Chapter 29: Reap what you sow

“Despicable.” After doing another round of rogue-exclusive pre-eating exercises, Roland regained his senses for a moment. While deeply gasping with a face full of sweat, he furiously blamed Yi Longlong, “Putting up a front to relax people’s guard, your true aim was to poison others with your blood wasn’t it? Really despicable.”

Yi Longlong stood there aghast. It took a good period of time before she remembered to retort. “Nonsense. How can my blood poison you?” Hearing him say those words, it was exceedingly unjust to the dragon.

“You’re the one who picked the fruit. You’re the one who washed it, and you’re also the one who peeled it with your own dagger. Even who got which fruit was decided by you in the end. Your stupidity and bad luck got yourself poisoned and yet you’re blaming an innocent dragon, aren’t you truly shameless!”

After she finished listing her defense, Yi Longlong’s little mouth spat, displaying her infinite disdain towards the rogue.

Yi Longlong’s refute left the rogue speechless. The word stupid was like a big staggering blow to his head, creating serious trauma to his self-esteem, but he was unwilling to admit it no matter what that he had actually been this negligent. To have unguardedly eaten food contaminated with dragon blood, this is more humiliating than death by choking on food. If this were to spread out, he could no longer mix with the rogue syndicates.

This sort of absurd blunder had never happened before on this continent, first off being that dragons were already mighty powerful and essentially did not have to resort to such a silly device to harm people, and secondly, the dragons he knew of in the past all had skin as thick as walls. Nowhere was it as thin and flabby as the one in front of his eyes, bleeding just from an ordinary dagger?

With skin this thin, don’t come out to endanger people!

The unlucky rogue continued the pre-eating exercises while letting out moans that can make people misunderstand. It was like he was being burned by searing hot magma, his blood evaporating dry from his whole body, but the moment before he withered, another ice-cold blast would replace the fiery heat, filling his limbs and bones. The hot and cold interchangeably tortured him, and very quickly he could not utter any more needless words.

Yi Longlong carefully observed for a while. After finally confirming Roland had indeed been poisoned, she could not help lifting her paw and take a look at the scar previously left by the dagger. That narrow scar line had almost vanished: Can it be that besides being a giant panda or Siberian tiger, her body also carries the properties of arsenic trioxide1?

Lin Qi slowly shuffled his way there, reached out for another cleanly washed plum to eat and while he was there, he admired Roland’s writhing from a close distance. After eating, he washed his hands and also copied Roland and rolled two rounds on the floor, then he stood up and picked off some leaves and dust from his hair with quite some disappointment. “Not fun.”

After being in agony, Roland almost went mad from anger. What kind of person (dragon) is this, can’t you show some normal reactions?

Yi Longlong saw Roland writhing in pain and could not quite bear it. Although she knew this guy was up to no good, she just could not helplessly watch a person die in front of her eyes. She retreated two steps to prevent Roland from suddenly jumping up and strangling her out of frustration. “Hey, is there a way to dispel the poison?” She was talking about the dragon blood’s poison.

At this point of time, Roland could not even groan out. He panted while he stuttered, “If…I…knew, then…it… wouldn’t be like this.” To be precise, dragon blood is actually not a type of poison, but rather a destroying power. The only thing that can cancel power is power, but he was far from that realm.

Is this what is meant by the God Aldin2: Evil bites back at those with hearts possessed by evil?

Semiconscious, Roland recalled the words spoken by that inconspicuous priest from the palette squad. He had always brushed off those types of sermons, but for some reason he remembered it at this moment.

Ever since he entered this line of work, he had done quite a lot of grey things, as for something called kindness he had long cast that away. Now, he had actually made a blunder that even rookies would not make. This is probably a punishment sent by the Gods.

In short, Roland did the pre-eating exercise for a very long time, all till the night descended. The pale radiance of the stars shone down and scattered. His groaning gradually weakened, his whole body drenched in sweat, he then fainted from exhaustion.

After hearing no noises from Roland for a long time, Yi Longlong then dared to close in. She stood next to Roland’s head and reached out a paw to check if he was breathing: Although the rogue’s breaths were rather weak, it was still persisting.

Yi Longlong let out a sigh of relief: Still good, no one died.

With two paws folded in front of her chest, Yi Longlong gave a single bow to the rogue: “Um, truly sorry about that, because you were going to collect a bounty off me, so I must flee while you can’t move.”

This is simply a heaven-sent opportunity, if she did not take advantage of this to flee, then she’d truly be retarded.

“Oi, Lin Qi, come help out.” She waved Lin Qi over. Yi Longlong had her eyes closed while instructing him to loot the rogue. After stripping the rogue of all his clothes and having Lin Qi drag the naked rogue behind a massive tree within the forest, she then dared to open her eyes. She placed the pieces of clothes ransacked from Roland and the familiar and unfamiliar little gadgets from the pockets together and had Lin Qi carry them.

“Alright, a massive success!” After teaching Lin Qi to use Roland’s clothes to create a simple bundle, Yi Longlong clapped her paws happily. She had spent a whole afternoon feeling miserable, and now she recovered her good mood again. “Let’s dump the detestable rogue in the scary forest.”

She signaled Lin Qi to crouch down. Just before she jumped on, Yi Longlong suddenly remembered something. She took up the dagger that had indirectly saved her in both hands, walked several steps to the edge of the forest and stuck it seriously in the ground.

Although she was angry at Roland, she had no intentions of killing him. When Roland wakes up, he should be able to survive in the forest by relying on the dagger and his rich knowledge.

But without clothes, it’s quite possible Roland wouldn’t dare to run around the forest naked. This will at least buy them some additional time to escape.

After reviewing her own ideas and certain that there were no problems with it, Yi Longlong jumped onto Lin Qi’s shoulder with her heart at ease. The little paw pointed at the blurry radiance of the moon, reflecting an especially gentle and vivid white: “Time to set off!”

1. 鹤顶红Hè dǐng hóng- Arsenic trioxide. Well known for its toxicity upon inhalation or skin contact, and also of biomedical interest, with history dating back to Chinese medicine where it is known as 砒霜 (pi-shuang). Currently also used to treat cancer and other conditions. Wikipedia page

2. 欧尔丁Ōu ěr ding –Aldin, a God from the fictional continent. Not quite Odin, which is spelt 奥丁Ào ding in Chinese.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 29: Reap what you sow

  1. hahaha, good show.
    still he’s lord dumbass supreme, ruler of bad decisions.
    why make a enemy of someone who has the potential to cut a tower in half, just by dragging a sword? that’s just bad life decisions right there. can’t blame luck or karma for that kind of stupidity

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  2. thanks for the chapter! anyone notice the cute little dragon appears to have a pet human(lin Qi) (just realised with how often he listens to her commands)

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  3. Have fun during your break? Yup, I have no idea where this is going either!

    Ahaha, Roland “making sounds that could be misunderstood”. I almost died there~

    Nngh. Wouldn’t it be funny if Eric found Roland in that state? All naked and behind a tree? That would be Roland’s karma completed, embarrassed in front of another judging human.

    Eric: That’s a weird mole on your ass.
    Roland: Ngh. Ugh….


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