Chapter 11: Far to the horizon, close by your eyes

Eric Heine.

Yi Longlong looked at this Eric who was right in front of her eyes with suspicion. The latter didn’t react, as if he completely had not heard that blond youth’s words at all. His wrist showed not a single tremble, continuing to feed her water.

This guy in front of me, just doesn’t seem like a guy who could get full marks ah.

Is this the real deal or just the same name by coincidence?

After the blond youth reported his uncle’s name in full, he then continued, “Dixon, about my family test, you do not need to worry for me. I have already previously inquired the family elders about it. On this journey, as long as I do not do anything that damages the Heine family reputation, do not yield when facing stronger opponents, do not bully the weak, do not succumb to temptations, do not get tricked by falsities, as well as maintain diligent practice of the sword, after three years, no matter what there is no way I will not pass. Ten is the full score, of which six points come from basic assessments.”

He paused, then gracefully lifted his wine cup. A thin line of a smile appeared on his face, momentarily accentuating his beautiful appearance. “However, what I desire, is an even higher evaluation.”

Dixon pondered for a moment and proposed a recommendation. “Do you know how your uncle, I’m talking about Lord Eric1, how he received such high evaluations back then? Perhaps you can follow his example.”

Easily helplessly shook his head. “Uncle Eric’s feats are impossible to repeat. I’ve asked my father about this before. According to him, back then, Uncle Eric only had average marks in other areas of grading, however in the final year of his adventure, he encountered the ruler of the dragon race, Her Highness Eternal Silver. He earned recognition from the ruler of the dragon race with his exceptionally powerful strength. This recognition awarded him additional points.”

Eternal Silver? How come this name sounds so familiar?

Yi Longlong tried hard to recall it. When she took a glimpse at the silent Eric, it suddenly dawned on her: Eternal Silver, isn’t that the name of this body’s mother, Tahinia?

Connecting together the friendship between Eric and Tahinia, Yi Longlong was only then completely certain, that this blond youth who looked like a dejected swordsman, actually once had such a glorious past.

Easley spoke with pity. “Although I am confident in my swordsmanship… the problem lies with the dragon.”

Yi Longlong listened, silently befuddled: What’s the problem with dragons? Even if Tahinia died, there’s still other dragons, unless it has to be Tahinia and no other? Is her dragon mother from this life really that great?

The two youths did not completely notice Yi Longlong eavesdropping, only discussing with seriousness. At this time, their dinners were already done.  Each person took their servings. Easley deftly manipulated the dinner knife, sliced off a piece of tender steak, then delivered it into his mouth with a fork. Slender white fingers pressed on the silverware; each and every contour of his knuckles was extremely beautiful.

The redhead youth didn’t dine in a hurry. Yearning and longing appeared on his face. “I really wish to once again witness Lord Eric’s valor… “

Yi Longlong glanced at Eric: Valor? Where?

The words over on that side still haven’t finished. “Nine years ago, I was on the streets of the Royal City, and saw a glimpse of him from far far away. At the time he was riding a tall and mighty steed, and wore a white robe with golden embroidery on his body…”

-Yi Longlong’s gaze wandered down, trying to find hints of golden lines from Eric’s greyed worn out clothes.

“…bore the famed sword Poem of Cerulean, that is a treasured sword with a hilt entirely carved out from sapphires…”

-Yi Longlong’s gaze once again wandered to the crude iron sword by Eric’s waist.

“Long, golden hair smooth and neat like satin…”

-Gaze wandered up to the nest of blond hair.

“Well-cultured, with a graceful manner and an elegant bearing, worthy of being an example of a noble.”

-Where was the elegance when this guy, on the first day they met, completely devoured her few days’ worth of food?

After Dixon finished spouting a whole chain of praises, Yi Longlong finally could not help but think that it’s possible that the silver mother dragon had met two Erics. The one that the palette squad is currently talking about is actually another guy called Eric in this world.

Following Dixon’s words, Easley also delved back into his past memories. He spoke with earnestness, “Uncle Eric is my idol. His strength and temperaments are what I’m striving towards as a goal. Looking back, I haven’t seen Uncle Eric for seven or eight years already. After completing his rite of passage, he left with his follower and ever since then had never returned, only to hear elsewhere from time from time about his heroic exploits.”

-He’s right in front of you; you even ordered him to chop wood just then.

Yi Longlong sympathetically looked at the beautiful and delicate blond youth. Pitiful child, if you were to see the current him, your image of your idol will definitely by shattered.

Right when she was absorbed in listening to the conversation, Roland walked towards them with a large plate held in his hands and arrived in front of Eric. “Sir, if you don’t mind, please have this food.”

On the plate was a bowl of pottage, two pieces of toasted bread and a steak. To them, this was already a luxurious dinner.

Eric gave a simple word of thanks and received the plate, but Roland did not leave. His gaze inadvertently swept over the leaves on Yi Longlong’s body. “May I enquire what food this one needs? Our reserves are quite abundant.”

Yi Longlong shrank into the leaves, avoiding his line of sight.

Without batting an eyelid, Eric shifted his body and shielded between Roland and Yi Longlong. “Thank you for your generosity, but this little fella is very shy of strangers. Things like food are not of importance.”

Roland was met with polite refusal. He did not get angry and only smiled a bit, then turned around and left.

Yi Longlong waited until Roland had walked far away, then let go of her breath. Although she already told herself to not discriminate against professions, every time Roland’s gaze swept over her, she still felt uneasy all over and only wanted to hide away.

Using the small knife he always carried on him, Eric sliced off a small piece of juicy steak, held it on his fingertips and fed it to Yi Longlong. The eyes hidden beneath the hair carried a hint of doubt: How long are you going to stay hidden? I’m still planning on being with them for a few days, you can’t always stay hiding under the leaves right?

Yi Longlong chewed the steak, and returned a look after swallowing it down: Then what score are you planning on giving your nephew? You do know that the other person extremely admires you.

Without saying anything, Eric made an ‘eight’ figure with his hands: eight points.

Yi Longlong was surprised: That high?

Eric smiled with some helplessness and nostalgia. His lips wordlessly opened and closed: Once upon a time, I also enjoyed putting on airs like him. Seeing him is like seeing my past self. As long as he doesn’t make any mistakes on his journey, I’ll be a bit more lenient.

Astonished, Yi Longlong looked over to Easley on the other side and was somewhat unsure: You once also brought that many people to swagger about on an outing?

Eric’s face reddened, and continued mouthing: Back then I thought this was more respectable.

Yi Longlong showed disdain in her eyes: So you were once that stupid and wild.

Eric used his eyes to slay a dragon: Can’t the young be wild?

Finishing up dinner, Eric went up to Easley and gave thanks, at the same time revealing the behavior of a weak person seeking protection. He proclaimed he was lost in the forest (though this was true), and wished to accompany them in order to avoid harm from vicious wild beasts on the journey.

Within a few words, Eric found out the palette squad’s real objective in coming to forest.

1. 艾瑞克大人Ài ruì kè dàrén- Lord Eric. 大人dàrén is used as an honorific to show their reverence. Eric does not actually hold the title of a Lord (or at least not revealed to be one in the story so far).

Chapter 10: [redacted]

Chapter 12: Concentration is quintessence


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  1. If I were Yi Longlong, I’d be in absolute hysterics hearing the comments about Eric. I’m not so polite as to be quietly quizzical. 😛
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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Longlong is really cute~
    And yup Eric is not biased for giving Easley 8 points because he see himself in his youthful days~
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