Chapter 18: 07

With this, the palette squad’s gazes instantly moved a fair bit down with a shashasha, focusing onto her body like spot lights.

Pure immaculate maiden… uh, dragon.

Being fixated under so many pairs of eyes, Yi Longlong began to quail. She felt extremely uncomfortable and itched to hide away immediately. However, she knew that rescuing a person was the most urgent matter right now. Other things were not as important as this.

“That…” Yi Longlong pawed at the clothing on Eric’s arm, “I’ll give it a try, if it doesn’t work out you can’t blame me.”

Suddenly, Eric intentionally revealed a look of dawning realization, “You’re so lacking in confidence, could it be that you’re not a female dragon?  Speaking of it, I’ve never properly confirmed your sex.”

Very obviously, he still bore a grudge over the words “big aunty” just then.

“You dare confirm, I’ll bite you to death.” Although her voice was soft, her tone was ferocious.


Regardless of how embarrassed she felt, in the end Yi Longlong let Eric place her down, and in the same manner, Easley put down the assumedly Hundred Billion Stars rapier to let Yi Longlong retrieve it. A crowd stood in a circle and in the middle, a distance of two, three meters away was a small white dragon and a sword. Everyone’s stares were completely focused, desiring to witness the moment the famed legendary sword is drawn with their own eyes.

Yi Longlong stood up on two feet and took a step forward, the lower hem of her coat swaying. Her feet wore tiny shoes weaved from the silvery blue grass, wrapping roundly on the claws of her feet, creating a very light sound when stepping on the ground. Then, she noticed the surroundings were too quiet. Raising her head to look around, she saw only fellows who could be considered giants in comparison to her height encircling her. Just about everyone’s gazes zeroed in.

Yi Longlong stopped her steps. The small round grass shoes scrubbed on the ground. She spoke very quietly, “Can you all turn around… if you watch me like this, I’ll get nervous and quite possibly be unable to draw it out.”

The underlying meaning of these words was: Still looking? Keep looking and I won’t draw it!

Yi Longlong already spoke to this degree. Everyone else had no choice but to relent. Exchanging looks, the rich nobleman set an example by being the first to turn around. The rest of the people followed suit and made the same motions. Finally, Yi Longlong’s gaze rested on Eric. “And you, the same.”

Eric chuckled with amusement and nodded, fulfilling her request in the end.

Yi Longlong let out a great sigh of relief: No one is watching this time.

Her steps were light and fast, springing to the side of the sword placed on the ground. Yi Longlong extended two paws, the left and right clinched together to just barely hold the hilt. Following that, a very comfortable feeling similar to soaking in a spring seeped into her paws, as if energy was being poured into the tiny body. Yi Longlong lightly pulled outwards. The hum of the sword reverberated long and slowly throughout the air. It was far from clear and melodious, nor low and hoarse, as if it had already been like so from ancient times and will remain like so, far into the future.

The instant the blade left the sheath, a cold and distant star-like radiance burst forth. Within that moment, Yi Longlong felt as if she was looking at the night skies, a hundred billion stars congregating in one place, mysterious and resplendent.

A hundred billion stars reappeared here.

Countless specks of silver stars as fine as dust seemed to dissipate from the blade. They dispersed into the air then very quickly disappeared.

Yi Longlong was practically bedazzled by the sight. It took quite some time before she remembered what she was supposed to do. She lifted the long sword that was taller than her and walked towards the chained Adonis. After a few steps, she thought that she looked as if she was about to slaughter someone. What to do if the other person gets frightened? And so, she changed from lifting to dragging, slowly dragging the sword to over there. The tip of the sword scratched along the ground, leaving behind a crooked line.

Yi Longlong jumped onto the bed. She ran for a few steps, her feet sinking unevenly into the soft quilts and arrived at the side of the youth. Looking from a closer distance, she further discovered that this youth was exceedingly beautiful. His skin was smooth and pale, without a single blemish to be seen. His brows were pretty and elegant, the eyes glittering and crystal clear. The thick eyelashes were like a fan. As for his hair, it was the same jet-black as ebony wood, and so smooth that it could surpass Rejoice, piss off Head & Shoulders, sweep away Pantene and step all over Sunsilk1; it can be directly used in an ad for the most effective shampoo.

“That, this one, may I trouble you to stretch your hands and feet out. I’m helping you cut the shackles off and worried about my hands slipping and hurting you.”

Aware that the youth was a real living person, Yi Longlong got embarrassed after continuously staring for a while. She turned her head, shifting her gaze to the youth’s shackled wrists.

She had thought the youth would remain oblivious and unaware, but after hearing her words, the youth unexpectedly moved. Although there was not much of an expression on his face, he obediently reached out a hand. Light blue veins could essentially be seen on the thin and pale wrist.

Yi Longlong made mental preparations. Aiming at the shackle by the youth’s wrist, she sliced down with her might, akin to chopping vegetables. The thick and sturdy iron ring broke, the situation vastly different from when Easley used the Poem of Cerulean.

Although she was the one controlling the sword, Yi Longlong was shocked by this result: This rapier’s sharpness is just a bit too much.

Confirming the effectiveness of the Hundred Billion Stars, Yi Longlong went ahead and with the cooperation of the Adonis, with three slashes, the shackles completely came off with unexpected ease from the youth’s body.

Yi Longlong put down the sword. She was still reluctant to part with the bed, and so simply sat down, her tiny body rubbing against it. The duvet beneath the body was soft. If it wasn’t for the youth still on the bed, she almost wanted to hug the blankets and roll around the bed.

This is truly a comfortable bed.

It would be great to live here for a few days.

With this thought in mind, Yi longlong tugged at the hems of the youth’s cloak. “Ay, may I know your name?”

First, get to know each other, and then ask to borrow the bed to sleep.

“Name?” The youth watched her, his eyes slightly puzzled. The rose petal lips opened and closed, lightly repeating this word.

It can’t be that he’s truly dumb? Yi Longlong thought with sympathy, but still patiently explained. “It means, what do other people call you? For example, I’m called Yi Longlong, that big uncle over there who keeps thinking he’s not a big uncle is E-…Alvin.”

“07.” The youth figured out her meaning, and replied, “My name is 07.”

1.柔顺得简直能赛过飘柔气死海飞丝,横扫潘婷脚踩夏士莲,直接就能当作效果最好的洗发液广告 -Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Sunsilk are all major brands of shampoo.

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  1. Please teach my your hair techniques, senpai 07. Please. I’m a girl and you look prettier than me! Give me some dignity (and skin secrets! Lemme have that clear skin)!

    Thanks for the chapter! Long long is adorable~

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  2. Bond? Wait usually when your on a bed there is a woman sharing it with yo-….. looks at the tiny dragon…… I NEED AN ADULT!


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