Chapter 14: I’m gonna bite you

Having beckoned twice, Eric still didn’t react. Yi Longlong waved her paws, calling out his name. “Hey, Alvin! Alvin!”

There were still the two over there on night watch that haven’t slept, and plus Eric had said before to keep his identity hidden, so Yi Longlong respected his wishes and didn’t expose him.

However, after calling out twice, Eric still seemed to be spacing out and didn’t pay any attention to the dragon. Left with no other choice, Yi Longlong was about to stretch out a hand and smack him awake, but her overly small size and overly short claws were her points of limitations. The distance was not even two feet away, if it was a human body instead, a casual stretch of the hand would be able to touch it, but even with her claws and feet put together, it was still not enough.

Left with no other choice, she resorted to jumping off the wooden box, then walked with tiny steps to Eric’s side, stretching out a claw to tug on the hem of his clothes. “Hey, what’s gotten you so absorbed in your thoughts?”

Suddenly coming into contact, Eric subconsciously flicked his wrist, his palm full with force, but at the same time he instantly regained his thoughts and remembered that Yi Longlong was the one accompanying him. The force instantly dispersed and turned into an outstretched hand, allowing Yi Longlong to stand on his palm, and following that he lifted her up, letting her sit on top of his shoulder. The two leaned their heads close and began to whisper.

“Not leaving of course.” Eric spoke with certainty. “I tested him today, thinking that an outcome can be reached, however he actually managed to restrain himself from taking on a wandering swordsman. There are two possibilities for this type of circumstance: one, is that he is truly kind-hearted, and cannot bear hurting even a wandering swordsman; two, is that the Heine family education has been very successful, bringing him up to be a remarkable hypocrite. The temporary concession is for an even more flawless reaping in the coming days.”

In order to better judge just exactly what type of person Easley was, he still needed to interact with him for a few more days.

Yi Longlong nodded with a half-knowing look. Actually it didn’t really matter where he went, since there was probably no way for Easley to go against his uncle, though after knowing that all the dragons on this world have been rid of, and even though she was not really familiar with those dragons, she still could not help but feel some fear and uneasiness. This uneasiness was even greater than the uneasiness she felt when she first came into contact with the outside world, as if there were ants crawling over her heart, worrying her all the time.

It wasn’t that she was not scared at all, but Yi Longlong was feeling hesitant to bleat out words such as you must protect me well to Eric, so she did nothing but silently hold it in. Talking with Eric was only because she wanted to divert her attention.

As if he saw through her thoughts, Eric stretched out a finger and lightly tapped on her paws. He spoke with gentleness, “Do you know what I was thinking just then?”

“Ah? Weren’t you spacing out?”

Eric gave a low laugh. “Of course not, I was thinking, since there are no more dragons now, from today, we must make changes to our journey, so I’ve decided, our next goal is to pay a visit to a few dragon knights across the lands. With their experience in dealing with dragons, perhaps they can help you grow big more quickly.”

Yi Longlong carefully looked at the handsome outline of his face from one side, then once again looked down at her own claws. She silently turned and sharpened it a few times on a tree branch, then turned back to wave her claws menacingly. “You’re not allowed to beat around the bush and tease about my body being small!”

“Okay, okay.” Eric smiled till his eyes were crescents. He did not feel threatened by this tiny, tiny threat, but he also incidentally told Yi Longlong about the existence of the dragon knights.

It had already been said before; the dragons were the most powerful race across the lands. To become a dragon knight, one must wield an almighty powerful strength, and with this gain the acknowledgment from dragons, and make a pact and so on.

Make a pact, instead of enslavement.

No one can enslave such a prideful, powerful race. Even if by luck a dragon were to be defeated, if there were attempts to enslave it, that dragon will bring its pride to its death.

As of Eric’s knowledge from ten years ago, across the vast lands, the number of people who managed to make a pact with the dragon race did not exceed three.

Yi Longlong understood this point clearly. Even something like an aircraft carrier isn’t something every person can possess.

However the number of people being called a dragon knight was not limited to these three people. Here, the branches from the dragon race have to be mentioned as well. Species such as drakes and land dragons shared partial similarities with the dragon’s appearances, and so they had dragons in their names, only that they were not as powerful and prideful as the dragon race. Requiring only a certain amount of strength, it was perhaps enough to subdue a land dragon and have it ridden by humans.

These few types of races that seemed like dragons but were technically not dragons, were called dragons.

Although the pseudo-dragons’ dragon knights were not as few as the real dragon knights, they were still slightly relevant with dragons. If one wants to subdue them, it was not something easy. Without actual numbers, pseudo-dragon knights numbered in the double digits across the lands.

Yi Longlong showed understanding once again: Even if it’s a counterfeit aircraft carrier, the number of people who can afford it is also very few.

Following that, Eric awkwardly glanced at Yi Longlong, his tone euphemistic. “The reason why the number of dragon knights is so few is because the dragon race, even if it’s a pseudo-dragon, their powerful strength is also difficult to subdue, but you….”

Yi Longlong lifted a claw to interrupt him, calmly saying, “I understand. You’re trying to tell me, tractor… no, anyone can afford a wheelbarrow right… you don’t think I’m gonna bite you?”

Because she remembered that there were no tractors on this land, she corrected herself in time.

The palette squad was very punctual with resting. The morning of the second day, they got out of bed right on time; the six servants busily packed away the tents, and even made breakfast for the young noble in the process. This group went on their road after this.

Behind the palette squad were two extra baggages. The dejected wandering swordsman carried a wooden box on his back. On top of the box sat a small white dragon shrunk beneath the leaves. The palette squad ahead were very cautious and careful, while one man and dragon were giggling with laughter while walking at the back, throwing the palette squad rather off balance.

However at this time, under no circumstances was Easley going to let Eric leave them. If Eric wanted to leave, he would think of ways to have him stay because he still had not given up on the dragon.

A peaceful journey till noon, the one or two beasts they came across were all done in by that silent follower of Easley. The squad stopped to take a break at noon. Roland, who Yi Longlong always could not restrain from discriminating against his profession, came walking towards them.

Chapter 13: Follower

Chapter 15: The year back then and now


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Humph, I wanna see the smack down of Easley by Eric. Dare to go against your superior uncle to steal his beloved friend’s child! Humph, reflect arrogant young one!

    Woah, I just turned super old right there. Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Btw, what’s with the romance tag? Does this have romance? Because, um, our girl is currently a dragon now. Unless this story’s gonna take a weird turn o_O

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    1. I guess there shouldn’t be a romance tag? That probably comes in later in the story. I think. Haven’t read that far yet. Well you know how stories usually are. Edit:removed romance tag and added adventure.

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    1. Human bites will always be infected, unlike rats, snakes, cats, lizards and even bats. There’s a 50% chance for those animals, but 100% for humans, to another human… Now I forget what I was trying to say…

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