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龙龙龙Dragon Dragon Dragon (Dragon Long Long) Chapter 6

Didn’t want to leave it at a cliff hanger, so here it is.

Link to new chapter: Chapter 6: A girlish dragon

(Next chap out in maybe a week’s time because exam prep.)

Hello, Dusty here.

I probably made a mistake with the title. As you would have realized by now, our protagonist’s name is Yi Longlong, 易龙龙. Her last two characters in her name means “dragon”.

At first glance, the title is read as Dragon Dragon Dragon, but really it’s a play on words, describing the fact that Longlong is a dragon.

It’s even made more distinct in the simplified Chinese cover of the book, where the first character long is emphasized in traditional Chinese character (though it still reads as Dragon Dragon Dragon/Long Long Long). So technically, the title could also be Dragon Long Long. This completely flew over my head when translating.

Volume 1

Well, more food for thought. I’ll keep the title as it is for now, don’t know about later. OTL

I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. This is driving me slightly crazy.



3 thoughts on “龙龙龙Dragon Dragon Dragon (Dragon Long Long) Chapter 6

    1. I think that’s a good sensible suggestion. Though, by placing “the” inside, it does lose a bit of ambiguity the title is supposed to hold.


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