlong thinks Lin Qi looks Asian with black hair and black eyes.

Chapter 18: 07

Chapter 20: A heinous sin


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  1. Wow, I thought LongLong’s bias against Roland was light-hearted, but apparently a dragon’s intuition is better than mine! She was right!

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