Chapter 17: Hundred billion stars

The entire topmost floor of the tower was a large room. Within the room were some home furnishings, with tables, chairs, bookshelves and the likes. There were even a few flower pots placed on top of the table. All around the stone walls were square windows that let the wind and light through. A big round bed was placed by one of those windows and on the middle of the soft and snow white down sat a youth.

The moment Yi Longlong saw the youth she felt familiarity from the heart, because from the time she had arrived in this world, this was the first time seeing a black-haired, black-eyed human.

Just by the color of his hair and pupils alone, it suddenly made Yi Longlong think back to the environment from her previous life.

Although Easley’s follower was also black-haired, his eyes however were colored green and his facial features were rather pronounced, unlike the softness and beauty of this youth in front of her eyes.

The youth’s body was covered by a thin black robe and sat at the center of the bed with his hands wrapped around his knees, his two white bare feet stretching out from beneath the robe. The straight pitch-black hair flowed down like a waterfall, spreading across the bed. His lips were dainty like the petals of a blossoming rose, his eyes exquisitely carved like a black crystal.

A shiny black metal ring enclosed each of his wrists and ankles; the rings were connected to thick iron chains that dragged and extended from the bed to the floor, and finally the other side of the chains merged into the thick walls of the tower.

The thick shackles gave off the icy chill of metal; in contrast to the thin pale-white wrists that looked about to snap at any moment, it made the youth look even more weak and pitiful.

Restricted by the shackles and chains, although the youth could get off the bed and walk around a little, he was still unable to reach a place further away. Not to mention leaving this tower, the farthest distance he could walk to was the entrance to the stairs where Yi Longlong and the others were currently standing.

-Tall tower, a dark energy, an evil magician, and an imprisoned Adonis1, this kind of situation, no matter how you looked at it, carried an implication of treachery.

The tall towers within fairytales always imprisoned princesses, but this tall tower did not have princesses, only a youth that was beautiful beyond words. Different from Easley’s noble charm, the youth’s beauty was silent and serene. Deep misery seemed to pool within his crystal clear eyes.

Everything in front of their eyes clearly stated that this youth was imprisoned by the evil magician. Having thought this, Easley was more at ease, thinking back that Roland killing that magician was not too excessive.

Although so many people came at once to the top floor of the tower, the youth seemed to not completely take notice. He only looked outside the windows in a trance, not giving them even a single glance.

Roland went forth and examined the shackles on the youth’s body. He discovered that the shackles were made from a meld of a few rare tough metals, the texture was extremely sturdy, and these shackles essentially did not give him any room to show his lock picking skills as the keyholes of the shackles have long been casted away.

The priest went up and looked with pity at the youth, “Please do not be afraid, we will immediately let you gain freedom.”

But the youth remained unaware of the words. He appeared to be completely separated from the outside world; what people and what things were happening outside, there was no way for him to know.

Facing this inattentive and uncooperative rescuee, the whole palette squad was quite befuddled. A moment later, Easter made the decision: no matter what, first rescue the person then decide things later on. Perhaps this youth was tortured by the evil magician for a long time, it’s possible the person has already become close to an imbecile.

With no way to unlock the chains, cutting the shackles was the only option left. Easley drew out his famed sword Poem of Cerulean, raised it high and sliced it towards the chains that dragged on the floor. He thought he would be able to break it with a slice, but the blade cut on the chains and produced a few sparks, leaving only a very faint scar on it.

Easley subconsciously looked back at Yi Longlong. The little white dragon unblinkingly recorded his failed act into her eyes.

It was seen.

The model rich nobleman thought vexingly. That action just then, I would definitely be deemed useless right.

Easley still did not have the intention of giving up Yi Longlong. Instead, he planned on starting to build a good image of himself with the dragon from now on, and try his best to show off his most perfect side. When he obtains Yi Longlong in the future, it will be easier to get along.

The palette squad would have never expected this: even the evil magician has been defeated, but they were stumped by an iron chain. At this moment, an attendant came up holding a sheaved rapier in his hands.

The body of that sword was narrower than ordinary blades. Enclosed in a black leather sheathe, the hilt was engraved with minutely detailed patterns, as if it was embedded with many stars, faintly flickering tiny dots of silvery lights. According to the attendant, they found this sword in a place that was very well hidden away, but none of them were able to unsheathe the sword, and so brought it to Easley to deal with it.

Hearing the attendant say this, Easley was instantly interested and had Roland, who was the most experienced in identifying treasures within the squad, to come over. The latter carefully identified for a while, and said with some uncertainty, “If I remember correctly, I seem to have read the introduction of this sword from some book of legends. This is the legendary famed sword Hundred Billion Stars that had been missing from seven hundred years ago, it can slice through anything. Should this sword really turn out to be Hundred Billion Stars, it should be able to cut apart these chains.”

“However-“ Just before Easley moved to unsheathe the sword, Roland added in, “there’s still an unrecorded rumor that exists only in folklores. The Hundred Billion Stars is a sword with its own preferences. Only pure immaculate maidens can draw the sword from the sheathe and use it.”

In other words, everyone on the scene was male. First disregarding the matter of purity, the crux of it was that none of them was a ‘maiden’.

Sure enough, the sword was passed around each person’s hands besides Eric. No one could draw it out.

Everyone looked at each other with consternation: Do they really have to go out of this sea of trees, and bring a pure maiden here to draw the sword and rescue people?

Seeing the paints in the palette at a loss with the sword, Eric lightly coughed to attract their attention. “I think I can give it a try.”

The moment his voice fell, everyone’s gazes swiveled to Eric, their expressions all horrified in the midst of surprise. Easley widened his resplendent blue eyes, his handsome face full of disbelief. “You…are a maiden?”

Or is it that pure immaculate type?

Yi Longlong also warbled the same way, “So I’ve been mistaken all along. You’re not actually a big uncle, but a big aunty huh…. uh ah, I mean sister.” Catching sight of Eric’s expression of wanting to slay a dragon, she rapidly corrected herself.

Eric took a few deep breaths, thereby pacifying his temper. He felt that he will one day be driven to early onset of aging by the little fella within his arms, but right now rescuing people is urgent. He endured it and did not dispute with the junior. “I’ve also heard a bit about the Hundred Billion Stars’ rumors, although it’s said that the wielder of the sword is a pure immaculate maiden, it has never limited the race of the maiden. It just so happens, the one in my arms, counts as a young female from the dragon race in every respect right?”

He looked down with a chuckle, his finger tapping on Yi Longlong’s head.

Author’s notes: (scratches claws) An Adonis imprisoned on top of a tall tower, by chance I’ve wanted to write such a character from very early on~~~After writing it my heart is giddy.

1. 美少年Měishàonián – Handsome youth, or bishonen. The online dictionaries go with Adonis, Greek god of beauty and desire.
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  1. thanks for the chap btw my personal thougt would be that the adonis could also be an unknown danger just think about it why would a dark magican that has already shown that he is strong (killing other grups that were send to investigate) waste such a powerful chain on just a normal adonis?

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