Chapter 13: Follower

Easley had taken Eric as a lucky wandering swordsman, who happened to pick up a recently born baby dragon and have it by his side, and even had the bad taste to have her wear the leafy clothing. It was perfectly reasonable for him to assume that Yi Longlong was Eric’s pet.

This, is the world’s last dragon.

Easley’s thoughts were aroused with interest. Although this dragon is very small, if he can bring the last dragon back home, then his test will definitely gain not a small amount of points.

As for Yi Longlong, from what he can tell, the Heine family can provide the best foods for Yi Longlong and protect her safety. This was already sufficient.

Yi Longlong was too weak and small.

The weak do not have the right to voice their opinions- this was the world’s law and also the unspoken core tenet passed down the Heine family.

Although the Heine family has always been known for being courteous, amiable and humble, and both nobles and commoners speak very highly of them, the true nature of their so-called proclamation “Do not bully the weak”, places themselves first in the position of absolute power over someone’s fate. It was a form of charity and not out of respect for the weak.

Beneath the veil of warmth and beauty was this callousness.

Eric himself was also a person of the Heine family. He knew what sort of education the children within the family received, and so he perfectly understood Easley’s current thoughts and behaviors.

However, understanding does not represent agreement. Yi Longlong was the child of an important friend. Even if there was only one dragon in the world, or even tens of millions of dragons, there was only one Tahinia, and also only one of Tahinia’s child.

This was a matter that did not require any thinking from the start.

Eric didn’t plan to explain the relationship between himself and Yi Longlong to Easley, firstly as it will be quite bothersome to explain, and with Easley’s current  mentality and knowledge of the world, there was no way for him to understand, and secondly he still didn’t want to expose his own identity and say out his relationship with Tahinia.

One explanation will lead to even more explanations; he might as well say nothing at all.

Easley’s smile froze for a moment. In the past when he proclaimed he was from the Heine family, he would always receive quite a lot of abnormal attention, or else amazement or respect, but never was there anyone who was as unperturbed as the wandering swordsman in front of his eyes.

Ever since Easley left his family and roamed around outside, all he ever received were flowers and praises on his journey. He had never received such a blunt refusal. Seeing the little white dragon being cherished inside Eric’s embrace, he could not restrain himself from asking, “Sir, can’t you reconsider? I can give you a very huge sum of money, and also find you a nice comfortable job, and if you’re interested, I can even beseech my father to have a government position organized for you.”

Eric smiled. “There’s nothing to reconsider, young nobleman of the Heine family. I have spoken perfectly clear, it can’t be that you have always been flattered from a young age, and cannot take even my tiny, tiny refusal?”

Intentionally saying words with some hints of provocation, he secretly prepared and waited for Easley to revolt.

This at the same time was also his test towards this nephew. By observing Easley’s skill and conduct in dealing with the current situation, he will then give his score.

The six attendants simultaneously drew out the weapons by their bodies, transforming their identity of a servant to a guard. The magician began to chant a spell, the rogue Roland retreated to the midst of the forest in a flash, his body concealed and disappeared. Dixon firmly grasped a sword in his hand; the blade was the same fiery red color as his hair.

The priest was quite tensed and urged Easley to not hurt people, however out of everyone, the fastest to act was actually that silent, most inconspicuous and low-key black haired youth in the palette squad. In nearly the moment Eric’s provocative words fell, he had arrived behind Eric, the point of the blade pressed on Eric’s back.

Although they seemed like young nobles playing about on an outing, there was no doubt about this squad’s strength. As a rogue, Roland was not suitable for close confrontations. The moment there is a bud of an encounter, he will then go to a hidden place and find an opportunity to aid his companions or sneak an attack.

Although Eric looked to be only a wandering swordsman, this experienced, hardened rogue could vaguely sense that he was not simple, and so adopted the most cautious behavior.

As for the remaining people, the attendants acted to defend the family honor and the master, the redhead drew out his sword to protect his friend, and though the grey-haired priest was with Easley, he had always maintained a neutral position.

As for the fiercest black-haired youth, his identity was of Easley’s follower.

Within the Heine family, for all the core members receiving the focus of the training, such as those like Easley and Eric, each person will have a bodyguard around the same age. Among the children of servants, the most gifted child will be chosen and from a young age stay with the little master and go to classes together, learn similar things, and even have the concept of loyalty instilled. When they are a little older, the follower will then always be shadowing the master, a shadow swordsman loyal to one man.

The follower’s job is to protect the master, guard against the enemy’s assassinations, and kill people in place of the master whenever necessary.

Yi Longlong looked over Eric’s shoulder and met the young black-haired follower’s ice cold, emotionless gaze, the green of the irises were very faint. Yi Longlong was frightened. Although she was sick in the past, she had still never met a person that indifferent and iron willed. She subconsciously nestled closer into Eric’s warm embrace, the delicate white claws grabbed onto his collars. She asked with a small worried voice, “Will you be alright?”

With a sharp sword pressing against his back, Eric still remained perfectly calm. He bowed his head and patted Yi Longlong’s paws, using a warm smile to comfort her and show he was fine.

The transformation all happened within a moment; Easley’s stunned facial expression held only for a moment. Taking a deep breath, he once again recovered that polite smile. “Do not be discourteous to this gentleman, everyone come back… It’s getting late, should probably go sleep, and we still have to set off tomorrow morning.”

He finished speaking with some difficulty, then immediately returned to the camp and was the first to enter the tent.

With a single command, the black-haired follower immediately obeyed, retracting his sword in a flash, and straightaway followed Easley into the tent without saying a single word.

Dixon slowly sheathed his sword into his scabbard, the six attendants changed jobs from guards to servants, Roland walked out from the forest, and the priest was relieved.

Under Easley’s single utterance, the tense atmosphere that was almost about to snap easily dissipated, however the estrangement between the two sides was clearly evident. The palette squad went back to their respective places to prepare to rest, and no one gave Eric another glance.

The palette squad was very disciplined. Having said they were to rest, it only took ten or so minutes and everything was quickly packed away. The majority of people went inside the tents to sleep, only two attendants were responsible for the night watch.

Eric sat against the bottom of the tree. Yi Longlong sat on the wooden box beside him, the height aligned with him just right. One of her paws grasped onto the edge of the box, the other paw lifted and waved at Eric. “Ay, are we still going along with that young master tomorrow?”

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